Friday, October 31, 2014

My Ateier For Vogue Germany, November 2014. Happy Halloween! :-)

 It is incredible to see the increase in interest in beautiful hats. Now, more than ever, my Atelier receives requests from editors in stylists for hats to be featured in millinery stories. Yes, millinery stories, not just editorials where hats become a part of the stylist's vision, but where hats become a focal point of the editorial instead. One of hat focused editorials has been released in November issue of Vogue Germany and I am absolutely thrilled to see my "Editor's Beret" on the pages of Vogue. "Editor's Beret" is one of my most favorite hats and one of the most ordered hats too. :-) You can see entire editorial full of gorgeous hats right HERE. It was photographed by brilliant Greg Kadel. Models Natali Eydelman, Eleonora Baumann, Charlotte Kay and Jo Molenaar star in the feature modeling colorful outfits to go with their chic headpieces styled by Nicola Knels. I am wishing everyone beautiful Friday and a Happy Halloween! :-)

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

"Infanta" Jeweled Crown, " A Midsummer's Night Dream" Addition of the "Ghost Gardens'' Collection, SS2015.

 Once in a while, the process of the creation of Couture Millinery Collection gets a life of its own. The "Ghost Gardens" Collection became a perfect example of it. Several months into development of the "Ghost Gardens" I  noticed I had difficult time stopping myself. Usually, I would have very specific outline of the hats and a very clear idea of how the entire Collection would end up looking. Not with "Ghost Gardens". I felt I had so much to say, so many techniques to demonstrate! As a result, the Collection production continued to be in development for almost the very last minute. Seven of the very special hats of the "Ghost Gardens" Collection have been inspired by one of the most recognized and known plays written by Shakespeare titled "A Midsummer's Night Dream".
 "Infanta" jeweled crown, adorned with Swarovski crystals, gold thread embroidery, encrusted with pearls and jewels is the first of the seven hats of the "A Midsummer's Night Dream" addition of my "Ghost Gardens" Collection. Here you see complete editorial images for this addition we photographed to illustrate seven of my most beloved hats of the "Ghost Gardens" Collection. The story of Shakespeare's "A Midsummer's Night Dream" is intricate in its genius simplicity. But again, most of the works by Shakespeare are. The play describes events surrounding the marriage of Duke Of Athens, Theseus, to Hippolyta, the adventures of young lovers who are controlled and manipulated in their actions by the Fairies of the Forrest where the action of the play is set.
 The play itself is jewel and without trying to be literal, I felt "Infanta" hat is a reflection of the mood, the colors and the story of the "A Midsummer's Night Dream". I will, of course, introduce you to the all seven hats of the addition. We had tremendous fun photographing this editorial and, I am very proud of the styling I have been able to achieve and incredibly proud of my phenomenal team who worked on the set: The gorgeous face of "Midsummer's Night Dream" addition - model Marina Verbenska, my right wing man - photographer Ed Hafizov, and my beloved make-up artists - incredible Roshar. I always say that I am in the business of creating Fantasy. Chapeax Fantasy if you will. This, to me, is an absolute fantasy and I loved this fantasy through the stages of first drawing it out, through complex production process and planning editorial images. I love every pixel of it now. I hope you love it too.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

"Argyle Jockey" Crystal Hat, SS 2015 by my Atelier.

It has been a while since my last Blog post and I have been incredibly busy with production, new orders, new exciting projects and my students! October Session with my last group of milliners in training is coming to an end. This is the last Session for the year 2014 and I am looking forward to dedicating my time to production process entirely. There are many happenings and hats I would like to share with you here and while I am still working on several blog posts, today, I decided to introduce to you one of the hats of the "Ghost Gardens" Collections SS2015 I named "Argyle Jockey"
I have a slight addiction to working with tiny Swarovski crystals and in this case, the hat was nothing but a walk in the park in terms of creative pleasure. Argyle print is one of the most recognizable prints in the world and I think we all feel its presence whether it is in the elements of the newest apparel Collections or vintage designs going back several decades. I have never saw it to be done on the hat and thought it would be a great idea to give it a try. "Argyle Jockey" ended up being one of the darlings of the Collection.
Of course, in person it looks even better - the sparkles of crystals dance in the light making it impossible to take your eyes off the hat. :-) "Argyle Jockey" became a point of great attention during the "Ghost Gardens" presentation at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New-York. It received so many compliments which made me believe even more that new spin on old classics capable of delivering fantastic results. To date over 50 "Argyle Jockey" hats will be leaving my Atelier to travel to many global destinations. In terms of Swarovski crystals - my life is sparkling with excitement! :-)

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Sharing my "Red Caviar" Lady Gaga moment with you. :-)

Very excited to share with you Lady Gaga moment. Incredible feeling to see Lady Gaga wearing my "Red Caviar" hat on tour on "Cheek To Cheek" album in Europe a week ago. My work is filled with intense production and packed with grueling schedule but is also filled by beautiful people and beautiful moments. This moment is one of those you really never forget, just like you never forget your very first cover or your very first Vogue editorial. Dreams do come true. I can not go into details about anything else regarding Lady Gaga due to a signed confidentiality agreement, but I am thrilled, absolutely thrilled she is enjoying her fabulous hat.  In Lady Gaga's own words: "I am celebrating our " Cheek To Cheek" rave reviews, such a beautiful time. Crack the champagne and the "Caviar crown". Feel very humbled and proud, pure joy from the inside out". :-) / Photographed by MTV

Friday, October 3, 2014

My Atelier for Nancy O' Dell And The Fall Issue of Runaway Magazine.

One of the editorials I wanted to share with you is the editorial for the Fall Issue of Runway Magazine which was recently released. The cover girl, Nancy O'Dell, a journalist and an anchor of Entertainment  Tonight, is modeling to hats by my Atelier: "Avatar" and "Vertigo". The editorial was styled by the amazing Jen Summers. You can watch behind the scenes video of the photo shoot right here on Runway TV: Very excited to see the final result and it was such an incredible pleasure to work with Jen Summers! :-) Tremendous work ethic!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My Atelier For Tatler HK, Vanity Fair Italia + More Additional Press.

 At this point, I think It is safe to say, that running social platforms like Facebook, Blogger and Instagram  feels almost like a second job. :-) Well, one way or another, I don't mind it at all. I feel extremely spoiled by press so much so, I do find it difficult to keep track of editorials and my very own hats. If not for my fantastic friends and fans, some of the editorials would go unnoticed. Just like the "Sixties a la Mode" editorial in Tatler HK, August 2014 Issue.
 This editorial has been styled by the amazing Ise White for Tatler HK and I absolutely love the mood and the feel of it. Both hats were created in my Atelier and both are found new homes in Madrid and Barcelona. :-)

 "Vanity Fair" Italy, September 2014 Issue featured two hats of my Atelier in glamorous editorial titled "Voglio Quella Borsa". Pastel pink "Provocateur" hat shared the spotlight not only with gorgeous model Egle Tvirbutaite ....
 But also with "Red Caviar" hat also created in my Atelier. Editorial was hotographed by Stewart Shining, Styled by Selin Bursalioglu . Love the way both hats were styled!

 While we are still in the process of receiving Press covering my MBFW "Ghost Gardens" Millinery Presentation, today  I decided to share some of the Press we received. I am overwhelmed with great reviews and feel fortunate, lucky, and very grateful that this year my Atelier was able to receive exquisite Press coverage. In the weeks leading to my Presentation I took under complete control every aspect of it. Guest List was one of the things I insisted on keeping a very close eye on (unlike last year). I wanted to keep away useless bloggers, fashion wannabes, people who know close to nothing about millinery and those who viewed fashion as if it is nothing but a glamorous background for their own egos. By doing so, I did upset a lot of people, but I have absolutely zero regrets.
 It was amazing to see representatives of Vogue US, fashion critics opinion of whom I hold in highest regards, professional journalists who came from all over the world and some of my wonderful colleagues whose friendship and influence I cherish so much.
 The "Ghost Gardens" Presentation was a perfect embodiment of what true Millinery Presentation should be like. At least in my view of things. One of my best work so far and there is not a word big enough to describe how happy, accomplished and proud I feel of my creation. In the days and weeks to come I, of course, will share more of the Press, but for now, I am wishing everyone wonderful week ahead! :-)

Monday, September 22, 2014

The Movie: "Ghost Gardens'" Most Beautiful Moments.

With my deepest gratitude to my wonderful, talented team: Ed Hafizov, Leonid Gurevich, Marina Gurevich, Lynda Bull, Beatricce Morturano, Augusto Maggio. To my gorgeous models Marina Verbenska, Anastasia , Rozi Uhl, Latrishe Reed. To the phenomenal beauty team of New-York Institute of Beauty I had a privilege of having on board. To the staff of St.Regis Hotel, to my very special Guests  - Thank you for helping me to bring vision of the "Ghost Gardens" to life. It would not be possible without you. Here are the most beautiful moments of my Millinery Presentation of the "Ghost Gardens" Collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2015 in New-York. This experience will be cherished by me for the rest of my life. Thank you million times over.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Jeweled Colored Oversized Beanies of the "Ghost Gardens" . Spring into Fall Casual Chic Treasures.

 While  the rest of the world in Fashion stays firmly glued to the screens in expectation of another revelation from Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks, while Jean Paul Gaultier is gearing up to present his last Ready To Wear Collection and Jeremy Scott attempts to convince the next generation of "It" girls that plastic-bubble gum-Barbie is the greatest runway discovery of this Season, the Fall has finally arrived. With this in mind, I am starting to post about the hats of the "Ghost Gardens" Collection which are now available to preorder for Spring Summer 2015 Season. The greatest challenge in the creation of any Collection, for me personally, focuses on two points - the range of millinery capability and diversity of the traditional and untraditional for millinery materials. Especially so if I am working with classic designs, many versions of which have been circling around for a long while. This time, I have decided to address my spin on everyone's favorite casual chic treasures - beanies.
 I wanted to create a very colorful spectrum of beanies. Beanies that would appeal not only to the young group of people, like, let's say, my now 19 year old daughter Anastasia but also young people in their mid-20s to 30s. Before going away to College, Anastasia had a big party and made sure to stop by my Atelier with her friends. The girls could not stop trying on every single beany in every color ultimately telling me that these are the "coolest beanies ever" and "may I please have one in every single color". :-)
 While some beanies were done in traditional manner - knitted from silk yarn. Four of the styles were created very differently. For example, I used shredded on bias, distressed hand colored georgette silk in variations from pale pink into intense candy pink colors and the same technique was used in creating blue beany: hand died georgette from pale blue (almost white) into intense electric blue color.
 Red beanie (secretly my most favorite out of the group) was created out of distressed silk yarn recycled from variations of silk. This is exactly why you see splashes of emerald, purple, yellow and orange in the body of the red beany. The final result came up to be so much better that I expected. Brings smile to my face
 Another great thing about this beanies is that they are the kind of hat that could be worn in the Spring and in the Fall too :-) . They have made such an amazing addition to the "Ghost gardens" Collection. All our guests found them so much fun! :-) I chose to display them along the spectacular fire place in the main living room of the Dior Suite along with colorful pom-poms scattered around. :-)
Here you see our beautiful model Rozi modeling right next to the display of my beanies. As you can see even grand dame Dior loved wearing a blue version of beanie.
 I am wishing everyone wonderful, warm Fall weekend ahead and will see you back here next Tuesday with a new post on our beauty team and my wonderful guests of Presentation at St.Regis Hotel. :-)
All images are by Ed Hafizov.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The "Ghost Gardens" Millinery Presentation MBFW New-York, Spring 2015, St.Regis Hotel.

It has been several days since the "Ghost Gardens" Millinery Presentation by my Atelier at MBFW in New-York and the Fashion Week is still in progress with so many fabulous hats walking down the runway - it is hard to keep up with everything! My Atelier has been dealing with overwhelming number of press inquiries post show and so today I have decided to share with you selected images from our Press Package. All images are done by the remarkable Ed Hafizov - "remarkable" doesn't really cut it, but in 6 years of my creative union with Ed, I think I am running out of words to describe how brilliant he really is. The first image contains total look from Anya Caliendo SS2015 Collection. My beautiful model Rozi is wearing "Rouge Azure" couture hat paired with coral double-faced cashmere jacket and silk charmeuse pencil skirt.
Beautiful Rozi is picking out from the dressing room of the Dior Suite, almost ready for Presentation!
Presentation of the "Ghost Gardens" is in full progress and everyone, every single one of our wonderful guests was first drawn to the window to take the best shot of every model and every single little detail.
This is one of those shots that gives me goose bumps. Leonid Gurevich is assisting my beloved model Anastasia (who has been the face of my Atelier for several years) in completing dressing routing before the show. Anastasia is wearing bias cut silk lamme gown created by me and a fabulous silk cape with dramatic collar also created in my Atelier in support of one single hat - "Ghost Gardens".
Beautiful Anastasia. My Muse. Camera loves her. Anastasia has an amazing ability to feel the story of the hat and than deliver the emotion whether it is live or on the editorial images of my Collections.
A little bit more of Anastasia in "Ghost Gardens" - central staple look walking through the gorgeous space of Dior Suite minutes before we opened the doors. "Ghost Gardens' Collection is the result of an inspiration born out of illusive memories, shadows of the past, told in Couture Hats. Walking through the "Ghost Gardens" you will find a recollection of the first love long gone or a forbidden kiss once shared, a place that no longer exists (if only in one's memory) or even a presence of someone you once held close to your heart. In a way, you are walking through the Gardens of magnificent moments you now store in the deepest corner of your heart. And so I shared mine.. 
Our beautiful model Marina Verbenska has been selected to become a new face for my brand and will be representing the "Ghost Garden" Collection in our upcoming Ad Campaign and editorial photo shoot for the Collection.
Here you see Marina wearing total look by Anya Caliendo SS2015: canary yellow double-faced cashmere jacket and silk organza laired skirt completed by the hat I named "Nicoletta" - one of my favorite songs I heard during my first stay in Paris.
A little bit more of Marina in her beautiful "Nicoletta" look. I wanted to create something incredibly chic, light, full of color and full of drama, of course. Find myself a bit tired of ever-present hegemony of Casual.
This hat full of extravagant presence was actually inspired by one of my favorite novels titled " In Search Of Lost Time" by Marcel Proust. Just like Proust's novel, never ending, powerful, full of unforgettable characters through all 7 volumes of the entire novel, I wanted this hat to be almost like a never ending story. Created out of cut aluminum, glazed with very special enamel, this hat took a life of its own and demanded a powerful showcase during the Presentation. Her name is "In the Shadow of Being Young". 
Initially I planned a very special display for this hat, but just few days before the Presentation, I changed my mind. Latrishe Reed, one of my beautiful models modeled it for the Presentation. Latrishe is wearing Nina Ricci gown from my personal wardrobe, completed with Prada Fairy Shoes.
Minutes before the Presentation - fantastic shot - all girls next to the Laduree macaroons. :-)
Latrishe is posing center stage. :-) Everyone fell in love with the set and the hat and the girl. :-)
Besides the main area where models were set to create fashion magic, the separate room of Dior Suite has been dedicated to the stationary presentation of the rest of the "Ghost Garden" hat members displayed on the amazing mannequins of our Sponsor - Goldsmith. I am posting just few images of the stationary set, but I promise to introduce you to every single hat of the "Ghost Gardens" - each and every one has a story and each and every one deserves a moment in the spot light.
Last by not least, I want to say thank you for your tremendous support, thank you for making me feel loved and admired. Thank you for you wonderful, full of warm words privet messages and e-mails - each and every one means a world to me. I promise to respond to every single one of them. Until then, wishing everyone beautiful week ahead! Next time I will share my beautiful guests and more moments from my second Millinery Presentation at MBFW New-York. :-)