Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The "Ghost Gardens" Millinery Presentation MBFW New-York, Spring 2015, St.Regis Hotel.

It has been several days since the "Ghost Gardens" Millinery Presentation by my Atelier at MBFW in New-York and the Fashion Week is still in progress with so many fabulous hats walking down the runway - it is hard to keep up with everything! My Atelier has been dealing with overwhelming number of press inquiries post show and so today I have decided to share with you selected images from our Press Package. All images are done by the remarkable Ed Hafizov - "remarkable" doesn't really cut it, but in 6 years of my creative union with Ed, I think I am running out of words to describe how brilliant he really is. The first image contains total look from Anya Caliendo SS2015 Collection. My beautiful model Rozi is wearing "Rouge Azure" couture hat paired with coral double-faced cashmere jacket and silk charmeuse pencil skirt.
Beautiful Rozi is picking out from the dressing room of the Dior Suite, almost ready for Presentation!
Presentation of the "Ghost Gardens" is in full progress and everyone, every single one of our wonderful guests was first drawn to the window to take the best shot of every model and every single little detail.
This is one of those shots that gives me goose bumps. Leonid Gurevich is assisting my beloved model Anastasia (who has been the face of my Atelier for several years) in completing dressing routing before the show. Anastasia is wearing bias cut silk lamme gown created by me and a fabulous silk cape with dramatic collar also created in my Atelier in support of one single hat - "Ghost Gardens".
Beautiful Anastasia. My Muse. Camera loves her. Anastasia has an amazing ability to feel the story of the hat and than deliver the emotion whether it is live or on the editorial images of my Collections.
A little bit more of Anastasia in "Ghost Gardens" - central staple look walking through the gorgeous space of Dior Suite minutes before we opened the doors. "Ghost Gardens' Collection is the result of an inspiration born out of illusive memories, shadows of the past, told in Couture Hats. Walking through the "Ghost Gardens" you will find a recollection of the first love long gone or a forbidden kiss once shared, a place that no longer exists (if only in one's memory) or even a presence of someone you once held close to your heart. In a way, you are walking through the Gardens of magnificent moments you now store in the deepest corner of your heart. And so I shared mine.. 
Our beautiful model Marina Verbenska has been selected to become a new face for my brand and will be representing the "Ghost Garden" Collection in our upcoming Ad Campaign and editorial photo shoot for the Collection.
Here you see Marina wearing total look by Anya Caliendo SS2015: canary yellow double-faced cashmere jacket and silk organza laired skirt completed by the hat I named "Nicoletta" - one of my favorite songs I heard during my first stay in Paris.
A little bit more of Marina in her beautiful "Nicoletta" look. I wanted to create something incredibly chic, light, full of color and full of drama, of course. Find myself a bit tired of ever-present hegemony of Casual.
This hat full of extravagant presence was actually inspired by one of my favorite novels titled " In Search Of Lost Time" by Marcel Proust. Just like Proust's novel, never ending, powerful, full of unforgettable characters through all 7 volumes of the entire novel, I wanted this hat to be almost like a never ending story. Created out of cut aluminum, glazed with very special enamel, this hat took a life of its own and demanded a powerful showcase during the Presentation. Her name is "In the Shadow of Being Young". 
Initially I planned a very special display for this hat, but just few days before the Presentation, I changed my mind. Latrishe Reed, one of my beautiful models modeled it for the Presentation. Latrishe is wearing Nina Ricci gown from my personal wardrobe, completed with Prada Fairy Shoes.
Minutes before the Presentation - fantastic shot - all girls next to the Laduree macaroons. :-)
Latrishe is posing center stage. :-) Everyone fell in love with the set and the hat and the girl. :-)
Besides the main area where models were set to create fashion magic, the separate room of Dior Suite has been dedicated to the stationary presentation of the rest of the "Ghost Garden" hat members displayed on the amazing mannequins of our Sponsor - Goldsmith. I am posting just few images of the stationary set, but I promise to introduce you to every single hat of the "Ghost Gardens" - each and every one has a story and each and every one deserves a moment in the spot light.
Last by not least, I want to say thank you for your tremendous support, thank you for making me feel loved and admired. Thank you for you wonderful, full of warm words privet messages and e-mails - each and every one means a world to me. I promise to respond to every single one of them. Until then, wishing everyone beautiful week ahead! Next time I will share my beautiful guests and more moments from my second Millinery Presentation at MBFW New-York. :-)

Monday, September 8, 2014

Walk Through The "Ghost Gardens" Millinery Presentation at MBFW New-York, SS2015. The Atmosphere Files: Backstage, My Models And My Fantastic Team!

 And so we have done it once again. The "Ghost Gardens" Collection has debuted as a part of the official schedule of MBFW SS2015 September 6th of 2014.  It was set to run in the legendary St.Regis Hotel in New-York (coincidently, the same Hotel I chose to photograph my first Collection in in 2008). This time I decided to have Dior Suite as a backdrop to the entire Collection.  We ended up having SO MUCH FUN!!!! Magnificent space of the Dior Suite, beautiful displays, my entire team: all of us ended up having a party instead of the strenuous, stressful, exhausting model of Presentation I had last time at Lincoln Center. On the picture above you see our models Anastasia and Marina, wearing total looks from Anya Caliendo SS2015 Collection. Yes, I did designed a capsule collection of apparel to support the hat stories. :-)
 Beautiful "Jadore Laduree" couture head band greeted guests on arrival. My ultimate tribute to Laduree. :-)
 "Jadore Laduree" has been surrounded by Laduree macaroons in rose and raspberry flavors directly from Laduree NYC in Soho.  Every guest was treated to sublime macaroons . :-)
 My gorgeous friend and super talented milliner and florist travelled all the way from Canada to be a part of the experience and create the most magnificent garden rose arrangements I have ever seen in my life.
 Lynda's magic touch brought the "Ghost Gardens'' set to life. How lucky I am to be able to surround myself with tremendously talented, soulful people. :-)
 The staff of St.Regis was extraordinarily helpful and this is exactly why St.Regis remains the best Hotel in NYC in my book. I love coming back there. :-)
 Ed Hafizov, my right wing man, my only trusted photographer was also an official photographer to cover my Presentation. So, my hat is off to the man behind the lens, who managed to capture not only the Presentation and our guests, but also beautiful moments like the one you see above. :-)
 Leon. My friend, my confidante and a man who has my back. I have lost count of Collaborations with extraordinary Leonid Gurevich. Here you see Leonid preparing for speaking on behalf of the brand with numerous news channels. He chose to have this fabulous blue number created by me. :-) So honored to have him on my team!
 Leonid, I love, love, love, love, love your beautiful spirit and your creative mind!
While boxes with hats were getting unpacked, flowers delivered and set prepared, our models had a ball in the gorgeous bedroom of the Dior Suite.
 Well, its like jumping on Dior cloud. :-)
And than some reading - the abundance of Fashion Books in the Suite was staggering! Mini library of gorgeous publications.
 And than some exploring; the suite consisted of so many rooms - it was very possible to get lost. Our model Latish discovers first hats of the newest Collection fresh out of the boxes. :-)
 Nina Ricci booties from my personal collection - all models ended up being styled from my personal shoe library. :-)
 Cherry red velvet pumps by Zanotti - has got to be my favorite pair ever!
 Our model Latrish, wearing gown by Nina Ricci, discovering an old image by Dior.
 I think beautiful interior of every room made every one participating in the "Ghost Gardens" Presentation wish for more time in this fabulous space.
 Kicking up heels before the Presentation. Well, Prada Fairy Heels, to be more specific. :-)
 The set just several minutes before we placed hats on our models.
 The box with necklaces and brooches I created for several apparel numbers. :-)
 My Angel Marina Gurevich - so many things would not be possible without her beautiful mind, steady hand and very calm approach. :-) Marina is also wearing hat by my Atelier and looks absolutely stunning in it!
 Few minutes before the show - preparations for the heavy interview schedule right next to the "Hyper Bow" hat created for SS2015 Collection.
And so, the Presentation is about to begin. Over the span of the next several posts I will write about the guests of our Presentation, Presentation itself and of course about the "Ghost Gardens". :-) Until then, wishing everyone fabulous Fashion Week! :-)

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

My Atelier For GLASSbook Magazine, Spetember 2014 Issie + More Over The Summer Press :-)

With just few days leading up to the Presentation of The "Ghost Garden" Collection I have been working overtime to make sure every single detail is in place. This year it feels more relaxed in a way, not as stressful and demanding as last year. I have a great team of people who are such a tremendous help and a source of encouragement to me! I am enjoying the process tremendously maybe because the location I chose for my Presentation this year is a sight to behold. It is very opposite to the industrial feel of Lincoln Center venue I presented in last time. I will tell you more about it a little bit later but today I decided to catch up on the Press segment. I have been spoiled by quality press requests over the Summer. Majority of publications will come out soon and I, of course, will share them with you proudly. Proudly is the right word, because I believe I have earned every single one of them. :-) The first two images you see here are a part of the "Labyrinth" editorial styled by the young and very talented stylist Lauren Temple.
It was photographed for the GLASSbook Magazine, September 2014 Issue and I absolutely love the way it came out. The editorial was photographed in the legendary Jekyll & Hyde Restaurant in New York. For those of you who have never been there - I strongly recommend visiting. We had so much fund in this amazing place over the years.
If you are following me on Instagram @anyacaliendo or on Facebook, you, of course, seen "Ms. BourjouiX" hat created in my Atelier published in Vogue Paris, September 2014. Very proud of this one, Vogue is always a big deal. Vogue Paris has been a life long dream for me. The entire "Bijoux. Black Is Beautiful" editorial is spectacular: filled with amazing hats and jewels. :-)
Another proud  moment is this publication in "Harper's Bazaar" Arabia, July 2014 Issue. Rihanna chose to go with my "Padishah's Blood" scarlet red and fuchsia velvet turban created in my Atelier. Styled by one of my top favorite stylists Ise White.
This fabulous editorial was actually photographed as a part of Official Ad Campaign for NIKON's new camera. This segment was titled "White Witch Awakening" and was styled by the phenomenal Leonid Gurevich for Nikon. Leonid wanted very specific type of hat. He called me weeks before to give general direction which sounded like "Whites, tall, witchy". I knew how the hat will end up looking before he finished his sentence. The scope of production for NIKON reminded me of thefull blown movie set against the gorgeous background of exotic palace, with live animals on the set. Spectacular work, Leonid!
Finally, so proud of the opportunity to be  in the line up of world's top designers and celebrities who were commissioned to design a very special Venetian Mask each to be auctioned off to raise funds for Great Ormond Street Hospital. I have decided to create something very colorful, happy, beautiful and here is what my mask looked like.  This event has received so much publicity both in the UK and here. It was interesting to see what my colleagues and other participants created in response to this challenge. :-) You can read more on the event and see all masks right HERE of HERE. I am wishing all wonderful day ahead and hope to see you here Friday. The day before my Presentation I will be posting more beautiful details about the "Ghost Gardens" Collection.


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Announcing Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New-York SS2015 Millinery Presentation By My Atelier. The "Ghost Gardens" Collection.

The month of September is only few short weeks away and this means that MBFW New-York for SS2015 Season is, once again, just around the corner. It feels great to be able to come back to blogging - something I truly missed over the past several weeks. My Summer has been packed with so many fantastic things: editorial work, development of the new Collection, my phenomenal students, inspiring meetings just to name a few. Today it is my greatest pleasure to start my blogging year with announcement of  the official Presentation of my new Collection titled the "Ghost Gardens" which is scheduled to take place as an official part of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New-York on September 6th. It is yet another milestone I am preparing to embrace, especially because "Ghost Gardens" will come with a little surprise. This year, in addition to the full Collection of couture hats, I have decided to release a capsule collection of luxury apparel to help me to tell the story of several very special hats. This step along took me on a journey I have never expected to take. I can not wait to share it with you very soon. As my schedule still remains extremely busy, I will touch on the inspiration behind the creation "Ghost Gardens" in my next post. This fabulous drawing which I selected to be a head shot for my official Presentation has been created by our own in-house creative director Leonid Gurevich.  I hope you had an amazing Summer as well. :-) Wishing everyone great remainder of the week!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Signing Off For The Summer With Vogue Sposa, June 2014.

 No matter how hardwired you are to the calendar, seasons seem to snick up on you always so unexpectedly, so out of nowhere. Instead of experiencing a shock of my latest time discovery I should probably stop being so surprised all together or, perhaps, get detached from the concept of time. Who needs calendars, iPad scheduled reminders, buzzes, iPhone's annoying rings? I often think how much easier it would be to live a simple unattached to any of it life. The Atelier have been living an intense production time through the entire year and especially so last several weeks. I have not been able to Blog or have a day off or a quite moment to myself. If not for the abundance of beautiful moments along the way, production would seem almost too intense. For example, my #1 favorite moment of last week is running into my brilliant colleague Albertus Swanepoel which turned into an invitation to his fantastic studio and very in depth, honest, inspiring conversation we ended up having. :-) #2 Favorite moment of this week is the e-mail from Vogue Sposa letting me know that they have been so long in love with my "Red Caviar" hat, they decided to include it in one of the feature stories in their June 2014 Issue.
 And so, the month of June is here: sunny, glorious, unapologetic and full of projects, hats, plans, meetings and....oh, well, I can go on and on! It is a tradition here, in my Blog to sign off for the Summer to free more time for the production of new Collection, my Millinery School (which by the way, brought this year unbelievably talented people from France, Australia, Peru, Russia and all over US and it is only half way through!). I will see you back here in September to share more exciting news on SS2015 Collection. If you are following my Atelier on Insatgram @anyacaliendo you will be treated to Summer updates. I promise to make up for the time lost not Blogging over the past 2 weeks. I hope your Summer will be filled with joy, lit by sunshine and surrounded by friends. :-) Have a good one!