Thursday, August 27, 2009

Few Things Before My Beautiful Journey Begins. Farewell To All :-)))

At this point it is just a little bit over 24 hours left before I will begin one of my most exciting journeys yet. I will be departing to London tomorrow and will spend entire Fall Season in Europe.I will not be back until Christmas...But before I go, there are few very important things I had to do.
I closed the doors of my Atelier and packed over 100 beautiful hats away. They now live in the boxes...
I had to sit down and finally realise how lucky I am to have an opportunity to work for several months with the true creative genus or as I call him, His Majesty Hatness, Mr. Stephen Jones. Up to this point I did not believe that this is really, REALLY happening to me.
For the past week, my room has been looking almost like this. Tornado of boxes, shoes, coats, hats, sketch books, lipsticks, perfume bottles and suitcases as I was trying to pack my luggage :-)))
Creating Hats in the Atelier.Both hats became a part of my Collection "Je Ne Regrette Rien", 2008
As I was packing away I was touched, once again, by divine inspiration and the ideas for my new Collection of hats now live in the form of sketches until my return to New York. I can not wait to start developing my new Collection. I believe this one is going to be magnificent!
Creating Hats in the Atelier. Both hats became a parto of my Collection "Je Ne Regrette Rien", 2008
Anastasia in her play room
I have received the most beautiful "Have A Good Trip" gift from my biggest fan in the world - my daughter Anastasia. She told me how proud she is of me and presented the book of spectacular drawings she did by herself. The drawings appeared to be a fully developed cartoon story about the girl who dreamed of becoming a shiny little star. :-))) Tonight we will have a farewell dinner. The thought of being separated from my daughter once again for such a long time breaks my heart and makes my journey seem to be impossible.
I took my beloved puppy Little Mo for a very long walk. Sometimes I think he somehow feels that I am going away. He was so very sad and even his favorite sugar bone did not do the trick. I promised Little Mo to leave my slipper for him. This way he can always feel my presence :-)))
Among other things, I have packed my favorite white Chanel pill box hat. Exactly the same hat SJP wore in "Sex And The City". I was lucky enough to buy it, along with few other items, during the sell out of "Sex And The City" wardrobe in New York.
I have also packed my beautiful cream outfit from Chanel (the one you see on the picture), the dress and the coat. The hat made of white velour felt for this outfit I created myself. I also took my white Dior leather gloves to accompany me. Not practical? Of course not! The last time I recall being practical was in 1999.
No matter how hard I tryed to keep my choice of shoes to the minimum, I ended up with the huge suitcase full of shoes. It is very upsetting to me that I have no will power whatsoever when it comes to shoes. But, on the other hand, I thought that it would be even more upsetting to end up with no choice of shoes while being in London or Paris.
I will miss you all terribly. I do not think I will be able to blog while I am away. My schedule is going to be very intense and very busy. Especially so during the Fashion Week in London. I promise to be back in December with many interesting things to say and share and as soon as I do come back, I promise that the first post will be about fabulous Christmas Give Away! Farewell to all of you . With much love. Anya.

Monday, August 24, 2009

In A Fashion Fairy Tale. Natalia Vodyanova. Vogue, September 2009

In a Fashion Fairy Tale of Little Red Riding Hood came one of this one of the most glorious editorials yet.Vogue September 2009. Photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot. Simply observe....

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Beauty And The Beast: The Empire Of Broken Dreams...

Vogue Editorial
I will, probably, never get tired of speaking about the sources of inspiration in my life. One of them is the magic of cinema. Cinema is something I have been in love with ever since I was a little girl. I was born in the country which no longer exists - USSR. Closed to the outside world, reclusive,hostile. Even during the years of Stalin's totalitarian dictatorship, Art (Yes, ART!) produced it's idols and it's stars, which were worshiped by millions of Russian people. I remember being 3 and completely in love with Cinderella story, played by beautiful Janina Zheimo.I look back and I realize now what an impact movie stars of that generation had on me. For that I will be eternally grateful. Back than Soviet movie stars, the stars of opera and ballet took one of the most privileged places in Soviet society.In spite of the Iron Curtain, many actresses of Stalin's Era imitated the hairstyles and makeup of Greta Garbo. What interested me the most was not only the Cinema of that era itself, but the off screen lives of the beauties who created pure magic for me...Once I did my research, I could not hold my tears back....
Tatiana Okynevskaya
Tatiana Okynevskaya, for example, was one of the most beloved movie stars of the Soviet era. She was drop dead gorgeous, talented and very popular in her time. She also had one of the most tragic lives one could ever imagine. Even the love of the people could not protect her from the fury of the Beast. Tatiana was arrested in 1948 and falsely accused of the fact that she wanted to stay abroad while touring (yes, refusal to go back to the USSR was considered a crime) and for becoming "too close to a Yugoslav". She was tortured, bitten and spent years in prisons and concentration camps. She survived, was released after the death of Stalin, but was never able to go back to be an actress. She died in Moscow on May 16th of 2002.
Zoya Fyodorova
Zoya Fyodorova, for instance, was one of the most popular move stars of her time. She stared in dozens of movie productions and was twice a recipient of very prestigious Stalin's Prize - there was no higher degree of recognition in the Soviet Union. She had a misfortune to fall in love with an American Officer. Zoya became pregnant with the baby of her American love, but was arrested and thrown in prison before she could tell him about the baby. She was accused of being a spy. She was viciously bitten during the long periods of time, burned with boiling water and tortured. She was sent to concentration camp for the duration of 25 years. Zoya was released after the death of Stalin in 1955. She was luckier than many others. She was able to resume her movie career almost immediately and even played a part in iconic movie of the time :"Moscow Doesn't Believe Tears" ("Москва Слезам Не Верит").
Valentina Serova
Cinema was a very powerful medium of Stalin's propaganda. The physical extermination of enormous quantities of men during continuous repressions resulted in the fact that Socialism in USSR was no longer possible without women's labor. And from there on women were deployed to work in heavy construction , military factories, coal mines...Movies of that time glorified the image of the girl who made her living doing hard labor.In reality millions and millions of men, women and children were working in concentration labor camps created by Stalin.Lidia Ryslanova
Lidia Ryslanova - undeniably the one of the most talented and beloved performers of the Soviet era was also sentenced to 10 years of concentration camps.She was too falsely accused of being a spy. She later wrote in her memories that during her time in labor camps she met many other actors, actresses, artists and writers who were serving time in Stalin's GULAG.
Lidiya Smirnova
Tamara Makarova
Klavdiya Shuljenko
There are many more examples, I simply will ran out of Blog space if I would attempt to tell the story of each one of them.I always thought that it is extremely important to remember the place you came from. To be able to find beauty and divine in darkest places. To me this beautiful women will always represent the source of great inspiration. They touched my life with their grace, beauty and talent when I was to small to even understand the meaning of this words.

Vogue Editorial

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The "Divine Award" And 8 Random Things That Inspire Me Today.

I have so much fun creating this copy and paste Award! I decided to name it the "Divine Award". I would like to give it to artistic souls I had a privilege to meet in the land of Blogging.:-))) When I started my Blog I could never imagine how many wonderful discoveries I would make and how many extraordinary people would enter my life. For that I am very thankful. This Award is coming with what you might call being tagged. I would love to ask each recipient to name 5 Guilty Pleasures in their life. We all have them! They live beyond the voice of reason and make our life so much more interesting. And so, The "Divine Award" goes to:
Spoiled Feline
The Little Fashion Treasury
Little Rus
Dustjacket Attic
Duches Of Tea
Couture Carrie
Ruhvana And Flanelli
Zoe Aka Drinkupthe fashion
The Haute-Shopper
Lolita Of Modern Times

My latest obsession is Picasa program, introduced to me my by sweet little Anastasia just few days ago. While I am trying to master my skills in creating collages, I decided to share with you 8 random things that inspire me today:

1. Satin french dress forms in jeweled colors. Almost impossible to find and because of it so much more desirable. At the moment I am working on layout of the interior of my Atelier and this dress forms will make such a great stylish addition!
2. Assouline Publishing books. "Books for people with great taste". I swear, every time I go to the Assouline boutique I am ready to leave every penny I have in exchange for the extraordinary books on Fashion. I recall Little Rus once mentioned in her Blog that from now on she will buy one fashion book a month. Darling, here is the best place in the world to get the most spectacular Fashion books

3. Statement pieces. Large brooches, necklaces and bracelets simply can not get enough of them!
4.Long gloves for Fall in unexpected bright colors. Orange, for example or rouge, above elbow, of course. So very chic.
5.I repeatedly admitted that I am definitely a Lanvin girl. I absolutely adore this collection dolls by Lanvin. My favorite ones are dolls in blue and in ivory. They bring smile to my face.:-)))
6.Beautiful, unique perfume bottles with rare perfume. They have such an air of mystique around them!
7. Lanvin’s Alber Elbaz loves the pencil crayons he uses to sketch his collections each season — so much so that he has designed a limited edition set. I have also repeatedly admitted the fact that my attempts to draw my designs failed miserably. I draw my Collections in my head. Having all that said, it did not stop me from getting pencil set from Lanvin. I had to have it in hopes that one day my hidden talent of an artist will wake up. For now it is in deep coma!:-)))8. The diva, Russian soprano Anna Netrebko. Once you see her perform, it stays with you forever. Here is the video of extraordinary voice singing "Oh Mio Bambino Carro!" -I chose this piece to accompany my fist Collection "Je Ne Regrette Rien" and I am still in love with it.
Wishing everybody wonderful Tuesday.What a great day to make fabulous hats!:-)))

Monday, August 17, 2009

And The Lucky Winner Is........

It is 7 a.m here in the USA and I simply couldn't wait for this particular morning to announce the winner of my Contest. Before I do that I have two things to say. First of all, I would like to say Thank You to all who took an interest and put a great effort into answering all 15 questions. I have received numerous e-mails with the answers to my e-mail address, a lot of answers came through blog Comments. I will have many more fantastic prize give aways in the future and I promise I will never ask you to work that hard!:-))) Secondly, I have decided to add a second place prize because I thought it would be only fair to the lucky person who answered absolutely everything, but whose answers came just few minutes later from the answers of the winner. And so ...:

#1.The winner of the Contest and the lucky owner of divine Cavalli Skirt is wonderful and gorgeous Little Rus ! Yey!!!!So very happy that beautiful Cavalli Skirt found its loving, beautiful home. Congratulations, dear Little Rus! :-)))

#2. The second winner is magnificent Zoe Aka Drinkupthefashion. Zoe will receive a pair of beautiful earring courtesy of the House Of Dior. They are absolutely amazing, clip on earrings of Dior Spring Summer 2008 Collection in pink/yellow/lavender candy colored Swarovski crystals.Congratulations dear Zoe! :-)))
I am asking both winners to, please, provide me with your shipping addresses, I think it would be much better if you could e-mail your info to my address at . Your information is safe with me, I will not display it or share it with anybody else for any reason. What a great exciting start to a new week. Wishing you all very happy Monday! With much love. Anya

Friday, August 14, 2009

Renata Litvinova. Goddess: How I Fell In Love...

Every so often I discover a new person that sends my pulse racing. Usually this occurs as a product of spectacular personal style or elaborate interview in Vogue. One discovery set itself apart: Renata Litvinova. One of the brightest stars of Russian cinema, she is known for her unusual, almost eclectic speech manner, her utterly divine style and profoundly deep work as an actress, screenwriter and director.
My discovery of Renata happened back in 1994, in the very beginning of her career.While being sick with violent flue I accidentally switched TV to the channel with the movie named "Passions" . I immediately knew I was a witness to the birth of a true Movie Star.
Inspired by the Style of Renata I have created this hat. I named it "Renata.Goddess: How I Fell In Love." It became one of the most beautiful hats of my last Collection "Russia Divine.Tribute". Made entirely by hand, 6 weeks of production, close to 250 yards of silk ribbon which was colored by hand ( afterwards I had to cut out pieces of silk that had, in my opinion, the most beautiful combinations of reds). Undeniably, one of the most difficult hats I have ever made. I am very proud of it!:-))At 42 years of age Renata is not only a Style Icon. For those of you who are not very familiar with customs and traditions of Russia, I especially would like to stress how unusual this fact is. Women in Russia are considered to be old by the age of 30. When you do realize it, the fact that 42-year old Renata not only managed to be regarded as the most stylish lady of the Russian cinema, but also became the cover girl for many glossy magazines such as Vogue, for example, is a small Revolution with in itself.
I often thought that it is impossible not to look at Renata: she is one of those rare individuals who hypnotizes audience with her beauty, manner of speech, movements. When I first heard that Litvinova is launching her own line of clothes, I have to admit, I had my doubts.
After all there are so many examples of mediocre clothing lines produced by celebrities. Renata became an exception to the rule. Her line is simply divine. Pencil skirts,fantastic blouses," retro" dresses, elegant, slick, very Renata, with fabulous accessories such as hats (!!!) and gloves. But what even more fantastic is the quality and craftsmanship of each item. I am looking forward to my next trip to Russia: can not wait to see with my own eyes new fabulous collection by Renata Litvinova.
The style of Renata is what I describe as Old Glamor. She adores red lipstick, vintage hats, veils, she loves the aroma of "Red Moscow" perfume (I thought it would be interesting for you to know that despite the fact that communists made "Red Moscow" the official perfume of the Empire of Evil, the recipe of this perfume was made by one of the best perfumers of the time, the perfumer to Her Majesty Empress of Russia Alexandra Romanov , Henri Brocard . The recipe was stolen by Bolsheviks during the Revolution and the perfume was named "Red Moscow".)
On the personal note: I was always immensely inspired by women with multiple dimensions to them , who were able to extend their personal Empire to the stratosphere. Renata, in my opinion, is one of the rare individuals who posses that special knowledge of how to live your life without being afraid to cross the borders of boundaries.She is truly an embodiment of inspiration itself.
Divine RenataRenata Litvinova
Renata Litvinova
Renata Litvinova
Renata Litvinova
Renata Litvinova
Renata Litvinova
Renata Litvinova
Renata Litvinova

Important!*** Thank you for participating in the Contest. There is still time to submit answers, please, refer to the post below. The lucky winner will be announced on August 17th! Good luck to all :-)))