Friday, February 26, 2010

My From Russia (Via Paris) With Love Spectacular Giveaway!

As a prelude to my next post I am preparing for next week, I have decided to make this month's Giveaway even more special. :-))). The lucky winner will be announced a week from today and will receive spectacular prize:
Three limited-edition, jewel-toned nail shades that evoke the riches of the Russian Empire – the inspiration behind the CHANEL PARIS-MOSCOU Fashion Show, designed by Karl Lagerfeld himself. Yes, all three bottles of fabulous Chanel nail polish! All you need to do is leave your comment under this post.
#1 Color is Feu De Russie
#2 color is Nuit De Russie
#3 color is Or De Russie
Have a wonderful weekend everybody! :-)))
P.S. The last picture is courtesy wonderful The Errant Æsthete

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It Is All About The Angle :-)

Designing any hat for me always feels almost like putting final touches to the mystery of a woman. Especially so when I am working with french veils. It is impossible to argue with a woman who wears veil! :-) I remember several years ago reading interview with Johnny Depp. He was asked about the first time he saw his beautiful wife Vanessa Paradis. He said :"I first saw the back and I knew right there and then."...
My personal philosophy when it comes to the hat design is slightly unusual, but very simple. Each hat designed and made by me has to create a certain magic around the woman who wears it. She is so mercilessly beautiful and elegant in her perfect hat that you can not help but stop and look back at her as she is passing you by and walking away from you...
You, probably, will be very surprised at the conclusion I arrived to a long time ago. The most beautiful angle, a view of a woman is... when she is walking away. The way she moves, her posture, the mystery of her facial features, her delicate frame - all adding to her mystique. To any man it is an ultimate, most exciting angle of view: the lady who is walking away from him, unconquered and free.
Yesterday I had a beautiful couple visiting me in my Atelier.They have been married for almost 50 years. While Mrs. M was helped by my assistant to choose her new hat, Mr. M. and I had a very interesting conversation. I have asked him about the first time he met Mrs. M. He said: "She passed me by on the street (in Madrid). She wore the most ridiculous hat covered in daisies. The hat made me stop and look back. Once I looked back at her moving away from me, I knew I want to marry this lady. The rest is history"... :-)

Some of the pictures are courtasy of beautiful Dustjacket Attic

Friday, February 19, 2010

My Inspiration Board For 2010

I always keep an inspiration board in my Atelier. Being a very visual person it helps to have the reminder of so many sources of beauty and inspiration in front of my eyes. :-) Here is what I have today on my Inspirational Board: 1. Dolls. This doll was made by my friend and fantastic artist Tamara Pivnuk.
2. Merry-Go-Round
3. Expectation of Fall
4. Drops Of Rain
5. Pointee Shoes
6. Flamenco Dancers
7. Paintings By Henry De Toulouse Lautrec
8. Russian Actress Vera Kholodnaya
9. Beautiful Cup Of Tea
10. Young Pierre Balmain
11. Books On Fashion

12. Vintage Gems
13. Luxurious Fabrics
14. Candle Light
15. Butterflies
16. Chocolates :-)
17. Lonely Bike Rides :-)
18. Russian Nesting Dolls (Matryoshkas) :-)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Shopping At 31 Rue De Cambon.

Last Fall, while being in Paris I, of course, visited glorious Chanel store at legendary 31 Rue De Cambon. There is something very exciting in shopping in Paris, not to mention shopping in Paris at Chanel...It became one of the most wonderful memories I brought with me from my Fall in Europe. :-)
I rarely buy things out of necessity or simply because it is fun to shop. Instead, I buy things that I fall in love with at first sight. I am very decisive that way and once my "chemical romance" occurs I do not hesitate one single minute.
Once I saw this fabulous Chanel skirt on the runway all symptoms of my love at first sight came to life. I immediately knew that this amazing creature has to live in my closet!!! I think, I even forgot how to breath for a second.
Layers and layers of tulle, graced with a top layer of the most fabulous Chantilly lace Chanel style. It was floating on the runway, so chic, so elegant... How could I resist ?
I immediately called Chanel boutique in New York hoping to pre-order my new obsession. Imagine my devastation when I was told that this skirt will not be available in New York, it will be only available in Paris. Well, all roads lead to Paris anyway :-))) I was able to contact Chanel in Paris and wonderful Chanel Fairies were so kind to let me purchase my skirt. I specifically asked not to ship it to me, instead I decided to pick it up myself. And so I did. :-)
I wore it for the first time this Sunday for Valentine's Day, paired with my Valentino cardigan and another result of my "chemical romance" - YSL booties. Because of the Valentine's Day I thought it would be more than appropriate to add my beautiful Prada Velvet mini bag in divine rich red color . I have to blame my old camera for the wrong shade of red in the picture. :-)
I did get a lot of complements on my beautiful skirt. And the first one was from my husband :-)
I have told him that for our upcoming 10 year Anniversary together, I would love to go back to Paris, to 31 Rue De Cambone. :-)I am very much looking forward to it.
I hope that all of you had a wonderful Valentine's Day filled with love and joy. I know I did ! :-)