Friday, April 30, 2010

My April Chanel Glossimer Magnifique Give Away. :-)

It is the end of April and it means that it is time for another fabulous Give Away! I have to admit I am absolutely in love with Chanel lip glosses. The colors are simply gorgeous and every time I put it on it feels like I am adding an instant drop of chic to my make up. I feel like a Super Girl when I choose to wear glossimer by Chanel. :-))) And so, I decided to share with you one of my favorite things in my every day life. :-) The lucky winner of today's Give Away will receive this beautiful , new Chanel Glossimer Mini Trio Set which will include colors Magnifique, Blizzard and Imaginaire. The names of the colors sound like something from a Fairy Tale, don't they? For color reference, please, visit :-) . All you have to do is to leave a comment. The lucky winner will be announced next Friday.
I am wishing all of you much luck and a wonderful weekend.:-)For me it will be a beautiful weekend away from my hats. Yes! They do get just a tiny bit tired of me sometimes. :-) I am looking forward to gardening this Sunday and a wonderful dinner date with my hubby. He says he has a surprise for me! :-)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New-York Blues :-)

My friend Isabella loves Blue Martinis. She insists that Blue Martini is "the most fabulous thing that was ever invented since Prada Fairy Shoes" . :-) In March Isabella celebrated her 30Th Birthday with spectacular Blue Martini Party in Manhattan. That is how I got introduced to what from now on I think of as one of my favorite drinks. :-) (Pomegranate Martini still holds #1 for me! ). After my very first Blue Martini the design of this little number was floating in my head asking to be created. Not only floating but haunting me in my dreams for the entire week after Isabella's party. I simply had to get it out!!! :-)
And so, in case you would ever need a beautiful, delicate little hat for your very own Blue Martini Party, I introduce to you this fabulous little creation inspired by Blue Martini and made in rich pallet of blues and greens. :-) It has beautiful french veil with emerald and blue crystals and silk lining. This hat was also photographed in my Atelier.:-) She is even more beautiful in person.

Considering the fact that it is Tuesday, I am wishing everybody wonderful week ahead. :-) I do, however, recommend to try Blue Martini once Friday is here. I promise, you will not regret it. As for me, I will be making one for myself tonight ! :-)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Introducing "Grace". :-)

I usually receive a lot of e-mails asking me to post new hats created in my Atelier besides those Collections that are already posted on my website. And so, here is my very first post introduction of a new hat.:-) When I saw this image of Grace Kelly several weeks ago in one of my favorite Blogs The Errant Aesthet, I immediately knew the hat that simply had to be created. I was touched by divine inspiration. :-) I named her Grace.
Photographed in my new Atelier, "Grace" is made out of lush velvet in the most beautiful shade of pink with silk lining. It can be ordered in my Atelier in the variety of colors: wine red, sky blue, royal blue, emerald green and, of course black and white. I have to say that "Grace" was such a pleasure to work with.:-) Remember my post on the "Secret Lives Of Hats" ?
Well, "Grace" is a perfect example of the "unexpected" hat. I did not have a sketch or a slightest idea what the final result would look like. Instead, I chose material and allowed "Grace" to decide how she wanted to look. :-) Well, she is a beauty just like the Lady who inspired her. I am wishing every body beautiful weekend filled with inspirations and joy. :-)

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Irreplaceable Ingredient In The Recipe Of Being "Chic". The Beret.

An ultimate accessory, the irreplaceable ingredient in the recipe of being "chic" - this type of hat holds #1 place in the millinery charts all over the world for Centuries! Beret is the only type of hat that have been adopted by many different groups of people, living in many different countries, during different historical periods. In fact, the history of the Beret is so long that nobody can say with definite certainty how or by whom (the name of the person) the Beret was created for the very first time.
It is believed by many that France is responsible for creating the Beret. Not true at all, despite the fact that expression "french beret" sound as inviting and charming as it is misleading. As a matter of fact it is still unknown how the Beret got to France.:-)
The word "beret" came from the Latin word "birretum" which literally means "cap". The beginning of the glorious march of the Beret was first recorded as far as 5th century BC and it was suggested that beret-like head gear was first worn by ancient Greeks. Some even suggested that the word "cap" came directly from Greek word "pilos" - skullcaps made out of black felt often worn by sailors.
It is also believed that in the 1st Century AD the Romans picked up the beret from Greeks. Romans called it "beretino" and it is the Romans who actually invented the true Beret in the modern understanding of the shape and form of this hat. Ancient Romans also, for the very first time, applied color laws to the Beret. For example, only aristocrats could wear white Berets. So, hats of to fabulous Italians who gave the world the most wearable hat there is. :-)))
In the 3rd century Roman colonies brought Berets to Spain. It is believed that this is exactly how the Beret became established in the Basque Country where it was adopted by the Basque people. It is in Spain the Beret got its new name - Beret Basque, "boina" in Spanish and Basque. Although France adores a good beret, it is the Basque and Spanish who truly promoted its popularity.
For the next 10 Centuries Beret travelled all over the world changing color and shape, adopting to new countries and the cultures of the people who wore it.
It is in the 13th century when the Beret for the first time recorded in one of the painted frescoes.
In the 14th century the beret, once again, ruled Italy. In fact, it was worn by Italians again from 14th through 17th Century and it was considered very fashionable. In Florance alone the Grand Duke Cosimo insisted that his people wear red Berets in the Summer and blue Berets in the Winter.
In the 16th Century an image of a Swede appeared wearing what looked like a Beret. :-)
In 1900s the Beret was widely worn in France. It is not entirely known what served the sudden obsession of French with the Beret. But is seemed like entire France fell in love with this gorgeous shape universal both for men and women. Christian Dior payed his due to the magic of the Beret by creating entirely new, smaller version of the Beret. It is now known as the "Dior Beret". And I did make several of them in my Atelier. Unbelievable pleasure to work with! :-)
20 years later, in 1920, the Beret has, finally, crossed the Atlantic Ocean and became absolute favorite type of head wear for every American girl. 10 years later, in 1930-s some young American boys began to wear it as well. And it is in the 1930s that for the very first time in the history of the world the Beret was adopted as a part of the uniform by the British Tank Force.
As many times after that significant event, British became trendsetters and with in the next 10 years the Beret became a part of many other military units all over the world: USA Green Berets, Black Berets (USA Rangers), UN Blue Berets, to name a few.
In the 1950s Scout Units outside of France began adopting new headgear to replace silly lemon-squeezer hats. Many turned to the beret as a result of the prestigious cachet flowing from their use in military uniforms.
Interesting fact: while Scouts began adopting the Beret, French boys during the 1950s stopped wearing them. By the end of the decade, it was rare to see a French boy other than a Scout wearing a Beret. :-)
Today the Beret continues its glorious journey as one of the most stylish and timeless types of hats ever created. :-)
You can see it in every day life, on the pages of Vogue, gracing world's most famous catwalks.
An ultimate accessory, an irreplaceable ingredient in the recipe of being "chic" - the Beret.
Some of the images provided courtesy of fabulous Dustjacket Attic.:-)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Favorite Hats-Movie Stars. :-)

From simple, slightly veiled pill box hat to the elaborately decorated straw, each hat in movies represents to me not only a final touch to the costume of the actress, but, more importantly, a great insight into her character. I am absolutely sure that this little red number Penelope Cruz wearing in the movie "Nine", is nothing short of an exclamation point at the end of her very fabulous on-screen persona. :-) Today, I would like to share with you my all time favorite hats-movie stars. Each one of them, in my opinion, added immensely to the character and, ultimately,to the mood of each movie.
Anna Kovaltchuk in "Master And Margarita"
Renata Litvinova in "Three Stories"
Jessica Beil in "Easy Virtue"
Michelle Pfeiffer in "Cheri"
Michelle Pfeiffer in "Cheri"
Audrey Tautou in "Coco Before Chanel"
Audrey Tautou in "Coco Before Chanel"
Hats From "Marie Antoinette"
Angelina Jolie in "Changeling"
Kate Winslet in "Titanic"
Keira Nightley in "The Duchess"
Keira Nightley in "The Duchess"
Keira Nightley In "The Duchess"
Sophia Loren in "Brief Encounter"
Audrey Hupbern in "My Fair Lady"
Natalie Portman in "The Other Boleyn Girl"
Jhonny Depp in "Alice In Wonderland"
Scarlett Johansson "Girl With A Pearl Earring"

Friday, April 9, 2010

The Magical Experience Of Millinery Salon.

It is with great sadness I realize that in the modern world true experience of the Millinery Salon is no longer accessible as widely as it was accessible several decades ago. While working on the interior of my own Atelier, I went to great length to make sure that the Atelier of my dreams will embody a concept of what real Millinery Salon should be - a magical place, a site of transformation, were love affair between a lady and a new hat occurs.
Just few decades ago, atmosphere in the Millinery Salon was filled with an air of femininity and grace following by seductive ritual of very first fitting. The introduction to a new hat was nothing short of a grand ceremony when female customer would be sited in front of a beautiful mirror while milliner would take a responsibility of fitting her with a beautiful hat. Most Millinery Salons, in Europe especially, had lavish, well lit window displays.
The art of displaying hats in certain manner in the windows of any Millinery Salons was critical. They always involved the science of color to assure that hats displayed in each window attract attention. Observed by any lady who would be passing by, the seduction of displayed hats would be the beginning of magic. Parisian milliners, of course, were masters of creating magnificent experience. Historian Bianca M. Du Morter wrote in her book "Chapeau,Chapeaux!" that admittance to Parisian Salons was possible only through the recommendation of existing client.
The choice of hats was usually made on the first visit to the Salon and once the order was placed, the client would have to come two more times for fittings. Salons were run on a very hierarchical basis, where often only the most loyal or favored customers would be allowed to see the full range of available hats.
Wealthy American buyers in France often complained that they were treated as second class customers. A New York Times reporter in Paris wrote in 1914: "This designers know just to whom to show certain hats. They know who should not be let into the inner rooms. You can tell by the location you are given just what your value is to the premier vendeuse .. And it is not a question of money!" Well, it is true. Frenchwoman somehow do have more flair and style when it comes to wearing hats.
This gorgeous picture is courtesy beautiful Bonjour Madame.
One of the most elaborate Millinery Salons in history of Fashion was created by Lilly Dache who built her eight store "House Of Hats" near Park Avenue in New York in 1937. She had silver fitting room for brunette celebrities and a gold one for blonds. Pure luxury.... As I am trying to do my part in bringing back the experience of Millinery Salon, I will never stop repeating that choosing a hat is more often is not a matter of minutes, especially to those customers who are unsure of what they want.
Hats are one of the most powerful accessories: they transform personal style in an instant. I do advise all of you, who love wearing hats, to give yourself a gift of visiting Millinery Salon.
I know, they are almost impossible to find now but they do exist. And if you don't find Millinery Salon in your city, I invite you to visit mine. :-) Unique experience... What can be more exclusive than brilliant handmade pieces? Slightly changing the words of ever so fabulous Lilly Dache I would say: "Beautiful hat is what makes a man ask for your telephone number. But it also is what makes a woman ask for the name of your Milliner.” :-)
Sources of info for this post: book by Bianca Du Morter "Chapeau, Chapeaux!", book by Stephen Jones "Hats an Anthology"