Monday, May 31, 2010

My Very Chic Straw "Fedora" May Give Away. :-) Just In Time For Brilliant Summer.

Fashion drawing by Danny Roberts.
Before I will announce my May Give Away, I would like to sincerely apologise to all of you for being such a terrible Blog friend and for being so far behind on my Blog rounds. Lately, I have been completely overwhelmed with millions of different things including the production of my very challenging third Collection. I feel like days are flying by with a speed of a bullet leaving me almost no time to do things I love and enjoy. I can not express enough how much I appreciate and love your comments. I promise you to visit everybody very very soon. :-)
It is my pleasure to announce slightly belated, but oh, so fabulous May Give Away! If you did not read my post on " The Magic Of Fedora" I encourage you to do so right here. :-) The winner of this Give Away will receive very chic straw fedora hat, designed and created by me just in time for this brilliant Summer. Lucky winner will have a choice of color: turquoise, sunflower yellow or pink quartz. You can see all three colors on the pictures in this post.
Created entirely by hand in my Atelier, this Fedora is made out of finest straw and has fabulous distressed bow made of French linen. I personally love wearing my straw fedora in pink with a great pair of jeans and heels when running casual errands. :-) This Fedora also happened to be absolute best seller for the month of May in my Atelier .
All you need to do is to live a comment under this post. The winner will be announced next Tuesday. I am wishing you all good luck and wonderful week ahead ! Summer is here and what a great time it is to design beautiful hats. :-)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Fifteen Years Ago . :-)

Fifteen years ago I was blessed with a miracle. A tiny little creature named Anastasia came into my life and changed it forever. My daughter was born on May 30Th of 1995 and to this day I can not understand how I was able to live without her before.. My biggest fan, my greatest inspiration, my angel and my very valuable advisor. :-)
Ever since Anastasia started to walk, she loved to dress up. Needless to say that her love for beautiful dresses, shoes, hats and fashion in general kept growing along with Anastasia.:-)
When Anastasia was smaller she dreamt about being a food and movie critic. She though that life is far more fun when all you do is watch movies and eat fabulous food and get pay for it. Well, OK, "ice-cream critic" was an option too. :-)
Here is few Anastasia's most favorite things at the age of 7: balloons, soap bubbles, confetti, color "blue", Disney, Power Puff girls, cotton candy and pandas. :-)
Here you see Anastasia at the age of 13 modeling one of my hats. No longer a little girl with blond hair she once was. :-)
Happy Birthday to you my darling! You make me so proud every single day. I am incredibly lucky to have you in my life, to have you as my daughter and to be able to share this journey with you.:-)
Anastasia and I decided to have little Birthday moment by sharing a beautiful breakfast Sunday morning in my rose garden .:-) I have asked her about her favorite things now and here they are: patent shoes with heels, Japan , anime drawings, Tim Burton, art lessons, gummy bears, kittens, travelling, friends, color "purple", books by Mark Twain, colored tights, "Green Day" and, oh, yes, pandas and penguins . :-)

Happy Birthday, my darling Anastasia!
P.S. Fashion drawing used in this post is done by Danny Roberts.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"Sex And The City" Anyone? In Expectation Of The Sequel: Fabulous Hats :-)

This weekend I am throwing a fabulous Cosmopolitan party to celebrate the premier of "Sex And The City 2". I can not wait to see what Fabulous Four will do this time around. I can also hardly wait to see every detail of spectacular wardrobe of each of the girls.:-)
I have created this hat for my "Sex And The City" display for upcoming party ( click to see inlarged version). Photographed in my Atelier, this "Sex And The City" bombshell was so much fun to work with! Yes, it is made of feathers, pink and sequins. :-)
I decided to display this hats on piles of "Vogue" magazine. I should probably mention that this green martiny glasses will be changed to ruby red. I am still working on this display trying to perfect every little detail.
Here you can see work in progress. :-)
Here is what I love about "Sex And The City": complete and utter absence of boundaries when it comes to fashion. It is such a treat to see spectacular display of personal styles expressed through fashionable, stylish, outrageous choices in wardrobe.
This pink Winter hat is such a darling! I have a similar one in white. I just hope it will not fall apart because I have been wearing it every Winter since this episode aired God knows how long ago. :-)
This fabulous Chanel hat is one of my favorite hats out of entire series. So chic! It can be easily worn during the day with jeans and a pair of great heels.
This pill box hat is also by Chanel made of snow white mink with a perfect black silk bow on the back of it is also one of my favorites. I adore it! When "Sex And The City" held wardrobe sell out in NYC who do you think was a lucky girl to get it? Yes! Me! :-)As you know, there are millions of ways to wrap your scarf around your head turning it to a fabulous hat. :-) Simply perfect!
Newsboy hat is always a drop of an instant chic. I always recommend my clients to choose one in beautiful tweeds.
Combination of black velvet and pearls in a hat named boater (also by Chanel) stole my heart!:-)
Casual knitted beanie perhaps? Such a great way to wear it with Chanel booties.
This sequined soft beret, I thought, was such a great choice for this PJ's midnight outfit. Here is a perfect example of how mix and match unmixable and unmatchable. :-)
Trilby. Baby Sister of fabulous Fedora hat :-)Cloche. I do not know any other type of hat that can make a girl feel like a Lady. :-)
Patterned hat covered in stars (Chanel I suspect), floppy and elegant. :-)

Turban hat - the hat I wish ladies would have more appreciation for. There are so many types of turbans I should, probably, write a separate post about them. :-)

I can hardly believe it is already Wednesday! Wishing everybody wonderful the rest of the week. Stay fabulous!:-)

Friday, May 21, 2010

How To Say "NO" To The Fabulous Pair Of Shoes. Resisting Chanel Clogs.

The minute I tried on this fabulous pair of Chanel clogs in Chanel boutique in NYC, I lost my mind. Ordinarily, in the event of me loosing my mind over spectacular pair of shoes, I would immediately buy them without a shred of hesitation or doubt. However, this time I decided to take my time and think about this purchase over lunch. When I came back an hour later Chanel clogs in my size were gone. Being an endless optimist, I decided that I will be able to get them on EBay. My hopes were crushed into million little pieces when I saw prices on EBay for my gorgeous Chanel clogs - $2,450 !!!
Did I mention that I lost my mind? :-))) Well, I decided to go ahead with my purchase despite the price, thinking that I will regret for the rest of my life if I don't get them NOW and that I can always plead temporary insanity when it comes to explaining this purchase to my hubby. :-))) Thankfully, just as I was about to commit to buying, my telephone rang. Once I finished my conversation, I realized that spending this kind of money on a pair of shoes would be plain stupid. Knowing myself all too well and being aware of the fact that I will change my mind in 10 minutes, in a desperate attempt to say "NO" to Chanel clogs I froze my credit cards in this lovely plastic container you see above on the picture (in case you are wondering :-) ) .
Since freezing my credit cards, I have been suffering severe Chanel clogs withdrawal symptoms. Last night, for example, I had disturbing dream about baby elephant who wore this fabulous clogs while I was worrying sick that he will ruin them running through the mud. :-)))
I adore shoes! I adore beautiful shoes! Shoes are the only accessory besides hats that hold tremendous power over me. And now I am obsessed with Chanel clogs. :-)
Since Chanel clogs on EBay cost a little bit more than a round trip ticket to Paris I, finally, decided that it would be a good idea to get ticket to Paris instead!
But wouldn't it be even more fabulous to go to Paris wearing Chanel clogs!!?
How do you, darlings, say "NO' to the pair of shoes you fall in love with? :-)
Wishing you all wonderful weekend :-). When it comes to me, I am hoping to be cured of my Chanel-clog-obsessive-compulsive drama by Monday morning. Until then strawberry cheesecake is the best medicine I discovered so far. I intent to eat 3 pieces! Maybe even 5...Who cares :-)))

Images on this post are courtesy of Jak&Jil, Garance Dore, Dustjacket Attick and me :-).

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

In Search Of The Perfect Bag. My Darling Vintage Rosenfeld.

Do you speak florals? :-) I do very rarely. Not only I am not a "bag girl" in general, but I also prefer very simple, elegant designs with minimum hardware and monochromatic color. Well, it feels great to surprise yourself once in a while and discover the side of yourself you did not know existed.
That is exactly what happened when I saw this vintage oversizes bag by Rosenfeld. I have been searching for a new bag to update my wardrobe for the Summer when I came across this unbelievably gorgeous bag. It was love from the very first sigh : the shape, the fabric, overall design - exquisite!
The fabric of the bag is something that deserves entire essay on the subject of color combinations and texture. I have never seen velvet so rich in such a wide range of colors from dark plum to the pale pink. It was made by Rosenfeld several decades ago and carefully preserved by Mrs. Chery Lin of MiX Gallery.
Here you see my darling Rosenfeld photographed in my Atelier. I feel that it needs to be framed and displayed as magnificent piece of Art. I am so in love with it, I am afraid to wear it out. :-)
The Summer is always here. :-) I have added several rose bushes to my garden and two more bushes of precious peonies in pale pink. They remind me of this YSL design. :-) Do you remember the line Miranda Pristley sarcastically spoke in "Devil Wears Prada": - Florals for Spring? Groundbraking!

Well, maybe not groundbreaking, but to me florals hold an endless ocean of possibilities when it comes to design, color combinations and shapes. From my several decades old darling Rosenfeld to modern day Collections in florals - this is exactly why florals should be considered to be classics just a like a little black dress .:-) Don't you think?