Thursday, June 17, 2010

Au Revoir :-) . Signing Off For The Summer.

For the past several weeks I have been working very long hours on numerous things. One of this things that proved to be the most difficult and time consuming is the creation of my third Collection. So far, I am thousands miles away from being pleased with the results...and it means that I have to put even more time, more effort and more energy into completing my Collection which has a due line of late August. This is the reason I decided to take time off blogging for just a little bit, until the end of the Summer. I wish all of you, darlings, wonderful Summer and hope to see you back in September with my new Collection, spectacular Give aways and many interesting things to share. :-) Until then - Au Revoir! :-)))

P.S. Some of the images used in this post belong to fabulous Dustjacket Attic. :-)

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Second Life Of My Poor Miss Lanvin # 13. :-)

In December of last year I blogged about my Poor Miss Lanvin #13. You can find original post right here. It happened so that Miss Lanvin #13 became one of my favorite dolls out of the entire Miss Lanvin Porcelain Doll Collection of 2009.
Look at her, isn't she a beauty? I fell in love with her instantly and providing the fact that Miss Lanvin #13 was a part of a limited addition of only 800 dolls, I anxiously waited for my Christmas gift...yes, she was suppose to be my Christmas gift!
Imagine my absolute devastation when I opened a box and found my gorgeous Miss Lanvin broken in shipping into thousands little pieces. I refused to throw it away because even broken this doll was the most amazing creature as far as I was concerned. I promised you that I would give her a second life and would make a hat out of her. :-) And so, today, it is my great pleasure to introduce to you.....Ta-dam!!!! :-)))
My Miss Lanvin hat made out of the broken Poor Miss Lanvin #13. I got my wish and Miss Lanvin got her second life. It was, most certainly, a challenge because I had never worked with porcelain before. And even though it took careful thought, time and planning, I have to say - this hat is even more stunning in person.:-) Please, click on the picture to see a larger version.
I used luxurious double faced satin in beautiful cobalt blue for the base of the hat and chose to encrust hat with real pearls, silk tulle, velvet bows and large colored Swarovski crystals. :-)
My Miss Lanvin hat now lives in my Atelier and brings smile to my face every time I look at her. :-)
I believe that even broken dolls deserve to have a second chance. :-) Don't you think?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Winner Of My Straw Fedora Give Away + Amber June. Inspiration Files.

Fashion Drawing by Nuno DaCosta
It is with great pleasure that I announce the winner of my Straw Fedora Give Away. :-) Congratulations to the wonderful Vicky N. - a lucky girl from all the way across the Atlantic who won this beautiful hat. I would like to ask Victoria to contact me with the choice of color and shipping information (my e-mail address is ). Thank you so very much to all of you who left beautiful, kind comments to enter - they have touched me tremendously.
Summer is here and so far June has been filled with sunshine and color. Inspired by many shades of yellow, I decided to call it Amber June. The funny part is - there is not a single yellow piece in my new Collection, but ,somehow, Amber Yellow continues to inspire me with its beauty and light. :-)
I came across this beautiful drawing by accident and was surprised to read that the drawing was inspired by the yellow hat named "Rumour" which was designed by me for my first Collection "Je Ne Rgrette Rien" back in 2008.
Here is the one of two yellow hats I have ever created. Her name is "Rumour" :-)
Wishing everybody fantastic week ahead. I have been so busy lately, I barely had time to sit down for a cup of coffee and enjoy beautiful weather. Always in search of perfect balance I find myself even more farther away from achieving it. My greatest wish right now is for the luxury of lazy rest which, to be honest, is not going to happen for months to come. :-)... For now, my life continues to be invaded by hats! :-)

P.S. Some of the pictures in this post are courtesy wonderful Dustjacket Attic. :-)