Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Paris Fashion Week Survival Kit. On My Way To France.

I have a difficult day ahead of me: first, trunk show at Henry Bendel immediately after which I am boarding a plane to Paris. Wish me much luck because I have never transported Collection overseas before and it will be very challenging. Well, weekend of packing my luggage and here they are - several things that will make my trip easier and will help me to feel my usual self. :-)))
Turban hat. I will write a separate post on the subject of chic turbans, but for now, I have to say that bad hair day NEVER happens if you have turban hat travelling with you. The best part about the turban is that it makes you look perfect in less than a minute (that's how long it takes t0 put it on.). Mine is in deep chocolate velvet. :-)
I have also decided to take my beloved Lanvin velvet orange coat from Fall Winter 2005. I absolutely adore it. Perfect for Fall, even more so perfect for Fall in Paris. :-) And, of course, matching earrings from the same collection add an instant touch of glamour.
Another one of my favorites and a new addition to my statement pieces is this multi strand pearl necklace by Vera Wang you see here on the picture. I usually never pack much clothes, but I do pack substantial amount of accessories. :-)))
Yes, I know!!! It is raining in Paris, but who cares! How could I not pack my new YSL sandals? So very inpractical of me. :-)
And this gorgeous YSL pumps. This pair is a new addition to my shoes collection this Fall. The color is absolutely beautiful and I am planning to pair it with my orange Lanvin coat. :-)))
Red lipstick. I simply can not travel without several shades of red lipstick in my make up case.

This little guy is my best friend when it comes to travelling. Mini steamer - I take it with me everywhere. It helps to keep my clothes wrinkle free and not to worry about ironing at all.
I am wishing you all wonderful week and looking forward to coming back with many things to tell and to share. So very excited (and a bit scared) to live the experience of presenting my new Collection during the Paris Fashion Week. Many kisses from New York!!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

It Feels Great To Make It To Vogue + My Very Fabulous Mystery Give Away! :-)))

Yes, it has been such a great pleasure creating fabulous hat for editorial in September Issue of Vogue Mexico and Latin America. :-)))
Here she is. My very first hat made for Vogue and I hope not the last one. I named her Ingrid ...
I have to say I never suspected what a truly happy feeling it is to see something you created with so much love and attention being a part of the fashion story in one of the major fashion magazines.
For me it is a milestone. Something I want to share and celebrate with you! :-))))
I have registered my brand in 2008. Yes, just a few years ago, although it seems like a century to me. Three Collections and opening of my new Atelier later,this editorial feels like a cherry on top of the cake.:-)))
The rest of the hats used in this editorial are absolutely gorgeous!They add so much drama and mystique to the beautiful fashion story...

Well, to celebrate this wonderful occasion, my very first hat for Vogue, I decided to have a very fabulous Give Away! Something extraordinary beautiful and chic. The winner of this give away will receive a mystery box filled with fashionable treasures and would have to find out on her/his own what this treasures are. :-))) Yes! It is a Mystery Box Give Away.
All you need to do is to live a comment under the post. The very lucky winner will be announced on October 8Th after my return from Paris. I am wishing all of you wonderful weekend, I know that mine will be spent packing million of suitcases. Many kisses from New York to all of you!:-)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Mercedes-Benz Accessories Exhibit. Disappointments. Part 1

It has been a life long dream of mine to present my Collection in New York during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.What I found out as a result of me navigating through the jungle of fashion world was, unfortunately, not only disappointing, but also very discouraging. My journey began several months before September 2010 Fashion Week in New York. In March of 2010 I contacted Committee in charge of Mercedes-Benz Accessories Exhibit and requested necessary information on the requirements for the participants. I should, probably, mention that Accessories Exhibit was created specifically to give an opportunity for accessories designers (jewelry, bags, shoes, hats and etc.) to display new Collections for upcoming Season during the Fashion Week . The official site for Accessories Exhibit stated that: "Located in the Main Lobby, this gallery filled with beautiful collections of handbags, jewelry, watches and more will be on display for guests to enjoy throughout the (Fashion) week."
And so, seduced by the possibility of presenting my new Collection to the attention of editors and buyers during the Fashion Week I doubled my efforts to bring hats back to the glorious forefront of the Mercedes-Benz Accessories Exhibit. Here I would like to stop and make a very important point: I will not speak for those designers who create jewelry, bags and shoes but I can, most certainly, speak about the process of designing a hat Collection. Hats are the single most powerful accessory capable of immediate transformation not only of the style but also the persona.They have too much character. Behind each and every one of my Collections is a concept transformed into the story. This transformation usually occurs with the help of many ingredients: design, color, materials, final result and - the best part of it all - presentation. Each story can be told only by presenting Collection as a whole. Frankly speaking, I do not know why any designer would present it any other way. Beautiful dinner must be served on the beautifully set table. Beautiful Collection must be presented in the way that best tells the story behind it...
And so, in a few days after contacting Committee I was asked to send my press kit + photographs of my previous work including my previous Collections. I immediately submitted everything that was asked of me. A month later, when I almost lost any hope to be a part of Accessories Exhibit, a received an answer - I was accepted as a participant and promised that farther information will be forwarded to me closer to the end of June. I was overjoyed: not only my worked was considered up to the standard, but I will get to live the experience of the Accessories Exhibit and to see my dream come true...
The first disappointment came at the end of July - days turned into weeks and I still did not have any information.I decided to call the person in charge of providing information to participating designers. After several attempts to reach her I was, finally, told, that for some inexplicable reason my info kit never reached me. I was assured that information was distributed to the participating designers weeks!!! prior to my call and they have absolutely no idea what happened. What surprised me the most is that there was no follow up to check if every participant received their info. Later, I found out that communication was one of the weakest points.
For example, e-mails would be rarely returned in a timely manner. Some of them came a week later or did not came at all or came only after repeated attempts. Often e-mails were written by different people so, ultimately, it was almost impossible to know who is in charge of what. At the end of all of it it felt almost as if they were doing me a big favor by simply responding to the inquiries. It became clear that in order to go through with presenting your Collection at Lincoln Center you had to spent considerable amount of time extracting basic info. There was no guidance at all. Was it frustrating? Yes!!!

To be continued....

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Where My Muse Lives.

My Muse lives in many places. Sometimes I meet her in the box of chocolates or even in the box of my new beautiful shoes. Sometimes I see a shadow of her walking in my garden wearing pearls. Often she appears sitting on the rim of my martini glass. Once I even found her in my old suitcase filled with old, forgotten family photographs. :-))) . One of the most beloved places of my Muse is my collection of quotes. Here are few of them: a touch of inspiration and light.
"I don't want to be reasonable. There is plenty of time for that in the grave. What I want is adventure, innovation, foolishness and discovery." - Mirabel Osler

" A woman should never be seen eating or drinking, unless it be lobster salad and Champagne, the only true feminine and becoming viands"- Lord Byron
"Kill all my demons and my angels might die too." - Tennessee Williams
" I speak the truth not as much as I would, but as much as I dare and I dare a little bit more as I grow older."- Michel de Montaigne
"Here was a great woman: a magnificent, generous, gallant, reckless, fated fool of a woman...She ran ahead where there where no paths." - Dorothy Parker
" In matters of grave importance, style, not sincerity, is the vital thing." - Oscar Wilde
"Illusion is the first of all pleasures." - Oscar Wilde
"My style icon is anyone who makes a bloody effort." - Isabella Blow.
...I am wishing all of you a beautiful week full of creative inspiration and joy.
P.S. I would like to thank The Errant Aesthete for being a sours of constant inspiration .

Friday, September 10, 2010

Beatiful Things That Fall Brings.:-)

Is it really almost a middle of September !? I woke up today to a wonderful smell of Fall coming through the open windows of my bedroom. The Summer full of hats and stress over production of my new Collection is, finally, over and I feel almost like this girl on the top picture - ready to sleep anywhere at all. :-))))
I missed Blogging terribly and so happy to be back sharing with you many wonderful news this Fall brings to me. One of the most important news is my new Collection of course. The oh, so glamorous photo shoot took place August 31st in my Atelier and I promise to share fantastic images of it with you very soon. :-)))
New York Fashion Week is here!!! So excited since I will be attending several runway shows and after parties. I am looking forward to it so very much, especially so after exhausting Summer. I also should, probably, mention that I have been selected by the special committee of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Accessories Exhibit to present my Collection at New York Fashion Week but at the end had to say "No". I will, of course, write about it later. "No!" to the Mercedes-Benz Accessories Exhibit!? Seriously!? Who does it??? Apparently, I do.
I am also beyond excited over my September Trunk Show in one of the most fabulous stores of 5Th Avenue in New York - Henry Bendel. Simply can not wait!!! And again I promise to share every single detail of it with you. :-)))
Paris is also just three short weeks away. I miss Paris so much and look forward to visiting it during the Paris Fashion Week. Moreover, look forward to being a part of it. If somebody would tell me a year a go that I will be bringing my new Collection to Paris - I would very honestly think that you are a little crazy! It all seems like a beautiful dream to me. :-)
I am also exited to be back blogging. I missed you all so much! I rarely had a second to visit my favorite Blogs over the Summer and have a lot of catching up to do! Can not wait to see all of you. :-))) Wishing everybody fantastic weekend! It feels so good to be back...