Friday, October 29, 2010

Orange Chic And My Very Fabulous Halloween Giveaway!

Voila! The October is almost over. :-) And this means that Halloween is just around the corner. What I love about this silly Holiday is how colorful and flamboyant it is. This Halloween I am invited to the fabulous costumed party in New York and I simply can not wait to dress up - I am going to be dressed as a Moulin Rouge Girl of the beginning of 19th Century. Cascading ruffles and tones of colored lace, ostrich feathers : my daughter told me will look like a giant wedding cake with legs!:-))) Let's hope I will fit in the car.:-)))
The end of October also means that it is time for another fabulous Giveaway and this time the lucky winner will receive two gorgeous Dior Lipsticks , both in the shades of spectacular red! It is my personal belief that red lipstick is capable transforming entire outlook.  I often wear red lipstick during Winter and Fall...
All you have to do is to live a comment under this post. The winner is going to be announced next Friday!:-)
During the Halloween I usually feel very sorry for the color Orange. I think Halloween diminished the beauty of orange and its wearability. But, once again, I disagree with general understanding that Orange is not the color to wear at all. I often here that it is too costume, too Halloweeny and even too "service road uniform". Well, I happen to think that Orange is one of the most beautiful colors. Just look how chic Orange can be!:-))) Happy Halloween everybody!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Things I Will Never EVER Do !

I will never EVER be convinced that there can be no true friendship between two women.
I will never lie about my age or try to deliberately conceal it. I feel comfortable with my fabulous 36. :-) I will, however, demand to be called "Miss" even when I am 90 !
I will never stop wearing heels. Not while I am riding my bike, not even when I am flying overseas!
I will never stop making effort to age gracefully. It does not include over tanning, dressing myself in all the shiny things and bleaching my hair until I am practically bold.
I will never get a pair of silicone lips. Not in a million years and over my dead body. Not even if Vogue will declare that silicone lips are the new fabulous!
I will never be convinced that Fashion is a matter of "function" and a matter of being "useful". I believe that Fashion is much more that the conveniences of every day life.
I will never stop playing dress up, after all, Coco was right: how could you not pretty yourself up for the date with Destiny who can show up any minute of any day ? :-)
I will never pay $1,050 for this gloves! I will never stop making hats. My Atelier is my life!
I will never stop being enthusiastic about shoe shopping. :-)
I will never stop reading Vogues from all over the world!
I will never stop loving Mel. I think he is one of the most talented directors, producers and actors there is. "Braveheart", "Appocalipto", "The Passion Of The Christ" - this movies stay under your skin.
And I absolutely promise you that I will never paint my dog pink! :-))) EVER! Not even just a tip of the tail!
Is there anything at all you would never Ever do?

Friday, October 22, 2010

The BOX. Accessory Exhibit. Paris Fasion Week.

This is, probably, the only time I enjoyed staying in the Box. :-))) THE BOX - is one of the leading places for the best accessory labels and my place of choice to present my new Collection during this past Paris Fashion Week. Located on Rue Cambon, literally,just few steps away from Coco's address, this phenomenal exhibition seemed like a Fairy Tale land to me. I know that many of you think that actual runway shows have far more energy, but I would strongly disagree.

Please, meet Muriel Piaser - the director of THE BOX and a very chic lady who was so very generous to me. THANK YOU, Muriel! I am looking forward to many more great exhibitions and collaborations in the future. :-))) The video you see above is the actual video of what THE BOX looks like. It is from the previous season because the new video is still in production and I will display is as soon as it will be ready. Everything looks exactly like this Paris Fashion Week and gives you a great insight in what was happening around me this October. :-)
Here is my fabulous morning cup of coffee. :-)The exhibition had a great energy about it. I love runway shows, but have to say that I love accessoiry exhibitions the best. During the Paris Fashion Week exhibitions like THE BOX are closed for general public, but open for accredited press, buyers from all over the world, stylists, editors, designers...
This way, for the entire duration of the exhibition you get not only display your Collection, but also meet so many extrordinary people, talk to them, go to the parties, exchange ideas and form new collaborations. You do not get to do all of this things by watching runway show.
I was asked not to photograph stands in detail because everything displayed must be kept a secret until the new fashion season will come to its beginning. I though the general view would give you an idea of how thngs are done in Paris.
I could only wish that New York would follow the foot steps of Paris. Everything to the very last detail was beyond perfection.
Here is just a tiny little bit of my display. My Collection was displayed on crystal stands and vintage french manniquine heads. Did I mention that presentation is one of the most important things there is when it comes to presenting new Collection? :-)
The entire time I could not get enough of this ultra thin cashmere scarfs in the most gorgeous pallets you can imagine. if I could I would bring home every one of them!!!
Here is couple of hats from my previous Collection I took with me and wore in Paris. I wish I could express to you how the entire world transformes around you when you wear a hat like this. I got so much "gorgeous!", "magnifique!" and "fantastic!" - enough to last me the entire year. :-)))
Every day was filled with surprises, new discoveries, new friends and creative energy. :-))) In my next post I will tell you more about 5 fabulous lunches, unexpected people and one very unfriendly collegue of mine. : -) Wising everybody spectacular weekend!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"The Secret Lives Of Dolls". Few Words About My New Collection.

New editorial for my Collection "The Secret Lives Of Dolls" 2010
My new Collection is not due to be officially released until much later, but I have decided to give you a sneak pick at the story behind the creation of "The Secret Lives Of Dolls". I am happy to say that the Collection was an enormous hit in Paris, beyond anything I could have expected. :-))) And so, here is the story. I have been in love with the fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen ever since I was 3. He believed that everything around us - spoons, tea pots, books, furniture, even jewelry had a secret life. As my daughter Anastasia turned 15 she no longer had any interest in her dolls. They simply set all over her room collecting dust. This is when one Sunday I found myself packing all of them away in the attic and wondering what if they too had a secret life...? I tryed to imagine how it would look like...and that is how my new Collection was born. New editorial for my new Collection "The Secret Lives Of Dolls" 2010
With the stroke of a midnight the dolls in the attic come to life. They climb out of their boxes. They go through the piles of Vogue so interested to see if their dresses are still in fashion. :-))) They dream of Fairy Tale romance, they play with your pearls, try on your shoes, they even get in your perfume box!
New Editorial for my new Collection "The Secret Lives Of Dolls" 2010
Here you see two hand beaded berets (Dior shape) , both of which are made out of Cecil Beaton Fabrics. Each has a tiny Eiffel Tower gracing the top. Please, click pictures for larger views. I though they would be perfect for my Dolls. Apparently, Paris thought the same. :-)))....
New editorial for my new Collection "The Secret Lives Of Dolls" 2010
When Dolls get tired of playing in your wardrobe, they sit down for a cup of coffee and, maybe, gossip a little about things they love. :-))) They eat chocolates and dream of one day being able to travel to Paris...
New editorial for my new Collection "The Secret Lives Of Dolls" 2010
With this small introduction to the story behind "The Secret Lives Of Dolls", I promise you to post more pictures and more descriptions really soon. I am wishing everybody wonderful week. Millinon kisses from new York! :-)

Friday, October 15, 2010

To My Colleagues. Memorandum.

You are only as good of a milliner as the inside of your hat. As simple as this. Craftsmanship must NOT be an isolated phenomenon, it must be a full commitment to each and every one of your hats. It must be your philosophy, the skill you endlessly perfect and the single most powerful ingredient that transcends design to the level of Fashion...I have recently came upon several painful examples of badly made hats. What even worse - badly made and overpriced hats. Being a consumer myself, I will never purchase any article of accessory or apparel that lacks craftsmanship and quality. Being a milliner it makes it physically painful for me to hold poorly made hat. When did it become OK to make a hat with stitching exposed, seams falling apart, lining badly attached, grosgrain ribbon sliding back and forth, unevenly cut felt edges, dried glue (glue !!!) showing through fabric - the list can go on and on. Each and every one of you who has an honor of calling yourself a Milliner have to hold yourself to the high standard that the profession of the milliner demands. Anything less is a disrespect to your colleagues, to the consumer and ultimately to the craft. No wonder, I keep hearing from people "well, there is just almost no well made hats around any more" or "dying art!" . Embrace your profession, honor the high standards of millinery design, have respect for the craft or simply stop calling yourself a milliner.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Girls In Hats. Few Words About La Parisienne.:-)

While in Paris I came to the conclusion: French girls, whether you like it or not, own the word "elegance". It is in their DNA if you will. I, literally, could not stop admiring French women I saw on the streets of Paris . I completely lost sense of self respect and often could not help but stare at another perfectly dressed la Parisienne. I even almost broke my neck twice while trying to absorb all the delicious details on one of the girls coat. I am sure she wore Giambattista Valli...
I thought it would be a great idea to post this pictures made by oh,so very talented Tommy Ton in Paris and New York. I suck exceptionally at the photography and believe that we each must do what we do the best. And so, here it is: my personal analysis of French fashionistas. :-)))
I think it is a good reason for la Parisienne to be so chic and elegant: after all, Paris has been the breeding ground for top designers for decades. It feels a little bit different here, in the US, and it does make me feel sad. I do not think I can stand the view of another LV logo bag or nova check print by Burberry. ("Where did the lamb go?" Where did the style go?) I hope it will come back really soon. And I really, really, REALLY hope it will NOT be wearing Uggs! :-) Not even in pink!
What is great about French girls is the way they approach the subject of personal style: every season La Parisienne explores all of the signs of seduction, mixing urban-chic style that easily blends with entry-level price brands and luxury products.
Vintage shopping is a must for every self respecting la Parisienne. Statement pieces like big Cameo rings, chandelier-like crystal necklaces, fabulous little cross stitched bags - treasures of the past mixed in with ultra modern pieces of clothes. What do we have as a final result? - Yes, breathtakingly divine salade! :-)))) Almost impossible to take your eyes off.
La Parisienne loves hats. Hats are a part of her dress code. She elevates hat wear to the status of ultra-glam trend and in exchange hats contribute tremendously to her calculated sense of aesthetics.
La Parisienne is an obvious risk taker.You can not accuse her of, let's say, crazy color pattern. She will immediately tell you that you are boring!She never copies somebody else. Meeting a clone would be an utter insult to her personal style. It is impossible and useless to to impose fashion rules on la Parisienne.
La Parisienne is more of a creature of her own style than a follower of media fashion and I endlessly admire it.
I will be completely happy if I would get to spent my next life sitting on the bench on Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris watching the fabulous parade of beauty. :-) What about you?