Tuesday, November 30, 2010

In Front Of Dior + My Very Fabulous "Read My Lips" Fornasetti Give Away .

 Today is the last day of the Fall and it means that it is time for another fabulous Give Away! :-) But before I will tell you all about it, I thought I would share with you one moment in time 48 years ago.
 This black and white image has me literally hypnotised! It was made in 1962 and later became a part of a beautiful book "Paris 1962". I keep looking at the lonely tiny figure of this small lady in front of this gorgeous Dior window filled with beautiful shoes and can not help but feel a bit of sadness for her. What is she thinking at this very moment 48 years ago? Is she dreaming of the shoes she will never be able to wear? Does she look through this window into the beautiful life filled with luxury she will never lead?  Or is she simply moved by the grandness of everything that is Dior...?
I recommend "Paris 1962" book to everybody who loves unexpected, sort of back door approach to the old world glamour in Fashion. It is filled with unforgettable, black and white images, often very haunting just like the one with a small lady in front of Dior. I bought this book last week in New York and simply can not get enough of it. It now lives on my night table. :-)
Back to the Give Away! :-) It is a very special  because this time the lucky winner will receive this
gorgeous Fornasetti candle in the 'Red Lips" jar.What are they whispering to you? I have been a fan of Fornasetti Art for many years now , his faces on porcelain always make my mind wonder in hundreds of crazy creative directions. :-) All you need to do is to live a comment under this post.The lucky winner will be announced next Tuesday, November 7th.
I am wishing all of you wonderful week. It has been a rough start for me since I had to make unexpected trip to the emergency room the day after Thanksgiving. After spending several days in bed, unable to do much of anything I am looking forward to getting back to my Atelier! :-)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Dolls Lost In The Magic Garden. Divine Creatures. Part 1

 This cobalt blue jeweled Serpent Hat was also designed by me as a part of my new Collection "The Secret Lives of Dolls". The fantasy of The Magic Garden I had since forever in combination with never ending fascination with divine creatures named Serpents became an inspiration behind this hat. Here you see one of the dolls lost in the Magic Garden, wearing spectacular Dior gown (which I wore previously for the Apollo Circle Ball in the Metropolitan Museum of Art), wondering if she will be lucky to have an unexpected rendezvous with  the divine creature. :-)))
 This hat required meticulous work as each sequin and each jewel had to be sewn in by hand, of course. Every time I have a pleasure of making a certain design become reality I take a journey along with it...
 I remember when I was 5, my Grandmother used to take me to the Forrest to pick wild strawberries.I would always imagine that I am not at all in the woods, but instead - in the Magic Garden full of kind, wonderful creatures, beauty and magic where every wish comes true.
 Time has passed, but I still believe in the Magic Garden. I really do. :-) My new designs help me to show you what it would look like if one day I would be able to find it. Nothing but beautiful hats and Dior gowns!
 One of the greatest luxuries in life is the ability to dream on. It doesn't require money or much of anything really.  All you need to do is to close your eyes and find this place in your heart that makes you absolutely happy.
 So, dream on! :-)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Head Games. French Veils. Volume 1

In my opinion French Veils are just about the only perfect accessory with in itself. I often recommend French veils to those of my customers who feel a bit scared to wear a hat, but still want to do something out of the ordinary.
I, myself, love to add French veils to my every day look. It makes me feel chic. :-) My favorite combination is red lipstick and dramatic black veil - this never failed me yet! Not many of you know that French veils are extremely hard to find and today I decided to share with you several tips on the subject of the phenomena of French Veils.
My veiled Hats
As I mentioned above,French veils are very rare find at this point (unless French will decide to start producing them again). As a milliner, I find myself on the constant hunt for them. French Veils were widely available all over Europe until late 70-s. If you are lucky enough, you can still find old stocks of veils somewhere in France or England in estate sales or vintage shops.
Do not confuse French Veils with what is now known as "birdcage" veil available in large quantities on EBay and numerous other sites. Personally, I consider "birdcage" veils extraordinarily terrible both in quality and appearance.  It is always made of synthetic materials and have very limited color pallet.
French veils are always made of silk. That is exactly what makes them so beautiful and perfectly ageless. There are also countless designs in the patterns of French Veils and, of course, colors! This is largely due to the simple fact that silk is much easier to die that synthetic materials. The difference in the depth of the colors would be visible even to a child.
If you are a lucky girl who found beautiful French Veil remember that veils do not like to be ironed. The chance of the damage is to high. Instead, I recommend steaming. Simple tea pot would be more than enough: just hold your veil for a few seconds over the steam. :-)
I absolutely adore this French Veils on the models of the Lanvin for H&M (photographed by very talented Tommy Ton ) show - perfect example of how French veils should be worn!
I firmly believe that it is impossible to argue with a girl who wears French Veil. She gets absolutely everything! Even the golden star from the sky. :-)
Veils must be stored in the dark. I also recommend storing them between two pieces of tissue paper, this way french Veil will serve you a lifetime!
It is very hard for me to believe that another weekend is gone and another week is already here.  I will spend mine doing some renovations on my house and preparing for the Christmas Season.:-) And , fo course, Atelier! Busy time of the year for me. :-)

Friday, November 19, 2010

New Things On My Bookshelf. Conversational Treasures.

 One of the greatest pleasure of my life is my love for books. It is my constant source of inspiration and my only guild free hobby.  Over this past Summer and this Fall I have made several additions to my personal library and would like to share them with you. :-))) . I completely fell in love with the book named "Geografia De La Moda Espanola", the cover of which you see on the picture above.
 I came across it by accident while working on extremely complicated new design , a hat I decided to name "Carmen". It is still in production and I will post pictures of it as soon as it will be finished. The book is filled with extraordinary designs by Spanish designers.
 Who knew that there are 28 talented names in the contemporary Spain. All 28 were a revelation to me.
         To my greatest shame the only Spanish designer until this point for me was Balenciaga.
I would recommend this book to anybody who loves Fashion as much as I do!
 This is also one of my favorites - book by Francois Baudot ( the author of many wonderful books on the subject of Fashion and Design) "Yohji Yamamoto" .
 The book is filled with spectacular images of the the designs by Yamamoto  who is considered to be firmly in the ranks of the world's greatest stylists.
 This book is one of my top favorites in my library - "Folkert De Jong: Les Saltimbanques". Undeniably, quintessential European production about the art of very young Dutch artist who makes this mind capturing creepy sculptures. :-)))
 They are beyond amazing. Do I see the shadow of Francisco Goya smiling in the corner of the pages?
 This book was an unexpected gift from a very good friend. Not something I would deliberately buy simply because I have never found Pucci fabric prints particularly interesting.
 What captured my attention is the evolution of the brand based on single direction. Fascinating really. :-)
 I also tremendously enjoying this book by the name "Sung" by Greenberg Van Doren. The book is a self- titled catalog which documents the work of Sung - a Thai artist born in 1984.
 Just like Takashi Murakami, Sung seems to embrace  some aspects of Anime style. I think that she is the one to watch.
 Extraordinarily talented, I think we will see great tings from Sung. :-)
  This girl with balloons reminds me of my daughter Anastasia. :-)
 "Avedon Fasion 1944-2000" is another fantastic book I would recommend to anybody. It is written by Carol Squiers and Vince Alleti Abrams. Fantastic 372-page catalogue filled with visions of great Avedon.
 I know that there are plenty of books dedicated to Grace out there, but this one, by far, is one of my absolute favorites. It was written by H. Kristina Haugland to accompany an exhibition in V&A. Delightful!
 "Pierre Cardin" is absolutely a must to read. His 60 years love affair with fashion holds not only inspiration but also hundreds of reflections to each decade for the past 60 years.
 Look at this thigh high boots, long gloves and color blocked dresses. The photograph is almost 60 years old and, yet, we see the elements of  Cardin's design in the most recent Fashion Collections.
 Finally, I have to admit - "Barbie" book was a spontaneous purchase, but I ended up enjoying it a lot!
 Not only did I enjoy the graphics and the tiny details of the doll's outfits, more so I enjoyed creeping out my hubby and Anastasia with this Barbie mask.
Anastasia reaction: "You should, like, totally wear this masks for teacher-parent conference!" . Brilliant idea, Anastasia, that will teach them! :-)))) . I am wishing all of you wonderful weekend.:-)