Friday, November 26, 2010

Dolls Lost In The Magic Garden. Divine Creatures. Part 1

 This cobalt blue jeweled Serpent Hat was also designed by me as a part of my new Collection "The Secret Lives of Dolls". The fantasy of The Magic Garden I had since forever in combination with never ending fascination with divine creatures named Serpents became an inspiration behind this hat. Here you see one of the dolls lost in the Magic Garden, wearing spectacular Dior gown (which I wore previously for the Apollo Circle Ball in the Metropolitan Museum of Art), wondering if she will be lucky to have an unexpected rendezvous with  the divine creature. :-)))
 This hat required meticulous work as each sequin and each jewel had to be sewn in by hand, of course. Every time I have a pleasure of making a certain design become reality I take a journey along with it...
 I remember when I was 5, my Grandmother used to take me to the Forrest to pick wild strawberries.I would always imagine that I am not at all in the woods, but instead - in the Magic Garden full of kind, wonderful creatures, beauty and magic where every wish comes true.
 Time has passed, but I still believe in the Magic Garden. I really do. :-) My new designs help me to show you what it would look like if one day I would be able to find it. Nothing but beautiful hats and Dior gowns!
 One of the greatest luxuries in life is the ability to dream on. It doesn't require money or much of anything really.  All you need to do is to close your eyes and find this place in your heart that makes you absolutely happy.
 So, dream on! :-)


Talking with Tami said...

Very stylish love the two colors together,great job! xoxo

Dustjacket Attic said...

You are such an inspiration darling, really you are. This creation is amazing as is the story of your "secret garden" a place we would all love to find I am sure.


David Toms said...

Anya, wonderful hat, almost like the serpent in the Garden of Eden! The colours are wonderful. I ahve always been in love with cobalt blue and set against the emrald green, this is a stunning scene. One of my favourite quotesis "such stuff as dreams are made on" I don't know the author, but think it is particulary apt for your creations!

Spoiled Feline said...

Wow, the hat is BEAUTIFUL, I've always loved the combination of dark green and dark blue. I especially love the cobalt blue you chose and the little green stones!!! I must admit though that, that's the only kind of snake I would want to have around me :D

Have a wonderful weekend, dear Anya!

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

You are Magic Fairy,dearest Anya,it´s realy,realy what I mean:-)*

It's a little bit strange may be,but when i read your post,my heart like as a''slow growing tree''...At first:curious,than:excited...and finely:your dreams coming true!!!

You can making absolutely mistery,my beautiful,beautiful Anya,not only with a talling of wonderful stories and dreams,but especially with a handmade creations of your dreams...

And now,I try to find most enchanted words by,because I would LOVE to say you,HOW fantastic,dreamly exquisitely and breathtaking great is your designs!!!
What an WORK,my Godness...all little leaves looks SO unbeliveble nice and how much work this is!!!
I know SO good that time from my childhood,when my grandmom makes beyond delish ''vareniki''with a strawberry or with a cherries.......endless joyfull time:-)*And also we going with my mom to the forrest and staing there for a lot of time,searching machrooms...

What an amazing colors combination,dear Anya,and the dress by your creation totally gorgeous!!!
Like your Dream World so,so very much:-)*

Thank you for your beyond lovely,kind comments by me,they always light my heart,my beautiful friend from this Magic Blogland world!

Wish you fabulous weekend

LittleRus said...

Stunning!!! This is definitely one of those hats that stops being just a hat, but becomes an object of art. :) Your fantasy is like a magic rainbow, Anechka, and the results are simply magical.
Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Rachel {Inspiration in Italy} said...

Oh, I can't stop smiling with joy that I have the privilege of immersing myself in just a speck of your life, a tiny droplet of your creative mind, and a small glimpse into the mind of a millinery mastermind. So much I draw from your inspiring words too. I think you are so right about the luxury of life which is to dream on....

I am obsessed with cobalt blue. I think it is so gorgeous, and I gasped a little when I saw the 2nd photo...the close up shot of the hand-sewn sequins. WOW, the time and work...I can't imagine! You must have stepped back when this beauty was complete and just marveled at the gorgeous end result. It is spectacular.

Much Love Anya! Have a lovely weekend.


gleenn said...

This hat made me remember my dream last night. I dreamed of a serpent which turned into a dragon. I was trying to kill it.

But this blue snake is a lot friendly than the one in my dream. :)


Have a wonderful weekend Anya :)

Daisy Reyes said...

your Majesty! I've missed you:)) what an amazing article and your new collection is as always, outstanding!!!

so happy to visit you again:))

Huge hugs,

Lee Duncan is HatStruck said...

I guess I could tell you how beautiful this hat is, but I think you know that--we know when we create something beautiful. This hat is like fine chocolate to me, very relaxing. It represents creativity, in form and in color. I studied it like a fine painting on a museum wall--extremely relaxing. Thanks for the inspiration.

Kate said...

So inspiring! Gorgeous, as always!!

Holly Rose said...

wow that is so beautiful you are so talented! The colors are breathtaking! Hats are so ladylike!

The Gossamer Tearoom said...

Dearest Anya,
Your story of the secret garden makes me daydream...! I love your imagination and the delicious colors of this post!

Wishing you and your loved ones a very happy holiday weekend,


Hope Ava said...

what a wonderful vibrant color! I can't imagine what patience you have to sew those are a credit to your art! And I loved your last post on veils...those long black veils covering the faces made me absolutely swoon! I also wanted to stop by and invite you to enter my first giveaway ever! Hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving Anya!

Hope Ava

Sweet said...

beautiful BLUE details...I really love the make-up and the style...pretty!!!


I am inviting you to join my Perricone and Orient watch giveaway

Jan said...

Serpents are not attractive to me - scary in fact.
However, transformed by you Anya into something magical & gorgeous!

lorenabr said...

Amazing as always :) I would wear it!
Like the post!

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Anya,

What an enchanting story of your Secret Garden and love the vibrant colours, the cobalt blue and the green are gorgeous together.
The photographs are wonderful.
Also enjoyed hearing about your memories going to the forest with your Grandmother to pick berries.

Have a happy weekend

Z--- said...

great pictures!!xx

NRC said...

These are divine and the colours look so good together!

Kat said...

the hat is more than beautiful! and i just love the text you've written! what a wonderful dream: wearing one of your hats and a dior gown ;)

Sarah Klassen said...

your work is just beautiful—not only do you create pure art—the best pieces of all in my mind—but your inspiration and stories are so fascinating. . . thank you for sharing this! I haven't been by to visit in awhile, I am sorry about that, and plan to visit more often :)

Hope your weekend was just lovely,

SabinePsynopsis said...

What a beautiful DIVINE creation, Anya! I have to admit I was just the same as a child (in fact I used to put on a long gown to and go dancing in the woods ;)
Childhood (and adult) dreams can be truly inspirational. xxx

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

Love your hats, of course, and love the imagine that makes their designs possible! Your posts are always a treat to read, love. I, too, used to create scenarios when in a wooded wonderland, playing with a friend of mine! Thanks so much for your sweet Thanksgiving wishes .. such a nice surprise. And thanks for getting back to me on a hat post ... I will let you know in plenty of time when I'm thinking of dong the hate post!

Haute World said...

So incredible - I love your story about the Magic Forest :) I can see all the hard work that went into this beautiful piece and even though I'm a little scared of snakes, I'm beyond charmed by the blue serpent!

Angie Muresan said...

You sure do have fun with your dolls! Love the hat!