Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Head Games. French Veils. Volume 1

In my opinion French Veils are just about the only perfect accessory with in itself. I often recommend French veils to those of my customers who feel a bit scared to wear a hat, but still want to do something out of the ordinary.
I, myself, love to add French veils to my every day look. It makes me feel chic. :-) My favorite combination is red lipstick and dramatic black veil - this never failed me yet! Not many of you know that French veils are extremely hard to find and today I decided to share with you several tips on the subject of the phenomena of French Veils.
My veiled Hats
As I mentioned above,French veils are very rare find at this point (unless French will decide to start producing them again). As a milliner, I find myself on the constant hunt for them. French Veils were widely available all over Europe until late 70-s. If you are lucky enough, you can still find old stocks of veils somewhere in France or England in estate sales or vintage shops.
Do not confuse French Veils with what is now known as "birdcage" veil available in large quantities on EBay and numerous other sites. Personally, I consider "birdcage" veils extraordinarily terrible both in quality and appearance.  It is always made of synthetic materials and have very limited color pallet.
French veils are always made of silk. That is exactly what makes them so beautiful and perfectly ageless. There are also countless designs in the patterns of French Veils and, of course, colors! This is largely due to the simple fact that silk is much easier to die that synthetic materials. The difference in the depth of the colors would be visible even to a child.
If you are a lucky girl who found beautiful French Veil remember that veils do not like to be ironed. The chance of the damage is to high. Instead, I recommend steaming. Simple tea pot would be more than enough: just hold your veil for a few seconds over the steam. :-)
I absolutely adore this French Veils on the models of the Lanvin for H&M (photographed by very talented Tommy Ton ) show - perfect example of how French veils should be worn!
I firmly believe that it is impossible to argue with a girl who wears French Veil. She gets absolutely everything! Even the golden star from the sky. :-)
Veils must be stored in the dark. I also recommend storing them between two pieces of tissue paper, this way french Veil will serve you a lifetime!
It is very hard for me to believe that another weekend is gone and another week is already here.  I will spend mine doing some renovations on my house and preparing for the Christmas Season.:-) And , fo course, Atelier! Busy time of the year for me. :-)


Rachel {Inspiration in Italy} said...


I read every detail and I plan to save this information!! I have always loved veils I am ever so in love with the look of french veils but I had no idea that they are always made of silk, how beautiful and luxurious!! The girl in the yellow in the 7th photo looks so glamourous and gorgeous in her french veil, and I can see how it would be impossible to argue with a girl in a French veil! It just adds an element of mystery and a very confident quiet power that I am so drawn to.

When storing a veil in the dark, does this mean that wearing it out in the daylight will slowly damage? Your knowledge of your craft speaks so much of your passion and adoration for it. I think it is so important and I am consistently stimulated by visits here...

Much Love Anya. ♥

Stilettostetico said...

AAaw Chère Anya to be totally honest I did not know that these (so exquisite) head's fineries were called "French veils", AND like you said can't help to imagine them flirting with a bloody twist of RED lipstick AND (short or long) gloves (worn with bare arms) to better "Femme Fatalize" the Allure . . .

à Bientôt, Antoine

Lee Duncan is HatStruck said...

Thanks Anya. I didn't know that these were called French veils. I do know that I hate the synthetic stuff. It seems such a waste to put it on a beautiful well made hat.

David Toms said...

Anya, what a wondeful post, you have certainly enlightened me in some of finer aspects of milinery. I was very surprised last time I was back in Australia when with two of my nieces we went to the races (horse) one day, and both nieces were impeccably attired for a day on the track and both wearing Fascinators!

Jan said...

Thank you so much Anya, I knew zilch about this.
I assume the real thing isn't scratchy at all (which is what I'd imagined a veil to feel like).
Happy preps!

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

I always learn so much about hats, and this time veils, from your knowledgeable posts, sweetie. Colored french veils, how very chic. The blue one is a stunner. Where do you even find one these days -- a lucky find in a vintage shop perhaps?

Thank you, darling, for stopping by Tiffany's post and, of course, she did leave you a little love note in reply! xoxo

Beach House Living said...

Thank you for this information. I had no idea French veils were made of silk. It will make me treasure my little vintage veiled hats even more even though I'm sure not all have silk veils.

When I was a little girl my mother had quite a collection of them and how I wish they were still around.
Some were very long made of beautiful laces.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Spoiled Feline said...

French veils are so beautiful!
And the one worn by the model in the Lanvin collection for H&M yellow dress looks really nice (which by the way is the only dress I like so far from the H&M collection), and her lips look nice too. I particularly like the ones you made, especially the blue feathered one, it is so elegant it's like a beautiful peacock . My aunt used to have a beautiful dark green velvety hat with black veil, I wonder if she still has it, it looked so beautiful on her!!! It made her beautiful green catty eyes stand out even more beyond the veil :)
Enjoy decorating your home for Christmas!
Lots of kisses, dear Anya!

Dustjacket Attic said...

I always learn something from you darling, this was just fabulous.

I adore the photo's you choose for the post too and your creations look glorious.

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Vash novij post,milaya,dorogaya Anya,daet po4ystvovat priblizenie Rozdestva I Novogo goda...
Takix tainstvennix i nepovtorimix minyt v gody:-)*

Franzyzskaja vyal...daze zvy4it kak-to magi4eski i skazo4no,neverojatno zavorazivaiut Vashi shliapki s vyaliami!!!

Mogy sebe predstavit,naskolko zagryzen Vash den,dorogaya Anya,
Ot vsego serdza zelaiu Vam yda4i:-)))*

Spasibo ogromnoe Vam za velikolepnij post,

Iskrenne,s luboviy i yvazeniem,
Vahsa Violetta***

Talking with Tami said...

OMG your veiled hats are so beautiful! You are very talented I own a couple of vintage ones but nothing like yours wow! Kudos!

Angie Muresan said...

French veils are so sexy and alluring. I remember when they were all the rage back when I was a child.

Happy Thanksgiving, Anya dear. I hope the holiday is one you'll treasure and remember for years to come. Love and hugs, dear you.

lorenabr said...

It is amazing how this veil can transform you! It looks amazing and it makes you look mysterious! In deed it is hard to find lately and here in NZ way harder!!!! I was trying to look for a few m here to style up my flowers.... no luck so far!
Lovely post as always!

Pratishtha Durga said...

Wonderful post, Anya! Love every picture.
Yes, the veils add so much to a woman's allure. I find them truly fascinating. A veil looks so sensuous even with lingerie! I would never have thought of that. I especially love the white one in the second last picture. Absolutely stunning!

Maggi said...

How interesting, I never knew the difference before. lol I just love veils on hats and hair accessories, it always adds that perfect touch of drama!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Anya,

I loved reading your post today ~the photographs you shared are just beautiful.
Silk lace and tulle is always so much nicer than synthetic.
I have often bought vintage millinery lace and flowers from a place online called Dolls and Lace.

Happy Thanksgiving

KcomeKarolina said...

L O V E french veils! they're soooo sexy! love this blue on!
i just bumped into your blog! love it!


classiq said...

chic and romantic!

Kat said...

thank you so much! i wish you a wonderful last-november-sunday too :)
i had such a stressful week, i hope the next ones will be better ;)
i really adore traditional spanish veils like the ones that chanel iman and julia stegner wear.

Holly Rose said...

There is something so classy, sexy & sophisticated about veils! I now have an inclination to wear hats, thanks to you!! =)