Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rrrrrrrr! MEOW! Look At My New Paws! :-)

 Animal prints!? Me? - NEVER! Despite the fact that I have been born in a year of a Tiger under the sign of a Leo, I have never developed any taste for animal prints. I always thought that animal print is an almost definite overkill because at the end all you remember is print itself, not the person. For this reason along I insist that animal print must be worn only in two instances:
 1. If you are a blue leopard sitting on this fabulous tree designed by John Galliano OR  (much more attractive option) - in very strict moderation and only in the form of accessories. I dare you to prove  me otherwise.:-)
 Having all of the above said, I must confess: I am absolutely crazy in love with my new leopard print platforms by Zanotti. I have been wearing them for several days now unable to part with them even for a little while. They are AMAZING!
 Sky high, comfortable and so chic- exactly what a girl needs while hunting in the jungle of Fashion. :-) 
 I am discovering this Fall  so many new transformations with in myself it is almost like meeting entirely new person. For example: I am now a big ice-cream lover when before I simply could not care less about it. I have absolutely no idea how did I manage to live my life without ice-cream!
 My latest discovery is chocolate lace - I am absolutely in love with it! Finally, I am able to wear chocolate all over me when before I though that chocolate is simply not my color. :-)
Wondering if you have any discoveries about yourself lately? :-)


Rachel {Inspiration in Italy} said...

Hello lovely Anya,

Your leopard print platforms are a vision of glamour and style! I can imagine they are very comfortable considering the platform heel I have found is one of the best for combining style with comfort...soooo chic!

I agree with you about animal prints...I think they should be only in accessories or just a simple peek of the pattern somewhere. I sometimes where a printed camisole carefully tucked away under a cardigan so only a bit is exposed. Too much animal print is certainly overwhelming but your shoes are ohhhhh so beautiful and just perfect!

I thought of you when publishing my previous post, as I was wearing a hat....however I am not so glamourous as to be able to afford a custom-made hat by a talented milliner as yourself yet, but someday someday!!

Have a beautiful Tuesday Anya!!! ♥


Jan said...

Generally, not a fan of animal prints either.
Chocolate Lace - certainly!
How on earth do you walk in those shoes Anya?!

David Toms said...

Lets see I am also born in the year of the tiger and that is about it for me. The shoes are fantastic even though I am usually not a fan of a wedge heel, they somehow appear "clunky' to me.

During the summer I discovered the most fabulous ice cream parlour here in Toronto that makes rose flavoured ice cream. It is oh so delicate an woderful.

David xx

Diana by Lagoa Design Studio said...

OMG... Your leopard platforms are exceptionally fabulous!!!
I've been loved platforms all my life:)


LittleRus said...

Oh, Anya, your new "babies" look absolutely gorgeous!!!! I've been loving them for ages, so I envy you, a little bit (i po-horoshemu :) )
Also, darling, please tell me where did you find a perfect chocolate lace?????? I've been looking for it for so long, to update my chocolate dress, but, since I am just a girl from the street, not a professional from the fashion world, I have absolutely no clue where those beautiful things can be found. And ebay only offers cheap cheap horrible stuff. :(

Sorry for keeping it super short, but I am trying to leave my pc alone after spending all day with it (my poor eyes! I need to ear some carrots...)

Sending you lots of kisses and a big hug. Hope your week is going well, darling.


Marina said...

I just love love love your Zanotti's gorgeous Anya ... you lucky girl! They are to die for.
Hope your week has been great so far.

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Leopard prints is today almost everywhere unfortunatelly...
I am not a biggest fan of and indeed,if it would be a little thing(bag or belt or scrafs...)than all look is very pretty!

That's mostly awesome detail and absolutely important ''thing'' in you warderobe!!!
This boots looks beastly great:-)*

And sure,blue leopard makes me smile and admire me so very much,what an gorgeousness,just absolutely talented mind work!!!

Wish you very good week,my beautiful Anya,

My hugs and much Love to you,

Beach House Living said...

I confess a touch of leopard print has always been a favorite. Now your Zanotti's are quite fetching unlike my boring kitten heel pumps even if they are by Christian.

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

FIrst, I LOVE HTL too. My powder room is Moulin Rouge from top to bottom and being near Chicago I have often enjoyed the nice collection of his work they have at the Art Institute. I have read a couple bios on him... sad and amazing.

2nd. I do love a bit of cheetah now and again, especially when unexpected like in the lining of a great coat... my "new thing" is Amaretto on ice. Yum.

San said...

Agreeing with you wholeheartedly on animal prints, accessoiries only or be a blue leopard (love this blue). Your shoes look fabulous.

And yes lot's of new things this autumn for me too. I'm finally embracing the elegant lady in me (though I'm wearing sweatpants and a hoodie at the moment, nothing better to write job applications in).

Biggest change to date: I now own rainboots with snakeskin print, I hate snakes and I always thought snakeskin is horrible, but I LOVE my rainboots.


NRC said...

Very nice, I want those platforms!!

SabinePsynopsis said...

Oh Anya, you are speaking to my heart, but first of all: What AMAZING shoes. I would probably wear them in bed if they were mine.
I could never bring myself to wearing the leopard print either, but recently bought a black-grey leopard print cashmere scarf and wear it ALL THE TIME now. I fear I might now go down the route to full-body-leopardess. xoxo

Hadas -I am your fashion mannequin said...

I have started to wear fur and animal prints and I never liked it before... (;

Talking with Tami said...

I love leopard its so mysterious and sexy wow!

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

I adore every post by you, as I learn a little more each time. Those shoes are to DIE for! And I bet you look marvelous in them too, darling! Oh my, what discoveries have I made about myself lately? Perhaps that I need a vacation! haha I'll have to think on that one, as we should always be making new discoveries about ourselve, shouldn't we? Thanks so much for your lovely comment on Violet's post of her interview with me and, as always, she left you a love note back. We adore you, sweetie. xoxo

lorenabr said...

Lovely post! as always! I discovered that I love red.... I mean I like all colours and now I wear red glasses red shoes lately :)

Kat said...

i must admit i don't like animal prints at all (but i'm weak, i have a leopard-print scarf ; and it looks quite chic combined with black clothes and my beige trench).

you know physalis? i lately discovered them and they're soo tasty, i can't get enough of them, ha ha :)

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Anya,

I am not a huge fan of leopard, have a little scarf that I wear sometimes.
I love your new boots, and they would look fabulous on.
I like the colour chocolate and have boots and a Chanel tote.
Icecream is so delicious and glad that you too are now a chocolate lover.

Hope that the rest of the week is happy

Haute World said...

I can't wear leopard all over. A part of me still thinks it's too easy to look tacky with this print, so I reserve it for accessories only (shoes, scarves). My favorite leopard print was actually the one Lanvin did last year - in the multi-colored design. I love the fact it wasn't your typical color which made it a lot more wearable. Love those Zanottis!

Maggi said...

Those platforms are fabulous!!!

Li said...

great post on leopard as, obvious, it's the main trend going forward into the spring. i agree w/ haute world on the accents w/ the print rather than allover, though almost always, i admire girls/boys who can pull off this print, entirely ...


Nicole said...

I've been thinking lately about how amazing it is that everything that has been big in fashion ALWAYS returns, sometimes just in a slightly different form, and sometimes pretty much as it was...
In the latter 70's, I had the most amazing leopard (not real!) spantex-like dress that hugged the body and fell all the way to the floor. I wore it with very high black heels and I will never forget it, as it was kind of a "reward" for starving myself...This was way before anyone even mentioned anything about "eating disorders."
Still, I sometimes dream about that dress, and can't help but think of it today, when I see dresses that almost look like an exact copy.

Spoiled Feline said...

Oh, animal print is not my cup of tea.
Anya, have you seen these pictures?



When I saw this hat, I immediately thought of you!!

I'm so glad to catch up on reading your posts, 'cause I saw that you've been posting things but I just didn't have the time to sit down and read them properly.


Dustjacket Attic said...

I adore your shoes, they are amazing.

I think that is so funny that you just love ice-cream now. Ahh chocolate lace...I like the name!

love DJ