Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Head Games.Flower Whisper .Volume 2. (+ The Winner Of My Fornasetti Give Away!)

 Starting the "Head Games" series I wanted to carefully consider every possible fabulous intermediate between the boring nothing and wearing an actual hat. In Volume 1  I wrote about the power of French Veil: seductive, chic and never out of style. Today, in Volume 2, I would like to tell you about the secret language behind floral headpieces. They are not as simple as you think they are.In fact, very far from it.
I do realise that the times of dress codes are almost gone and the terrible (in my opinion) word "casual" is now dominating our every day choices in clothes and accessories . I find it to be very sad. The more I read and introduce myself to the subject of the history of the costume, the more I realise how brilliantly beautiful were the choices of the women who lived long before the era of Lanvin, Lous Vuitton, Hermes...
Not only that, but how extraordinarily inventive and careful the women had to be to have an entire conversation without saying a single word once. She was able to say EVERYTHING just by wearing a certain combination  of colors and flower types in her hair. All this effort had, of course,one aim only - the heart of desired  man. What even more surprising, is the fact that every man was equally educated in the language of flowers and could read the floral message just as easily as the morning newspaper. :-)
Roses along had so much vocabulary that you didn't really need any other flowers to express certain things. For example: yellow roses in the hair meant noting but friendship. Coral rose - desire. Peach rose - modesty, dark pink rose - thankfulness, pale pink - grace, orange rose - fascination, white - innocence. Dark red meant passion. :-)
Roses, of course, were an obvious choice, but there are so many other flowers with so many other meanings, that adding a touches of them to the rose would spell out the entire sentence. Here are some of the meanings: apple blossom - better things to come. Forget-me-not - true love.Ivy - fidelity. Ambrosia -love returned. Queen Anne's lace - trust. Stephanotis - marital happiness. Tulip - passion, love. Orange blossom - virginity. Lily - majesty and Iris - warmth of affection...
And so, you see, everything ladies put in their hair had not only a deep meaning and  a purpose of beauty. It required a lot of thought. Today we are simply wearing flowers without giving a second thought to the meaning in color and  kind , our only objective is - to look fabulous! :-) There is nothing wrong with it, but I think it is always better to know the history of the subject before putting it in your hair.
There are endless possibilities when it comes to decorating your hair with flowers: from simple white Camellia to fantastic rose clusters- it is still a very powerful statement and one of the best intermediates I recommend to those of my customers who are still a bit afraid of wearing hats. :-) I just wish that clothes and accessories we wear today had more mystery and ultimate power, more intrigue, I suppose. :-)
The best flowers I would recommend is the ones made out of silk and by hand only. I would give the golden crown of the best flower makers in the industry to french flower making dynasty I had a privilege to work with - Maison Legeron. A while ago I did a Post on them explaining every single reason as to why Legeron is the only Atelier capable of creating true flower masterpieces. :-) Very expensive? Yes. But it will last you forever!
At last, it is my great pleasure to announce the winner of my Fornasetti "Read My Lips" Giveaway. :-) The lucky winner is David Toms of fantastic Blog Savoir Faire. Congratulations David!!! Please, contact me with your shipping address at info@anyacaliendo.com  :-)
Have a wonderful week everybody! :-)


Jan said...

How right you are that one should know the meaning - complications could ensue!
Lovely post Anya.
Congrats to David.

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Congrats lucky David:-)))*

Dear,dear Anya,

It's again one more touching and exquisite post of you!!!

Yes I am totaly agree with you about flowers in a hair...it makes you unforgatteble,feminine and in the same time absolutely unique!

OH,my Godness...HOW fantastic is those photos with creations of Christian Lacrois!
And your post about beyond fabulous work of Maison Lageron just took my breath away,truly...

Thank you SO very much for your fantastic,brilliant good post:-)*

Cheers and many,many fabulous wishes to you,

Rachel {Inspiration in Italy} said...


I'm sure I say this every time but your passion and knowledge for your craft truly brings me so much joy and inspiration! The world needs more people like you, individuals who care deeply about the meaning behind the art...the history...and therefore understanding the true beauty of it. I feel this thought could be applied to many things. I think very few people today want to give credit to the important people and events of the past, when it pertains to something that paved the way for the future! I have to tell you that I too am saddened by the casual attire of society today, especially in many places in the US. Eric and I talk all the time about how we wish that we could dress up so much more than seems socially acceptable, especially in California where we are from! Eric has actually recently learned from his maestro the importance of what types of suits to wear at what types of events, and certain suits are supposed to be worn at different times of the day even! So in that regard, we too are learning so much of the history behind the craft of making clothing as well as the "rules" that are so far forgotten today.

I loved learning from you about the mystery of floral headpieces. I am just dazzled by the fact that all of these different types and colours of flowers had such meaning and messages! It is so beautiful to me that a lady would say so much without even saying a word! I just love a quiet, confident mystery as such.

Congrats to the winner of your wonderful giveaway! Also, I just have to say this 5th photo here is completely stunning!
Have a spectacular week my beautiful friend.


Maggi said...

Congrats to the winner!

I love to wear flowers in my hair and admit to picking ones for their looks rather than any meaningful significance. lol Great post!

The Gossamer Tearoom said...

Dearest Anya,
I love flowers and have always been interested in their meanings! How fascinating the language of flowers is and how sad that we no longer listen to it. Your images, as always are so beautiful! Thank you for bringing your warmth to our lives!

(And congratulations to David for winning the fabulous Fornasetti giveaway!!)

Hugs to you,


Beach House Living said...

Once again, thank you for the history which I was unaware. For a time I wore fresh flowers in my hair about once a month, even to the office. It was always an interesting response.

SabinePsynopsis said...

Another wonderful instructive post. I always learn so much on your blog, Anya. Do you know that beauty spots functioned similar to flowers? Depending where the lady would put them in her face it would have a different meaning... Ah, the secrets of non-verbal language! xoxo

Haute World said...

Hello my dear... thank you so much for sharing the history of florals with us! I love how the choice of flower has a meaning and you're right... these days there's no mystery to dressing up anymore. It's such a shame that casual looks dominate... I find there are so few occasions when one dresses up these days. Even in fancy restaurants people were jeans now. Very sad... sigh. All these pictures and creations are stunning.

janettaylor said...

First of all, congrats to the winner!

Ooooh, flowers! Amazing story! Awesome post, my fave is that red rose! Gorgeous!

Stilettostetico said...

WOow and this inner (and uber exquisite) language of flowers deeply sounds fascinating (and uber constructive) Chère Anya !!! There is an obvious "neo romantic" vibrancy behind floral aesthetics, BUT your words highly tend to prove us that (just like a kind of impressionistic poetry) the palette of symbolic meanings is by far widest than I (spontaneously) thought it . . .

à Bientôt, Antoine

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Anya,

A beautiful post, the photos are all so gorgeous and loved the meanings of all the different flowers, thank you.
I love flowers especially the vintage silk millinery ones.
Congratulations to the winner of your giveaway.

Happy week

Lee Duncan is HatStruck said...

All I can say is, thank you. I believe in continuous learning, and I always learn interesting things from you. Your images are beautiful. I feel so awkward constantly telling you how great your blog is, but if it is, it is--a thing of art. Thanks again.

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

I love the thought that by putting a flower in your hair you can say something without speaking just by the color. The language of flowers. A sweet language, to be sure! Thanks for increasing my knowledge of hats, darling! xoxo

lorenabr said...

Lovely post :)) as always and the perfect pics that go with!

Marina said...

I always love visiting your blog Anya for a wonderful history lesson.

Wow ... imagine a world with less chatter and what you wore conveyed the meaning of what you wanted to say ... interesting

Oh and congrats to David!
Hope your week has been great so far.

David Toms said...

Oh Anya! I am so excited! I never win anything! I will email you with my details. This is a wnderful post. I think it very important that ladies accessorize with things that have meaning and a close to their heart. Flowers are a wonderful way to convey things and I love the original folklore behind such things. I am so glad that you remember the Film Mrs Harris, the book was equaly as charming!

Hope Ava said...

Wonderful informative post as usual Anya dear! I agree how sad it is that everything has become casual these days...even going out for a nice dinner with my husband I generally end up feeling overdressed! But headpieces are one of my favorite way to add that extra touch of pretty to an everyday outfit. Oh and I wanted to tell you that I got my first vintage hat last week. It is a lovely little grey wool cloche with white stitching, and I love wearing it around town to do my errands...it makes me feel very chic and business like!

Merry Christmas to you and your family!
Hope Ava

Lisa Loria said...

I have two amazing English books that were purchased almost 20 years ago from the Huntington Library here in So Cal. Both are all about the meanings in flowers and how the Victorians & "Pre" used them to silently convey meaning. I too have always thought how wonderfully thoughtful to put so much into not only what one wears, but what flowers one uses as well. Our "blue jean" society as I call it, so lacks the class of societies of yesteryear.
Beautiful blog and work!
Happy to have tripped upon it!

Kat said...

i've always been fascinated by frida kahlos hairstyling, she looked so beautiful with those flowers in her hair (of course i adore her art too ;)

it's such an inspiring and informative post, thank you!

Angie Muresan said...

All these photos are so gorgeous! Wearing flowers in my hair suddenly seems like a must-do.
Congratulations to the lucky winner!!!