Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Atelier Christmas Windows. :-)

 Yes, I KNOW! Christmas is almost here! Less than two weeks and I am only half way through my Christmas shopping/card signing/gift wrapping/party planning and million other tings. One of my latest discoveries is the fact that window dressing (and not just for Christmas, but year round) is almost like a second job. It requires so much thought and planning - I now have a new found respect for those designers who do it for living. :-) Today, as promised, I am posting the pictures of my displays. :-)))
 First window display has a vintage French carousel horse with the name, believe it or not, Matilda On The Run. The name is signed on her belly and did you notice? - she is wearing a fabulous hat! I have met Matilda in one of my favorite vintage shops here in new York. I went shopping for old perfume bottles and ended up falling in love with Matilda instead. :-)
 I had to make beautiful pink velvet hatboxes to make display more fabulous. Gold tissue paper and beautiful silk bows , chic little hats and Voila!
 My second window display is...yes! "Alice in Wonderland". I had so much fun creating it! :-))) This Cheshire Cat usually lives in Anastasia's room. :-)
 I even made this charming little cup-hat just for this theme.:-) Got a little bit carried away with details, but I still do believe with all of my heart that there is nothing more important than attention to every single detail.
 I hope you are all now in your pre-Christmas mood. :-) We had our first real snow today. I woke up to the white Winter outside of my windows. It made me feel so happy. I suppose you can take the girl out of Russia, but you can never take Russia out of the girl.:-)
 With my new Christmas windows I had a lot of people visiting me, including my very first youngest customer ever - little girl names Molly. She is 4 and she wants a very special hat "with lots of pink bows, lady bugs and one daisy." :-) Oh, yes, and a pink veil, of course. :-) With more bows on it. And "possibly some sequins, just a touch." Molly promised me to call with her final decision.
 I am wising you wonderful happy week!


LittleRus said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!! You can't even imagine, how much I adore your window!!! It made me smile and created a warm happy feeling inside. Matilda is a beauty and obviously has a wonderful taste because she picked such a chic hat! The cup hat is the sweetest! You should really consider creating a whole "Tea party" collection. Anechka, if you do, those cup hats and cupcake hats and some french pastry hats... and of course, liquorice all sorts hats... everything would look amazing and you sure have talent and imagination for it. Just a thought... :) Now I'll calm down a bit and wish you a wonderful week! Hope you are well and happy, my darling.

Me and Ossy sending you lots of kisses and a hug.

P.S. Oscar asked me to post a card to Little Mo the other day, which I did. Ossy would be very grateful if you could pass it on to your adorable Teddy Bear boy. :) xxx

janettaylor said...

Ooooh, just wonderful!


Insomnia said...

What a wonderful display, it really all looks like a big fairy tale.
С наступающим)

Jan said...

Wow! Fantastic!
Irresistible to passers by surely?
Please let us know little Molly's decision & post a pic maybe?

lorenabr said...

I love your window! Great job I wish you a great X-mas!

The Gossamer Tearoom said...

Dearest Anya,
Such beautiful windows!!! And, the long-promised teacup hat!!! I adore it!!! And I absolutely have to agree with your friend "Little Rus"! You should do an entire tea party range!! It would be wonderful!!

I do understand what you mean about window dressing being a full-time job all it's own, but yours have turned out so splendidly and cannot help but attract attention!

Wishing you a wonderful rest of your night!




Oh, such pretty pictures!! I found your site via Ooh la Frou Frou and I'm sooo glad I did! It's fabulous. :)

Irina said...

Anya, you are a magician! Window displays are so hard to do... Matilda is very lovely, I can only imagine what she will be wearing on Valentine day. Your cup hat is the neatest I've seen, and I've had my share! Though I myself specialize on fur tea sets hats a la Méret Oppenheim, first one made in 1995 in baby-blue plush fur, last one couple of years ago in long-haired fire red for the Red Hat Society lady...

Rachel {Inspiration in Italy} said...

Oh Anya, so much gorgeousness in this post I don't even know where to begin!! First, the wonder of your window display is just indescribable! Enchanting, magical, amazing could not even be enough to describe such fantastic beauty! Matilda On The Run is soooo fantastic, I too am in love with this vintage French carousel horse and the hat is beyond perfect! I am also melting over the pink velvet hatboxes and the impossibly fabulous cup-hat. Oh. My. Goodness. You are too incredible my friend.

How wonderful that you woke up to a white winter...it suddenly began to feel so cold in Rome right now as if it could snow again this year! Oh I also have to say that Molly is certainly one of the luckiest little girls in all the world...I'm a little jealous that she has the privilege to enter your shop, much less be a customer of Anya! :):):)

Happy White Holidays from Rome, and many many kisses! xxxx


VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Do 4ego ze velikolepno krasivi Vashi vitrini!!!
Stolko tepla,sveta i radosti tam...i o BOZE,kakie 4ydesnie skazo4nie shliapki krasyiutsa na malenkix poni:-)))*

Vashe virazenie:'' I suppose you can take the girl out of Russia, but you can never take Russia out of the girl.:-)*''tronylo menia do samoj glybini...potomy4to da,da,da,eto dejstvitelno tak!!!
Dearest Anya,
I'm happy to be a small part in sharing this special time with you..here in blog land!

Much Love to you and very blessed Christmas days!!!


SabinePsynopsis said...

You are doing such an amazing job with your windows, Anya. I once had a job as window dresser and totally agree - it takes a lot of work, time and creativity.
Honestly, I think I fancy Molly's hat, too. The girl has style!

Hope Ava said...

I am IN LOVE with your windows!! Obviously I am a great lover of all things Alice and I love seeing new interpretations...yours is exquisite! I love your pop up Alice and cards and your tea cup hat is to die for! And I love love love your carousel horse!!! I love anything to do with vintage carnivals, especially merry go rounds...I totally would have bought Matilda instead of perfume bottles! She is fabulous!!

Have a wonderful week!
Hope Ava

Maja said...

Wow. This is really magical! A true fairy tale :D Oh, can't you put a note with the words "Try me" as well? :D Would be terrific! And thank you so much for your sweet post on my blog, it made my day :D And, haha, do not wait with the exhibition 'til you're 80, for god's sake! X)

David Toms said...

Anya, these windows are absolutely wonderful.They are full of such inspiration and fantasy! I also found out that you collect old perfume bottles! So do I, i just love the mystique behind these old bottles. i also collect perfume ads etc! Have a wonderful weekend and thankyou for all your kind words over the last week!

Marina said...

Absolutely magnificent Anya!
Your window displays are truly inspirational.
I love all the themes you have chosen ... and that cup hat is un-bel-i-vable!!

Enjoy your blanket of snow ... we are expecting another dump in the next few days.
Happy week to you my friend!

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Anya,

How absolutely fabulous!... I love your beautiful Christmas window display. I especially love the gorgeous Matilda on the run and what a darling hat she is wearing.
Muck luck with getting through your list of things to do ~ I should be finishing off my cards.
Enjoy the snow and stay warm


BonjourRomance said...

Bonjour Anya,
Your atelier window are incredible, Matilda on the Run is wonderful, and of course the hat is perfect. What an artist you are!
I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

Simply Mel said...

Oh Anya ~
Your windows are exquisite! Leave it to you to bring the holiday cheer into every single beautiful detail ~ absolutely stunning!
I cannot wait to bring the crumb to visit your atelier ... I have a feeling she will want a creation of pink, sparkly and bows too!
Much love,

Angie Muresan said...

I am enchanted, Anya! How gorgeous it is! My little one is here in my lap and she keeps wanting to look at every single picture over and over. Stunning!

Kat said...

oh anya, it's beyond beautiful! i love that you take so much attention to every little detail (and i adooore alice in wonderland ;). how great is matilda? oh and your little selfmade hatboxes... gorgeous!

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

How FABULOUS are these window displays, darling!!! Such imagination and beauty! I LOVE window displays, find them endlessly intriguing, have designed a few myself for stores and know how much work is involved! Love the colors you used, and the hats are beyond gorgeous! Just like a fairytale come true ... as your creations ALWAYS are!!

Alison said...

Your window display is amazing and the photographs as always show it to its best. I want to hop on a plane just to come over and see it!

Merry Christmas to you and your family

Pratishtha Durga said...

Anya! It's like Wonderland captured in a window! It's beautiful. I am sure a lot of people came in to meet you after the wonderful display. I would have walked in too, hypnotized by the lovely details, and the quirky elements...

chateaudelille said...

Love those hat boxes, especially as you say they are velvet. I had an Alice in Wonderland party with my class but not as exquiste as your display. Maybe next time we'll design hats too! Fiona

Natalie said...

So happy to see that you have my Couture Christmas Ornament in your favorites. I created that Bergdorf Shopper ornament and it has always been a big hit.
I would love to send you the card to match, just because :)
visit me at www.nataliesarabella.com and email me.
Thanks again for loving what I do.
Life Should Sparkle, Fa La La