Friday, January 28, 2011

Impossible "Chiara" Hat. What's Your Shoe Story? :-)))

 It is my pleasure introduce you to one of my personal favorite hats by the name of "Chiara". Here you see part of the editorial for my "Secret Lives Of Dolls" Collection where one of the dolls trying on  beautiful shoes while everybody is asleep. :-) "Chiara" is very special to me for two reasons:
 First, because it was inspired by ultra glamorous IT girl named Chiara who lives in Milan and adores shoes just as much as I do. The second reason is the fact that the shoe for the top of the hat was designed by very talented artist Noel of Fanciful Designs. I had to add  a coat of silver shimmer to the color of the shoe and few more spectacular crystals to make the base of the hat and the shoe create one divine motif.
 Ah, this fabulous YSL pumps! I am still afraid to wear them out although my doll, as you can see, wears them without any hesitation whatsoever. She also wears my beautiful Chanel skirt I bought on Rue Cambon in Paris. :-)
 This hat required a lot of mechanical construction and wiring to make sure that the shoe is stable on the base. I have used  beautiful black silk velvet (exported from France) for the base of the hat, probably, the most amazing fabric I have ever held in my hands. It has a little secret - it sparkles at night, almost impossible to take your eyes off.:-)
      It went so well with this delicate crystal necklace by Alessandro Dell'Acqua.
 I have a confession to make: if not for the hats, I would, probably, become a shoe designer. :-) I have a sketch book full of shoe designs I hope to create one day in the future.
 What is your favorite pair of shoes in your closet? :-))) I, myself, would have very difficult time answering this question simply because I am deeply in love with every pair of shoes that I own. Right now I adore my new Nina Ricci pumps, but I know I will change my mind first thing Friday morning.
 I am wishing everybody beautiful weekend. Hard to believe that January is almost over.:-)
P.S. "Chiara" hat now lives happily ever after with the beautiful girl named Chiara in Milan, Italy. :-)))

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Atelier For .Chic Turban Editorial. :-)

 Here is new, fabulous editorial with two of my hats. Style Caster ( ) just debuted its latest fashion story featuring model Nataliya Piro, photographed by Joey D'Arco   Both turbans are included in my new Collection "The Secret Lives Of Dolls", but you have met only one of them so far :-) Here is another version in deep chocolate velvet. :-)
This shot is my absolute favorite: so elegant, extraordinarely chic. I loved the way stylists,Emily Finkbinder and Janice Chou combined nudes and light-browns with deep red. Natalia Piro looks amazing, don't you think?:-)
 I have been insanely busy this week, so busy in fact, that thought of skipping my usual Tuesday post all together . But as soon as credits for the editorial were in, I simply could not wait to share it with you. :-)))). Well,girls, it is official - Turban is THE hat to have for Spring-Summer 2011. :-) You can see the rest of the editorial and the article at . I am wishing you wonderful week. I am ,for once, wishing that Saturday would be here now. :-)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Falling In Love With Gray.

 This chic little boater was inspired by the gray accents of the interior of Atelier Dior. :-) I fell in love with gray curtains and rugs displayed in combination with white and crystal. Very elegant. The hat itself was not easy to create considering the fact that all pleating had to be done by hand. Knitted jersey fabric,in general, is great to work with unless, of course, it has to be pleated.Than you see tones of attitude. :-)
I often wondered why Atelier Dior chose gray of all colors? The answer was very easy: Dior insisted that  any color comes to life if set against gray background. Later, when I started to photograph my Collection, I realized how true this statement was.
 The hat came out even better than I had in mind: understated, beautiful, very chic. In addition, this little boater has a secret which you can easily see once you enlarge the picture: it remains shimmering gray during the day, but lights up with million sparkles under the light. Here you see one of my dolls modeling it. She is wearing Giambattista Valli coat and a beautiful silk rose brooch from Atelier Legeron. She is one of the dolls who got into your perfume box while you were asleep. :-)))
 I am wishing everybody snow white weekend just like the one we are having in New York. I will be working on new designs all weekend long. I am very much looking forward to a quite time one on one with my hats. :-)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Global Hat Invasion. Hats for Spring-Summer 2011.

Before another round of global Fashion Weeks will be here, I have decided to post a Hat Summery  of the hats presented by the designers from all over the world for upcoming Spring Summer 2011. Actually, the reason behind this post is the simple fact that I am completely exhausted to answer questions like: "Who wears hats any more!?". To this I always answer "People with a sense of style". And "Are hats coming back?" - to this I say - "They never left!" .
                                        Dior Spring-Summer 2011
I have noticed that I am particularly annoyed at those of my colleagues who happen to think that Millinery is a "dying art"  and that stylists and editors do not use hats that much. Do your homework, ladies and gentlemen!You really have to be blind not to see hats everywhere, including editorials, add campaigns and catwalks of the global Fashion Houses. I live the subject of Millinery as a "dying art" to farther discussion. I have many things to say to  those of my colleagues who love to play victims to their own inability to interest customer with the quality, design and craftsmanship.On the positive note, I know that those of you who love hats as much as a I do will enjoy this post tremendously. So, here it is :-) :
Hermes Spring-Summer 2011
Fabulous John Galliano Spring-Summer 2011
 Comme Des Garcons Spring-Summer 2011
 Junya Watanabe Spring-Summer 2011
 Rick Owens Spring-Summer 2011
 Philosophy by Alberta Ferretti Spring-Summer 2011
 Marc Jacobs Spring-Summer 2011
 Ralph Lauren Spring-Summer 2011.
 Jiles Spring-Summer 2011
 Etro Spring-Summer 2011
 Tao Comme Des Garcons Spring Summer 2011
 Ungaro Spring-Summer 2011
 Alberta Ferretti Spring-Summer 2011
 Giorgio Armani Spring-Summer 2011
 Marni Spring-Summer 2011
 Missoni Spring-Summer 2011
 Moschino Spring-Summer 2011
 Prada Spring-Summer 2011
 Viktor&Rolf Spring-Summer 2011
 Sonia Rykiel Spring-Summer 2011
 Vivienne Westwood Spring-Summer 2011
 Yohji Yamamoto Spring-Summer 2011
All photographs used in this post are courtesy of and