Friday, January 21, 2011

Falling In Love With Gray.

 This chic little boater was inspired by the gray accents of the interior of Atelier Dior. :-) I fell in love with gray curtains and rugs displayed in combination with white and crystal. Very elegant. The hat itself was not easy to create considering the fact that all pleating had to be done by hand. Knitted jersey fabric,in general, is great to work with unless, of course, it has to be pleated.Than you see tones of attitude. :-)
I often wondered why Atelier Dior chose gray of all colors? The answer was very easy: Dior insisted that  any color comes to life if set against gray background. Later, when I started to photograph my Collection, I realized how true this statement was.
 The hat came out even better than I had in mind: understated, beautiful, very chic. In addition, this little boater has a secret which you can easily see once you enlarge the picture: it remains shimmering gray during the day, but lights up with million sparkles under the light. Here you see one of my dolls modeling it. She is wearing Giambattista Valli coat and a beautiful silk rose brooch from Atelier Legeron. She is one of the dolls who got into your perfume box while you were asleep. :-)))
 I am wishing everybody snow white weekend just like the one we are having in New York. I will be working on new designs all weekend long. I am very much looking forward to a quite time one on one with my hats. :-)


Maggi said...

*gasp* This hat is DARLING! I love love love it! And it sparkles! *trois gasp*

The color is beautiful, gray is never my first choice but Dior makes so much usual! LOL Have a great weekend creating!

Little Rus said...

Oh I love her... :) The lil princess with sparkling personality.
What a beautiful piece, Anya! Also I simply adore the colour, which you could probably guess anyway since I've been in love with my silvery cloud and that Donna Karan collection since I first saw them.

Sending you a big hug, darling!


Rachel {Inspiration in Italy} said...

Oh Ayna, this hat is so stunning. I can't get over how perfect it is! It is simple yet so detailed, unique, elegant, chic and just EXQUISITE. How mind-blowing that you pleated all of the jersey fabric by hand!!!! It turned out perfection!!! The sparkle addition is also just magical. I love gray but never have I seen it look so beautiful. How true that other colours come to life with it....that purple rose is a gorgeous compliment in that amazing 3rd photo. It pains me that I have to see so many of your brilliant hats and never wear them. . . :):) I truly want them all, and would be a privilege to adorn this stunning boater!! :)

How amazing that New York has even more snow?? It sounds like a perfect time for you to work on your new designs! Much luck with them, I know they will be spectacular.

Little Rus said...

Anechka, sorry if I'm being a pain but could you possibly replace FashionTitbits link with Fashioned by Love, please? The link itself is

Thank you! Mwah!

Little Rus said...

P.P.S. Forgot to say.... That Valli coat is incredible!!! x

David Toms said...

Your boater is so gorgeous! I have a very softspot for boaters as part of my school uniform back in Australia was a straw boater with a striped headband of the school colours. All the boys wore them from age 6 through to 18, with grey serge shorts and matching blazers.

The grey that Dior used in his Maison de Couture was such a wonderful shade of grey, which was so very elegant.

Have a wonderfully white and wintery weekend!

Maja said...

Oh my, that is one dazzling hat! It's S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G, and to pleat in jersey...!
How's NY, do you have snow? I would really like to go there some day, walk in Central Park, look at all the fashionistas and visit your atelier! :D It must be wonderful to work in a such a global city!

Kate said...

Truly gorgeous.
Congratulations for being in Vogue- thats amazing!

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Milaya,dorogaya Anya!

This ´´Little Lady´´,your creation is absolutely PERFECT and SO,SO,SO lovely elegant!!!

And,OMG...this coat is a great ´´round off´´ for this completely look:-)*
Stylish details as ribbons and small laces...oh,beyond gorgeous,dearest Anya!!!
One word: ''PERFECT''Mis Elegance she is,fantastic design and absolutely wonderful work!!!

Wish you beautiful snow weekend,my dear,dear friend:-)*

Much Love to you,

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

What a GORGEOUS hat! And that little touch of surprising glamour of having it sparkle at night ... so beautiful. Wishing you a happy, happy weekend, doll! xoxo

The Gossamer Tearoom said...

Dearest Anya,
This is beautiful work from you, as always. I cannot get over the fact that you did the pleating by hand! I know it is very rewarding to see it done!

Wishing you a beautiful, serene, creative weekend!

Lots of hugs to you!


Love Hats said...

How devine - just a darling little piece.

lorenabr said...

Amazing as always!

Jan said...

Love that it shimmers and sparkles!
So, the snow did arrive.
Stay warm.

Haute World said...

What a gorgeous boater! The pleat detailing is impeccable. I also immediately got a sense of Dior from that. The Dior gray really is remarkable... I quite like it and agree that it brings out any other color. Gorgeous coat too!

Hope you're having a wonderful wintery weekend :)

Hope Ava said...

This is one of my favorite hats you have created Anya! It is so sweet and flirty and elegant all at once! I love that grey (grey is one of my all time favorites!) and I love love love those ruffles! I think this would make a gorgeous accent for a springtime wedding.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!
Hope Ava

SabinePsynopsis said...

What a beautiful hat, Anya! The sparkle at night must be wonderful, and what M Dior said about grey is quite true. (BTW, you can also use it in Photoshop to enhance colours.)

SabinePsynopsis said...

Aaahh, clicked away to quickly... Wishing you a lovely week and lots of inspiration. xoxo

Talking with Tami said...

That hat is too fun!

Lauren said...

I would wear that hat!

Angie Muresan said...

It's the kind of hat I imagine wearing to church on Easter morning. Absolutely breathtaking!

Kat said...

that hat is truly one of my favourites so far! it literally breathes glamour, sophistication and elegance. i can see how it shimmers softly, which is sooo beautiful because it's not flashy at all! i'll always be a fan of your wonderful work :)