Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Head Games.Jeweled Hair.Volume 3.

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 First, let me just remind you that the "Head Games" series in my Blog , Volume 3 of which I am writing today, is my way of showing those of you who might be a bit scared of wearing hats, that between wearing an actual hat and wearing nothing at all, lays an endless row of options. I call them powerful intermediates.
 Previously, I wrote about French Veils and Flowers as two very chic options to dress  your hair. Today, let's talk about jewels in the hair as one of most glamorous intermediates you will ever find! I have to admit that dressing hair with jewelery (and I am not talking about bridal hair) is always my personal second choice to wearing an actual hat. The history of decorating hair with jewels goes back many centuries all the way to ancient Egypt where elaborate hair styling has been one of the most prominent forms of adornment among both man and women.
 Hair in many different cultures demonstrated not only person's age, but also marital status and even religious believes. But even more than that - the way one decorated his or her hair clearly demonstrated social class and status in the society. This is where the main difference between wearing French veil and flowers as suppose to dressing your hair with jewels becomes apparent. Dressing hair with jewelry was always the prerogative of rich and noble.
 Russian Empress Elizabeth (on the picture above), for example, was considered to be one of the most beautiful women of her time and a leading beauty of Russian Empire. Many foreign princes hoped to marry her. Elizabeth was also known for her great love of dressing up. Nobody, not even ladies of her Court were allowed to have the same hair style as Empress Elizabeth. It was considered to be criminal offence. Moreover, only Empress herself could decorate her right side of the head with rubies, emeralds and pearls. The rest of the noble Court was graciously allowed to decorate the left side and not nearly as elaborate as Empress Elizabeth, of course.
 The women of Roman Empire were famous for paying great attention to their hair. That is women of a noble blood, of course. Blond hair were greatly admired by Romans and women often used walnut hair dye to produce the prized blond hair. Not only that, but women used to go to great length to make sure that the hair were properly accessorised:wire supports were used to create hair styles along with lots of jeweled hair pins , ribbons were used to enhance hair styles, garlands of flowers as well as precious jewels were thread into the hair. Jewels also were featured in tiaras.Gold and pearls were also popular as hair accessories and were used to create almost impossible hair styles. In today's world jewels, of course, are far more accessible and still make a great way to dress your hair. Weather it is a simple pin with a tiniest of  crystals or a brooch - what a great way to dress your hair up a bit.
Christian  Lacroix, in my opinion, presented one of the most beautiful ways to decorate hair with jewels: he suggested a ribbon of fine lace encrusted with crystals around the head as a way to incorporate jewels in head dressing. It became one of his tredemarks that set aside his divine Collections from the rest of the fashion designers.
I often love to wear crystal necklaces as a part of the hair style: one of my absolute favorites is wrap beautiful necklace by Alessandro Dell'Acqua made of crystal lace around my head.:-)
Do you have favorite way of decorating your hair with jewels? Well, if anything, the art of wearing jewels in your hair proves, once again, that there is a great history behind everything that we do and this exactly what I love the most about the Art of Millinery - it has far more secrets and surprises than one can imagine. :-)
I am wishing everybody fantastic week. We are expecting snow storm in New York - what a beautiful time to create hats!


VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

My dear,dear Anya:-)*

How much I LOVE history and history of Fashion is beyond intresting item,truly!!!

Unbelieveble great deatils from THEN...
I adore jewels in hair,it makes woman as a princess or a qoueen!
You look should be coming refind,chic,glorious and SURE,sophestecated!!!

How absoltely brilliant designs of Christian Lacroix in hair,it's just sometimes breathtaking,SO beautiful!

I like to were not so big jewels in my hair,but especially in the evening,when I make my hair lift up:-)*

Wish you very good week,my dear Friend and not so much walking outside with the snowstorm:-)))*

My warm virtual hugs to you,much Love,

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

What a beautiful solution whether you're afraid to jump in and wear a hat or not ... jewels in the hair add just that touch of mystery and elegance. Love the idea of your necklace, I've never tried that and it's a wonderful idea. A double life for our regular jewelry! Happy Tuesday, sweetie. Hope it's wonderful!

janettaylor said...

Love the 1st one!


Little Rus said...

Anya, what a wonderful post! Really enjoyed reading it, possiblyl because I am a bit of a magpie and adore a teeny tiny bit of sparkle here and there and also because of the history you talk about - I love learning new things about fashion and you are always a great source of information! I must admit, I haven't read any history book for ages and all I've learnt before seemed to be vanishing... Uhm... not good. :(

I wish I could see your pictures where you wear hats or beautiful hair accessories! You sound so glamourous...

Have you heard of Louis Mariette? He creates gorgeous jewellery head pieces, from very simple and sweet to full-on glamorous sparkle. I am sure you'd love something from his collection. :)

Anechka, I am wishing you a wonderful week and sending you a big hug and kisses, from me and Oz who is sitting next to me at the moment. :)


lorenabr said...

Your post is amazing as always... and yes hair pieces are just fabulous! It will always be there for the ladies who care!

Stilettostetico said...

Actually I can't help BUT see in this next to the head's (multi-faceted) play of jewellery Millinery's supreme quintessence / allegory, as a way to sublimate the Allure by adorning this One on a "material" halo of Preciosity . . .

à Bientôt, Antoine

SabinePsynopsis said...

What a lovely, inspiring post, Anya. For someone (like me) who is a bit afraid of hats, head jewellery is a wonderful first step. xoxo

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Dear Anya,it´s me again...

I road one comment to you from Little Rus and jumping to look at Louis Mariette designs...

Fascinated,Great Master piece work!!!

Cheers and love to you,

David Toms said...

Anya, what a fabulous post and so full of fascinating history and information! The jewels in the hair is so elegant and chic! Wonderful, wishing you a wonderful week!

Talking with Tami said...

I love sparkly hair accessories so pretty and adds a great touch!

Maggi said...

You know I love my hats but I never turn down sparkly hair! lol Fabulous post!

Jan said...

Gorgeous examples and so informative (as always).
Envy these beauties but not your predicted snowstorm!
Have a great weekend.

The Gossamer Tearoom said...

Dearest Anya,
What a beautiful post, as always! I hope your week has been a productive one, while staying in and warm from the snow. We had a lot of snow here, so that has been my week as well!

Please come visit on Friday, if you are able, when I will be previewing my new line!

Hugs to you!


Taj Acosta said...

Lovely and wonderful as usual! I love that last picture! Hugs dear -Taj

Rachel {Inspiration in Italy} said...

Hello dear Anya,

I am fascinated by this post and absolutely love reading about the history of head-adornments from you! I have a confession to make, the fact that I am completely hopeless with styling my hair. I have no talent in this area and just wish I had a personal hair stylist to follow my around every day! I wouldn't even know where to begin in the placement of jewels and beautiful hair pieces but I am so very floored by the elegance and absolute glamour it creates! Perhaps I can learn from you and apply this to my own life. I think it is so classy and gorgeous to wear jewelry in one's hair and all of these beautiful photos and information just dazzle me! Also I am so happy to learn about Russian Empress Elizabeth! She is the epitome of regality and royal perfection, and how amazing that it was a criminal offence to have the same hair style as her! This style is so gorgeous and seems every lady should add this feature at least once in a while!

Thank you so much for sharing your brilliant knowledge with us and I once again am impressed and inspired by your passion and knowledge of the history and meaning behind your craft...it is so important. :)

Have a wonderful weekend Anya!!

Kat said...

it's so fascinating, i always learn a lot when i read your posts and your choice of pictures is just magnificent!

well, because i have a jean seberg-like haircut, it's pretty hard to put jewellry in my hair although i'd love to.
but sometimes i wear a hairband with some "jewels" ;)
i think the bridal hair decoration is my favourite pic!

i wish you a wonderful week dear anya!