Friday, January 14, 2011

Mastering The Art Of Gossip Chic. "Gossip Girl" Twins.

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                       "Gossip Girl" Hat in Blue Designed by my Atelier.
I had tones of fun working on this two beauties. :-) And even more fun preparing wardrobe for the editorial. I named this hats "Gossip Girl" Twins and I think they are absolutely delicious!
Both of this hats made of yards and yards of pure Italian silk hand painted in divine watercolor roses in yellow and blue.I got almost high (yes, I know, I am a nutcase) when I saw this precious fabric for the first time. I even forgot how to breath for a second. I recall seeing flashes of the final design and even editorial picture. :-)
And it looked exactly like this!I decided that "Gossip Girls" would have to be extraordinarily chic: with fabulous bows, French veils and handmade silk roses to top it all. As you know, I am very specific about details. I think I spent twice as much time choosing outfits for the"Gossip Girls" than actually working on the hats.:-)
At the end I chose delicate twin dresses made of silk and lace, both of Antonio Marras Collection. One of the girls wore sequined Miu Miu pumps and the other wore pink Lacroix shoes. All of it I fished out of my own personal wardrobe which, lets' face it, helps tremendously when you are on the strict budget with production expenses.
"Gossip Girls" Twins are my hat toast to every women in every country on this beautiful Globe.:-) I always find it so endearing seeing girlfriends in Paris or London, New York or Moscow sitting at the tiny tables of the coffee shops, laughing, sharing and gossiping a little, of course.:-)
As a matter of fact, this is exactly what I am going to do this weekend with my girlfriends. :-) I have not seen them since last year. We are planning on shopping in New York and then dinner and Broadway play in the evening. :-)
I am wishing all of you equally wonderful weekend!:-)


The Gossamer Tearoom said...

Happy Friday to you, Dear Anya!
I love these hats so much! And of course, as usual, I love what you have to say about them just as much!

Wishing you a most happy weekend with your friends!

Hugs to you,


Lee Duncan is HatStruck said...

Lovely! My favorite type of hat--covered fabric hats.

Simply Debbie said...

Oh My! Oh My!
These hats are so STUNNING...
all I can do is cry
You have taken beauty
to a very new high
Your hats should be
worn by Royalty
who wave as they pass by
Your hats are mysterious, Romantic, and full of grace
How many yards of silk ribbon
do your hands combine with lace.......
drooling over your hats and much appreciation for the master craftsman....
I love, love your blog so much.
I would be honored to feature you on my blog as a guest, whatever day would be convenient for you
Have a Sugar Sweet Day
Simply Debbie

The French Maid said...

Anya, What a beautiful celebration of women and their friendships...and all through your stunning hats!
--Lee Ann

Maggi said...

Wowowowowow, these hats are FABULOUS! I would so wear either of them, even if I was just going to the grocery store!

Have fun with your gal pals this weekend! :D

Little Rus said...

Anya, I almost fainted when I saw the yellow hat! It's like "gimmi-gimmi-gimmi-gimmi-iwannayoutobeminesobadly" kind of reaction. :) You are so right, it's absolutely delicious and soooooo feminine... Oh, I am about to faint again, I think. :)
I also adore the blue dress and miui miu shoes. Can I come and live in your wardrobe? :)
And just so the blue hat doesn't get upset... I love her, too. Very much. And the colour is one of my favourite colours in the world. But I think because the yellow baby is more me, I get dizzy spells every time I think of it...

wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Love Accents Couture said...

Dearest Anya,
Forgive me, for having little time... I am leaving comments for this post and Head Games...your hats and dollies are "STUNNING BEAUTIES". Kirsten

Maja said...

Oh dear, these are true masterpieces. And indeed delicieux!! One can really see oneself sitting at an Parisian café and not being able to stop smiling because of wearing one of your hats. They're just fantastic!

Lauren said...

My favorites of all your designs!

lorenabr said...

They are just divine!
Make sure you enter my 1st giveaway!

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Dear,dear Anya!

You creations are beyond breathtaking nice,realy!!!

I like this very special blue color,and both of you designs are unbelivebly sophetstecated,glamourous and indeed,extraordinary chic...

Silk roses making your work so romantic and silk French veils,or my Godness!How much I like all these obviously great details,dear Anya!!!

Silk dresses with lace and these beautiful,super elegant shose...LOVE,LOVE,LOVE it:-)))*

Enjoy a wonderful time with your girlfriends,dear Anya!
Wish you fabulous weekend,my wonderful talented friend!!!

Many warm hugs and Love to yo,


SabinePsynopsis said...

Oh my, Anya, they are amazing! Which one is for Blair and which for Serena, I wonder... xoxo

David Toms said...

Dear Anya, After a very stressful day at work, then dealing with an very expensive and inefficient plumber, I have finally sat down to catch up, I open your blog and WOW! These would have to be my absolute favourite of your designs! The fabric is so wonderful and luxurious, reminding of some of the very fine silks that was used in couture in the 1950's. Now I will call them picture hats as I think this is what this style was originally called, and they tell many pictures and stories to me! They are wonderful an your styling! Words are not enough!

Rachel {Inspiration in Italy} said...

Anya, these hats speak to my HEART!!! I absolutely adore adore adore them, and I would feel completely on top of the world wearing them! I close my eyes and dream of wearing them around Rome in the springtime with a beautiful dress and pretty you have styled in these photos(the wardrobe is beautiful!)! Every detail of these hats is exquisite are amazingly talented and your vision from beginning to end of bringing these incredible creations to life is sheer brilliance. The theme of "gossip girl" is so fitting, I'm in love with everything about these gorgeous masterpieces Anya!!

I can't think of many things more fabulous than getting together with a girlfriend shopping in New York, dinner, and Broadway play...enjoy it for me!!:) Have an amazing time!

Haute World said...

What divine creations my dear! I adore the material and the craftsmanship! I also love the fact that you put so much work into choosing the outfit and shoes which are equally gorgeous.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Stephanie Green said...

I love your hats! They are so colorful and playful. I love playing with colors in my dresses and am so glad to see someone else who is not afraid to use color!

Hope Ava said...

Your fabulous ladies are just gorgeous Anya...I love the dramatic shape and the way they lend themselves to peeking seductively from behind them! Love your previous post many pretty sparkly things to admire! Bon weekend!

Hope Ava

Parisienne Farmgirl said...


You are a genius.

I would kill to wear one of those!

Love Hats said...

How devine these hats are. So pretty and so chic.

You have got to love a big hat....

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

You are simply talent extraordinaire, darling! LOVE everything about this! I too love the image of girls sitting at tables gossiping and sharing tea or coffee with a just so flick of the wrist. These hats are mouth-wateringly gorgeous and so perfect for a glamour photoshoot!! The only word I can think of is FABULOUS!!!! xoxo

Kat said...

dear anya:
first of all: i'm so sorry for my absence, i promise i'll be better! i think i just have to take time off from work :)

your hats are more than adorable and the lacroix shoes... i'm melting ;)
i really think you named them right, they are fitting the theme perfectly!
hope you had a great time with your friends!