Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Forgotten File. On The Set.

 Today I thought I would share pictures from the "Forgotten File" with you. This are the photographs from the sets of two of my Collections with all the wonderful, talented people who worked very hard behind the scenes to bring my hats to life. :-)
 My fantastic team of photographers Ed and Olga who were with me from the very beginning, from the very first Collection "Je Ne Regrette Rien" in 2008.:-)
 Model Tatiana is getting ready to be transformed into a doll for my third Collection "The Secret Lives Of Dolls."
 Ed working with my best friend and model Irina on creating the best shots for "Anna Pavlova" Hat on the set in St.Regis Hotel in New York.
 We had so much fun working in St.Regis between wardrobe changes,unexpected approaches, new ideas, make up changes, champagne and 1a.m. spectacular dinner.:-)
 Model Sara is patiently waiting for the dress to be, finally, fitted.:-)
 Charles, brilliant make up artist, is working on the model's make up...
 Wardrobe is all over the place. It gets a little messy, but makes it even more exciting. Here you see fabulous Cavalli skirt resting comfortably on the bed in St. Regis Hotel.:-)))
  Photographing "Anna Pavlova" hat.
 Photographing "La Parisienne"
 Turban practice.:-)))
 Fabulous mess in preparation for photographing the editorial for "The secret Lives Of Dolls"
    Working on photographing "Russian Winter."
 We always end up having so much fun, laughs and silly moments which, I believe help entire team get through several gruelling hours on the set. The photo shoots always go well into the night because everybody wants to make sure that we did the best job possible.
 My favorite shot of Ed at the end of the photo shoot in St.Regis.:-))) He is one of the most phenomenal photographers I know. You can see more of his fantastic work at http://www.zorzstudios.com/  :-)
 I am wishing you wonderful week ahead. Today I am working on "Dancing Horses" hat and looking forward to a nice dinner out with my friends in the evening.:-) I am also planning to have amazing Give Away posted really soon. Promise it will be a lot of fun!


Stilettostetico said...

Chère Anya, I (widely) vote FOR this way of showing us the concrete side of artistic creativity, so full of human consistency (AND must say that Irina conspicuously exudes Gracefulness from head to toes) . . .
ps: I warmly wish you an Excellent week too Dear !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

Jan said...

Fascinating Anya.
What a great team!

Simply Debbie said...

Good Morning Precious Anya,
They are a wonderful team that make the photographs come out so stunning they look effortless...much appreciation for your team and their loyalty to you.
have you met Iris Apfel...she fascinates me..I would love a signed autographed picture of her...her big jewelrey and glasses...I know she has to be an awesome lady...and what I have read about her, I know she must love you and your stunning hats. I went to your website and I LOVE THE HAT WITH THE EIFFEL TOWER CALLED ? I loved Tango Alone with the "stunning" Butterfly, Love Letter, and Bonjour with those gorgeous peacock feathers...
YOU ARE SOOOO VERY TALENTED...AS a matter of fact I would love an autographed picture of you surrounded by your hats...I would put it in a vintage frame by my inspiration board.
Simply Debbie

Rachel {Inspiration in Italy} said...

Anya, this is utterly heart-fluttering!!! I have butterflies just looking at these photos and reading about it, how extraordinary to be part of the photo-shooting for your spectacular creations!! Oh this is just magical... I sit staring wide-eyed with glee at "re-living" this fantastic event. Also I must say that Cavalli skirt is so so so gorgeous and your HAT to pair with it, I'm think I'm literally fainting....it's stunning. I can't help but admit to you I'm secretly dreaming of being here...and being one of these lucky models who have the honour of donning your beautiful masterpieces! :)

Your dancing horses hat sounds positively fascinating, I cannot wait to hear more about it. Your recent comments touched me greatly Anya, thank you for making me smile from ear to ear. Also I remember hearing about your pink scooter and I would think that very stylish minds like your's and mine must think very much alike! ;)
(although I can hardly place myself in your category...I only aspire to be like you someday :)

Many kisses my friend and have an amazing time at dinner with your friends!


Lee Duncan is HatStruck said...

So exciting!

David Toms said...

Anya, I am loving this behind the scenes look at one of your fashions shoots. All too often we only see the finished product (i.e the photo) without realising all the time and effort that was taken to achieve the photo. You have such a talented team working with you, and it is so nice to see them also having fun, which is a testament to you and your unfailing goodwill. Thank you so much for the insight into the creative process!
David Xoxo

Taj Acosta said...

Wow thanks for sharing! I love seeing the behind the scenes of all the creativity and passion! You are so talented and it shines thru the pictures ;) xo

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Milaya Anya:-)*

Boze moj,kak ze eto neobiknovenno vazno: model,makijaz,fotografia,stilist...Osobenno xorosho 4yvstvyetsa velikolepnij kontakt mezdy Vami i vsej tvor4eskoj gryppoj!
Atmosfera v rabote-eto pozalyj odin iz samix vaznix momentov i razymeetsa,nepremennij zalog yspexa!!!
Zavorazivaet sam prozess sozdania...
SPASIBO Vam za Nastojashee 4YDO!

Thank YOU,dearest Anya for the Realy Wonder,wich do you let all of us to see!!!

Cheers,Love to you,

Angie Muresan said...

I love behind the scenes glimpses, Anya. There's something so forbidden about seeing the process of production, that I find the details fascinating.

Thank you for your sweet words and wishes. They warmed my heart.

MissNeira said...

This is amazing!! I love the red

Miss Neira

MissNeira said...

I would love to write up a post on your collections! I just spent half hr on your website..true BEAUTY and CRAFTSMANSHIP

email me please! missmoda.neira@gmail.com

Miss Neira

Maggi said...

How neat to see some behind the scenes action!

Haute World said...

I love these behind the scenes photos! Thank you for sharing the experience. I've been to and organized quite a few shoots, so I know all the work involved, but I agree... it's also a lot of fun and such a rewarding experience. Looking forward to your 'Dancing Horses' hat!

P.S. Finally got around to posting my Galliano encounter ;-)

janettaylor said...

WOW! Great team, U are so lucky!


Katie said...

Looks like such a great time! The photos turned out beautifully. Your hats are works of art! I would give my left arm for one of those chandeliers ;)

Kat said...

wow! i love backstage stories ;)
the pics are great and it's so interesting to see how a picture comes to life!

Talking with Tami said...

I love the before and after fun times!

The Gossamer Tearoom said...

Dearest Anya,
I have been so busy with my projects that I did not see this post before! It is so, so much fun to see the "behind the scenes" photos! I know it must be hard work, but to be surrounded by such beauty must be just amazing!

Wishing you a fun and inspiring Monday!



gleenn said...

I can feel the vibe by merely looking at the photos, you have a really fantastic team Anya.

I love that even the mess brought by preparations still look fabulous in photos.

Have a wonderful friday :)