Friday, February 11, 2011

Walking On The Dark Side With St.Valentine. :-) My Atelier Valentine's Window Displays.

 Knowing that my next post will come only next Tuesday, after the Valentin's Day, I decided to wish you a very Happy Valentine's Day with this post. There comes a time in  one's life when sugar hearts, pink cupids and heart shaped boxes of chocolates, displayed everywhere, leave you feeling bored and  uninspired. And so, when planning for the Valentine's Day window displays, I decided to draw my inspiration from the novels of immortal William Shakespeare and famous 2002  "Romeo And Juliet" Vogue editorial.
 I have decided to name red display  - "Love Potion". The idea of being infected with passion always appealed to me: I suppose William Shakespeare would be the first one to tell you that intense Love and Passion are always key ingredients to the most beautiful love stories and the most disastrous human tragedies...
 I  had so much fun choosing apothecary jars for the displays. :-) I filled them with beautiful silk velvet and sating and added Lacroix brooches and loose gems to give it more sparkle...
 You tell me if I did a good enough job.:-)))
 This sapphire-emerald display I decided to name "Love Poison" - try a drop and be poisoned, surrender to the power of Love.
 I filled that blue apothecary jar with painted sugar and sequins and put vintage poison labels on it. It reads: "Lead Sugar" and "Corrosive Sublimate" - sound almost like a medieval spell!
 So, yes, this time I am waking on the dark side with St.Valentines. What a wonderful age to be in love. Happy Valentine's Day to all of you!


La Petite Gallery said...

Think your displays are fasinating.
The photo of Romeo, well he has a very great looking behind. Maybe it's the tights. I like your hats much better. Happy Valentines Day
wishing you success.


David Toms said...

Anya, I love your dark side of St Valentine windows! Great to see you showcase the Paris hat and the Serpent hat with the poisonous side! Conjures up all sorts of feelings about love spells and the such. The colours and other accessories you have chosen are wonderful. And yes nots let forget Shakespeare! Some of the greatest love stories and tragedies ever written, and a worthy choice for inspiration!


The Gossamer Tearoom said...

Dearest Anya,
This is just gorgeous! I agree with you, Valentine's Day can definitely include more than the pink, lacey hearts! I love your window design! And I see you have used one of your beautiful glass samovars in the display! Just lovely!

I'm finishing designing my Valentine party today! If you are able, please come by and visit on Monday (or after! You know my parties just go on forever!!)

By the way, did you see my Mona Lisa post on Jan. 27th? I had you in mind when I designed her hat!!

Hugs to you!


Katie said...

Utter genius! The apothecary jars with painted sugar and sequins, wow, I would have never thought of this! The poison labels are the icing to the cake. Love everything!

RSA Certificate said...

The blue/green poison collection is amazing! Simply gorgeous

Lee Duncan is HatStruck said...

Love your window designs. Happy V day to you and yours.

Jan said...

Good enough job?
I should say so Anya!
Fascinated by the painted sugar
(new to me.)
Happy Valentine's!

Rachel {Inspiration in Italy} said...

Anya, your alternative to heart-shaped boxes and cupids is pretty much the best I have ever seen! There is so much passion and intense drama to your Shakespeare-inspired theme, that evokes so much more of a deeper and more beautiful depiction of romance!! I have always been one to delight in engaging within the depths of human emotion, and to reach past the surface into a much more meaningful place. You always have such incredible and beautiful stories behind your work...whether it be your gorgeous hats or your spectacular displays. Your love of artistic beauty is beautiful to see and contagious! What a genius of a story you used as the inspiration for this Valentine's Day display...and the result is simply magical! I am also enchanted by your Love Poison display...the sapphire and emerald are so eye-catching! Your never-ending creativity is mind-blowing. I do believe that the dark side to St. Valentine's is so much more interesting, and certainly more beautiful as I have witnessed by your display!!

Happy Valentine's Day to you Anya, I hope it is filled with an abundance romance and joy my friend!!!
tanti baci! xxxx

classiq said...

Hi, Anya! First of all I'd like to thank you so much for your lovely comment you left on my blog. I'm so glad you like it.:)
I absolutely love your window displays, it's such a beautifully unique approach on Valentine's Day. Although I don't celebrate Valentine's Day (we did import this holiday, though we have a holiday of our own of similar significance on the 24th of February), I admire full-heartedly your original and inspiring work. Have a wonderful weekend!

La Petite Gallery said...

Beautiful post. came back for a second look at everything including his buns. lol


gleenn said...

Very creative displays. I love that you incorporated those books, it makes me feel very at home whenever I books.

Happy valentine's Anya. :)

Haute World said...

What gorgeous decorations my dear! I love them all and the unique touches you gave each one. I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day :)

Kat said...

i like the fact that you decorated your window display so different from all the other valentine's day inspired ones. it turned out beautiful, dramatic and full of feeling!

Talking with Tami said...

Happy Valentine's Day Anya! xoxo

The Gossamer Tearoom said...

Dearest Anya!
So, so happy to see you at the party at The Tearoom so early!! You asked to sit next to me and you were the first guest!!! Perfect!

I had so much fun setting it all up and selecting everything and am so happy that it added a bit of spark to your day! Our day is grey as well, but I see some breaks in the clouds, which I hope will widen into warm sunshine!

I received an e-mail from my Dear Friend Marie-France in Paris this morning, who reminded me that soon the daffodils will be in bloom, so I will pass the cheery thought on to you!

Wishing you a wonderful, romantic and inspired Valentine's Day, Dear Anya!



Joanna said...

Love the window display. It's so inspiring and gorgeous. Your hats fit in perfectly with the display.

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

Your work is inspiring and creative and intriguing ... whether it's in one of your beautiful hat creations or in your windows! So rich in detail and deliciousness. Thank you for sharing with us, darling, and for stopping by the blog. Happy Happy Happy Valentine's Day to my lovely blogger buddy!


Anya dear!

thank you SO MUCH FOR YOUR amazing words. Means so much to me - especially coming from someone as insanely talented as yourself.

So happy you stopped by so i could track back to your (mega inspiring blog) I am mesmerized by the hats you make.

Do you make hats for guys?

Happy Valentine dear!!



Slavica at Seductively French said...

I think I prefer the dark side of St. Valentine. ;-)

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Anya,

I loved seeing your fabulous window display. It must have been a lot of fun creating the passion and romance of the Shakespearean red display and the Sapphire- emerald look.
Thanks for showing us.

Happy Valentines day and hope that it is sprinkled with much love.

Style, She Wrote said...

Very inspirational images. Love the romantic pictures at the bottom! So pretty! xo style, she wrote

Pandemonium Boutique said...

What a fabulous window. Thank you for bringing even more class and style to Babylon Village XOXO

Angie Muresan said...

I adore those displays! So very romantic.