Friday, February 4, 2011

Wearing "Black Swan" Hat.

         Photographed by Ed Hafizov of Zorz Studios for my Atelier.
 It is my great pleasure introduce you to my new creation by the name of "Black Swan" inspired by Natalie Portman's haunted Prima Ballerina in  the movie "Black Swan". What a great, powerful, intense performance... I simply had to recreate my impressions of it the only way I knew how - by designing a hat. If you didn't have a chance to see "Black Swan" yet, I strongly recommend that you do. I will leave the business of writing movie review to the professionals and, instead, will concentrate on the hat "Black Swan".
 It was one of the most difficult,demanding, labor intense and mechanically challenging hats I have ever designed. At one point it had to be suspended off the ceiling so that I could work on the bottom part of it...But despite all of it, from the first stitch and to the last  it was labor of  shier love.
 I enjoyed every minute of working on "Black Swan", sculpting  the 3D  bodice, , wiring the upper extention of the bodice, inserting the core into the bodice of the hat, embroidering the bust line, making sure that everything lined in perfect proportion so that the hat is actually steady and wearable and light!
 I have used the finest fabric I could possibly find - delicate silk tulle, French silk velvet with a bit of sparkle, Chantilly lace, hand made silk rose courtesy of Legeron Atelier and French vintage veil and shimmering gold lace...
 The end result is beyond my most ambitious expectation and I noticed that "Black Swan" has an amazing effect on everybody who walks in my Atelier - people are immediately drawn to the stand and usually spent considerable amount of time just observing every single detail, often in disbelief that it is actually a hat!
 " Black Swan" is even more dramatic in person and I am already thinking of how and where I would wear it. :-)) . Looking forward to another Apollo Circle Benefit Ball next Fall in Metropolitan Museum of Art. It would be a perfect place to do something crazy like wearing "Black Swan". What do you , guys, think? :-)
 I have to admit, I got seriously carried away with embroidery and detailing - 4 weeks of production time! I felt like I need another 4 arms. :-)
 I am wishing you fantastic weekend! :-) I am loking forward to closing the doors and working all weekend long on the several orders. Nothing makes me more happier. :-)


janettaylor said...

How beautiful!

Have a lovely weekend!

David Toms said...

Anya, it is so wonderful that you can take inspiration from such a movie and really create something that is such a labour of love! This is breathtakingly beautiful and the workmanship, love, patience that you have put into such a hat is something to be admired. I am now just waiting to see this fabulous creation being worn! Now I do have to go and see the movie, just hoping that it will be as good as your hat!

Sorry I have not replied to your earlier email! Candle should arrive today. I am looking so forward to it! Thankyou soooo much.
David xx

Rachel {Inspiration in Italy} said...


First of all I have to say it is so funny...before I even read that many walk in your shop and spend considerable amount of time just observing every single detail, my first action was this very thing! I was so overcome with wonder and amazement as I gazed at the very first photo of this incredible hat "Black Swan!!!!" I wanted to take it all in....every last gorgeous detail, it is STUNNING Anya!!! The tulle and bodice alone just take my breath away, and the rest give it such an avante-guarde elegance!

I can't even imagine how much work this involved, and when I read that there was a point in which the hat was suspended off the ceiling I am just smiling with the knowledge that you are a genius at your craft. I know that you will do whatever necessary to complete your masterpieces to their grand potential. This gorgeous Black Swan hat is an absolute stunner Anya!!

I have not seen the movie Black Swan, but I definitely want to...especially now! Wishing you much luck and smooth working on your hat orders this weekend! It's beautiful to see your love for this art, you are an inspiration and give me hope in this modern day that there are still amazing artists like yourself, who take pride and joy in their craft! I must say, Eric tells me all the time that he hates weekends because they take him away from school and working on his passion. I think it is a beautiful thing and one day we too will hopefully have the ability to spend all weekend on the work we love. Thank you for being my (our) inspiration and have a wonderful weekend!!

Much love and kisses from Rome my friend! xoxo


Marina said...

I have seen Black Swan the movie, and was completely mesmerized by it ... but Anya, your 'beauty' is absolutely breathtaking!
At first glance, I thought you had changed professions (especially after you wrote about wanting to be a fashion designer,as your second option), and that in fact it was a bustier.

I cant believe it is a hat and how delicate and light it must be to sit on ones head.

... just amazing!

Please model it for us ... we'd all love to see it on YOU.
You are the first person I have heard say that you dont mind locking yourself away and working ... especially on the weekend.

Have a very productive weekend.

Lee Duncan is HatStruck said...

Anya, I saw Black Swan, and from the moment the movie started until it ended, I was on the edge of my seat. This was the most intense movie I had ever seen--passionate! I can tell that the same passion went into this hat; it is lovely!

I can appreciate the handwork that went into this hat. Thanks for carrying on the true couture millinery tradition of hand sewing rather than glue gunning.

Oh, ware it anywhere, and it will be appreciated, but more so, by you....


Pearl Westwood said...

What a beautiful piece, you can see the painstaking work you put into it. I am yet to see the film but am really looking forward to it.

Pinkness! said...

quite possibly one of your most extraordinarily beautiful creations. Amazaing, and how I would love to see it worn! Love the post - always, loving your posts!! Elizabeth

Stephanie Green said...

Wow! I saw Black Swan and loved it! Her evil elegance is beautiful! Your creation is stunning! absolutely stunning! I would love to walk into your shop, if i ever get to New York. Unfortunately, I am stuck here in LA

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

What a gorgeous DRAMA and beyond wonderful Fantasy world is in your ´´Black Swan´´hat,dearest Anya...

I have absolutely not enough words to describe my feelings by!
That´s a great design,that´s amazingly difficult handmade creation!!!
And how much incredible,brilliant master piece is rhat,dear,dear are realy a big ARTIST!
If I done enlarge and looking to all deatils.I thought: Hou do you doing all these awesome deatils in your hat,hou making you all these work PERFECT?!

It's fantastic master piece,beautiful,talented Anya:-)*

Thank you SO very much that I can see it here in your post!!!

Have a warm,cozy,lovely weekend,

Hugs and Love to you,

The Little Fashion Treasury said...

Dearest Anya!

I thought I would be earlier at home but now it´s already 1.35 am but for sure I´m not going to bed before commenting on your "BLACK SWAN" post.

I know i said it before but to read your message made my day, today! Thank You soooo much!

I try to imagine how beautiful this piece would look at you.. wooow.... and yiiiipieeh yeaah to your Benefit Ball at Metropolitan Museum of Art. I can see already the pic of you at ;) ... and I can tell myself... yes, THAT`s beautiful Anya and I know her and I even know she called the at "Black Swan" ;)

Hugs and lots of love to youuu,
Me and Mietz!!!

Mwahh.. and meow ;)

Talking with Tami said...

Simply gorg,wow do you find that creativity!

Jan said...

I'm in awe (as always) dear Anya.
I haven't seen the film, but I'm sure you've captured the essence here.
Hope you get the chance to wear it.

Haute World said...

What an incredible work of art you created my dear! I loved the movie as well, and I'm tempted to go see it again tomorrow. I can't believe this is a hat either... at first glance it looks like a very intricate mini-outfit. I would so love to see how it would look like worn on you or a model!

And yes, JG was incredibly gracious and kind. I didn't speak to him, because I was too shy to disturb him, but I was at an exhibition on Thu, when he suddenly appeared with two of his co-workers/apprentices. They ended up walking around most of the exhibition at the same time as me and I overheard a lot of their comments. I will post about it next week probably, because I did get some sneaky pics of him ;-)

Love Accents Couture said...

Dearest Anya,
MANIFICO ARTISTICO!! I appreciated your real heart hardship in your workmanship of producing an authenic artful millinery. I have made hats for many theatre productions as example, My Fair Lady. You know exactly what scale of hats I am refering to.....all of them hanging from the ceiling as I am on-the-floor-working until completion. That was really "theatrical". Complements again!
Have a nice Sunday,

Kat said...

i've already watched the movie-it's great!
you really captured the film, what a wonderful piece of art! please post a pic of you wearing the hat :)

i'm wishing you a wonderful sunday, too! i worked on my "alice" illustration and had a lot of fun doing that :)

SabinePsynopsis said...

What an amazingly beautiful piece of work, Anya. As Haute World says it looks like a mini bodice - so intricate. I haven't seen the movie yet but am looking very forward to finally enjoying it next week. xoxo

The Gossamer Tearoom said...

Dearest Anya,
I have not yet seen "The Black Swan", but your hat has convinced me I should! Just amazing!

I hope your weekend has been a productive one. Mine has been, working on my new shop of vintage items!

I will see you at the tea party (and of course you may sit next to me! That's the beauty of virtual parties, everyone gets to sit just where they would like and eat all they want!)

Hugs to you!


Draffin Bears said...

Dear Anya,

I love your beautiful creation, Black Swan. The work is exquisite and would so love to see it modeled.
I have not seen the movie but it is on my list to see.
Hope that you had a lovely productive weekend and now I wish you a happy week, dear friend.


Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

Anya, you impress me beyond belief with every one of your hats! The creativity and imagination are remarkable and the skill and beautiful materials ... astounding, darling. The ideas in your pretty little head must keep you awake nights! xoxo

Katie said...

Ooooo! I love this!!! The amount of time you spent on it is quite apparent. Stunning!

Angie Muresan said...

This hat is exquisite, Anya. Yes! Do wear it at the Apollo Circle Benefit Ball. And then write all about it!

gleenn said...

you made such a great interpretation, Anya. I just can imagine how Natalie would look with this hat on.

I saw just the thriller so far. It has come in movie theaters here in Bangkok just this week. We're seeing it in Wednesday, can't wait!