Tuesday, March 15, 2011

In Love With Nudes And Reds.

Each Spring I find myself in love with one particular color combination. Last Spring, for example, I could not get enough of vibrant combinations of orange and cobalt blue . This time I am discovering the beauty of nudes and reds. :-))) Meet my very fabulous new skirt from Dolce&Gabbana in flowy nude silk you see on the top picture. It arrived last week and now I can not wait for a chance to wear it. :-)
I think there is something very delicate and chic in the pallet of nudes. My latest discovery is how extraordinary well combination of red and nude work together. To me it is almost like a clean canvas touched by red splashes.
Did I mention that actually wore out this raffled Valentino top and this turban to one of the parties during the fashion week and received tones of complements? :-))) I, of course, ended up with a fever next morning - cold weather doesn't really care for color combination. We are still waiting for Spring here in new York: coats, parkas, scarves are still walking the streets. Am I the only crazy person wearing silks and more silks with a little cashmere cardigan? Well, I don't mind!
What is your favorite color combination for this Spring? I am very interested in hearing your input on color since my new Collection is just about to transition from sketches and swatch books into the actual designs.I am always looking for a perfect color combination. Wishing everybody wonderful week ahead. Sending you many kisses from New York!:-)
P.S. All pictures are courtesy of Vogue.com. , Fashion Gone Rogue, Jack&Jill Blog and Anya Caliendo.Couture Millinery Atelier.


Rachel {Inspiration in Italy} said...

Anya you inspire me to no end!! Your creative mind always leaves me speechless. What an utterly brilliant combination is this concept of nudes and reds together, perfection! (also I'm quite smitten with your combination idea last spring of orange and cobalt blue.... i LOVE cobalt blue!)

I'm DYING over your dolce&gabbana skirt, Anya...it is gorgeous gorgeous!!! The photo of it with those white boots speak volumes to me! Amazing. Also adoring those wide pants, the pretty ruffle dress, and the skull shoes! Feeling utterly inspired, thanks to you! (well always...:) This year, I too have been sparked by a sudden passion for nude. The idea of red against it is something that I didn't have any idea would be so perfect until this post!

Warm temperatures are appearing in Rome, but Anya I must say that I am so much like you! I always "make spring come early" in my wardrobe and I really don't care what people say. (trust me, the women in Rome will not let me go a day without scolding me for leaving my "heavy coat" at home...haha)

sending you kisses from rome to new york today!!!


Little Rus said...

Anya, can't wait to see your new skirt! I love that editorial so much and have this particular photo saved on every pc around here. :) Nudes (I also call them "my neutrals") are my favourite and have been for a while, together with blues, greys, tans and yellow/orange AND I love red lipstick and nail polish, although I can't wear them on a daily basis.
Plus, this summer is going to be filled with white... I've got a few white shifts and can't wait to wear them.


The Little Fashion Treasury said...

HAppy sunny tuesday Anya!
Swoooon to red and nude!!! Such a lovely color combination, I truly heart the Valentino studded heels just to name one :) .. or to add the tulle pieces you have shown.

Enjoy your day full of sunshine!!!
We have a beautiful spring day here!

Hugs to you!

Talking with Tami said...

Im not a huge red fan but these pics look fab! I love a nude lip though.

janettaylor said...

Ahhh, I agree with Martina! I need a pair of studded shoes from Valentino! YAY! Perfect combo -red and nude with studs! :D


Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

Oh myyyyyyyy ... I just fell in love. Yes, you CAN fall in love with a nude skirt, I'm finding out ... that skirt is FABulous! Just a moment ... I have to sigh outloud. And I too love nude shoes ... these with the bows are divine. I bet you did look beautifully striking in your red turban and ruffled top during fashion week! Your inspiration and creations always inspire, Anya! Maybe if we wish together real hard, spring will come sooner. You ready? 1 ... 2 ... 3 WISH!

SabinePsynopsis said...

I totally agree, Anya, red and nude (or red and camel) is a genius combination. And I'm quite envious of your wooooonderful skirt - it's so beautiful. I think my spring basic colour combination will be green and brown - but just to add more colours on top. xoxo

Fay said...

hello Anya so glad thta ive found you
Ive awarded you the stylish bloggers award please see my blog 161 for details fay x

Slavica at The French Trove said...

I never really recognized this color combo. but from these photos I can confidently say its perfect! I don't wear red well, but I do nude. I'll have to try a nude dress with red shoes! xx Slavica

Pratishtha Durga said...

Dear Anya... I just commented on another blog with Nudes for summer theme. It seems that everyone is just loving this color. I just finished styling a shoot for which i used a lot of nudes. And nudes with red... Ahhhh!!!

I can't get enough of the skull heels. They shall visit my dreams tonight.

Rachel {Inspiration in Italy} said...

Hello again Anya!

I just stopped by again to say hello, and to let you know that I sent you an email today! No rush in your response, as I know that your beautiful handmade work keeps you very busy! :) I hope you are having a lovely Thursday in New York. ♥


VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Just a very,very inspirational and absolutely exciting post,dear,dear Anya!!!

I am also in love with nude color because you can making so much creative ideas with it! Combinated with red is beyond perfect,agree:-)*
Nude is mostly neutral color for to create your own style!!!
Do you have whenever try nude with soft lila(or violet)color?...or nude with a very soft pink and applegreen!
Oh,there are so much wonderful color combinations:-)))*

Wish you absolutely relax,soft and stylish weekend,dearest Anya!
Thank you SO very much for your visit by me and for your heartwarmed words to me,my dear,wonderful virtual friend:-)))*It's mean a World to me!!!
Much Love from Amsterdam,

classiq said...

Anya, your new Dolce & Gabbana skirt is simply divine! I love nude, it's sophisticated, feminine and chic. And it seems we see eye to eye when it comes to a combination I'm coveting this spring: nude-red, elegant and attractive. Two other combinations I have on my mind are yellow-grey and emerald green-white/nude. Wishing you a wonderful weekend! Ada

Haute World said...

Nude and red is definitely one of my favorite color combinations for spring as well! Enjoy your new beautiful skirt. I'm loving maxi skirts this season and the lightness and texture of the D&G is just divine. Those Valentinos are beyond stunning as well. I saw that Zara has already made a knock-off of them, but nothing compares to the original!

Kat said...

it's one of the most beautiful colour-combinations!

i adore the jacket in the 5th pic, it's so pretty :)

Angie Muresan said...

This is something I've never considered, but thanks to dear you, I LOVE. It is so refreshing and pretty!