Friday, March 11, 2011


"Be reckless enough to gamble all or nothing to follow your dreams"- John Galliano
I have been asked  many times what is my take on the disastrous fall of John Galliano. I have been also advised by the people closest to me to not to touch this subject  at all. Or, better yet, wait when general direction of the collective mind will become clear and follow it, so much safer. But here it is: I do not presume to have an authority to pass judgements or ask for punishment nor do I intent to do it. I have made far too many terrible mistakes along the 36 years of my life  to grand myself this right . Over the past two weeks I have struggled to reconcile with in myself  fast moving events at Dior. I have found myself literally devastated by the entire story , unable to work or concentrate on anything . Not good.
 I have arrived to the conclusion that despite the terrible words John carelessly spoke and for which he will pay a very dear price - he is NOT a racist and he is NOT an anti-Semite. If the art of Galliano is the reflection of his artistic soul, than I do not believe that a racist could draw inspiration for his magnificent collections from so many ethnic backgrounds. For those of us, who speak Galliano language, it is easy to see that he does not see the clothes he creates as a separate entity, divorced from his own soul.  His extravagant, fearless, outrageous Collections is the embodiment of his own spiritual being  extended to the undisputed heights of High Fashion. Galliano is responsible for not only creating History, he is responsible for creating entirely new type of woman - Galliano woman.
 With that, I want to say: John, thank you for the privilege of seeing your work and being a witness to the most magnificent Collections sent down Dior runway for the past many years. I wish you everything a kind good friend would wish to another kind good friend. I will wait for your recovery and return. I know you will reinvent your life in the most spectacular way and will come back. Until then you will be greatly missed. With much love. Anya


Taj Acosta said...

Spoken like a true lady. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, it's all so shocking still to believe. kisses -Taj

La Petite Gallery said...

I am confused. It looks like who ever put the make up on the models hates women.
I do like a few of the hats but the rest is too bazzare for me ugh!
Was the person in the Mauve hat a man?

lorenabr said...

Very nice posst! I had a short post about the Dior issue a few days ago and I did not want to touch the subject deep because I do not want to judge people that I do not know. All I have to say that like you I do not believe that he is a racist or an anti-Semite. It is sad what is happening and I will always remember his amazing collections! It is a big lost for the fashion world. It feels to me that as a designer myself we lost a part of history.
I will miss to be a witness of his art and I hope for the best!
Again, Anya you did a great job with the post. Pictures and words rock!

Jan said...

These are amazing images Anya.
As for John, well we all make mistakes.
This was a pretty bad one though, so Dior had no choice but to take action.
I blame alcohol.
Wishing you a calm weekend.

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Anya,

Beautifully said, and lovely post.
Thanks for sharing and I do think this man has a real talent and love what he does. Over the years I have enjoyed watching the Dior shows, the big gowns, the theatrical look and they were all so exciting.
I have a jacket by him and my husband has the newsprint swimming togs, which I am sure we will continue enjoy wearing.
I look forward to his return.

Have a happy week

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Unbelieveble news...but true,unfortunately,dear,dear Anya!

Thank you so very much for share your thougths and your feelings here with us!
Bizarre,extraordinary,exeptional talented designer John Galliano!!!

Such fantastic photos collection,my dearest friend!!!

Wish you wonderful,sunny(hope it there by you...)weekend,

Much Love to you,hugs

Little Rus said...

Milaya Anya, I loved this post very much. As far as the Galliano&stuff goes, you know what I think of it already and I am glad that you (and a few (unfortunately, very few, but nevertheless, few but special and dear to me people) believe in him... It gives me a special connection and connection often build and strengthens hopes for the best.
Thank you for sharing these gorgeous photos here. Don't you agree that his shows were so stunning the images could easily be used for editorials! Simply amazing... I particularly love pictures 8 and 10... I could frame them!!! So gorgeous...


Little Rus said...

Thank you so much for the link!!!!! I am glued to my screen right now... Such a wonderful opportunity to see his earlier creations in high-res. Some things are available on, but they are tiny and grainy - horirble... And now I am just going to take my time and enjoy... Thanks again, darling! You are a star! xxx

The Gossamer Tearoom said...

Dearest Anya,
Thank you so very much for the highly intelligent and heart-felt expression of your opinion. I respect you so much for this. I absolutely do not condone his words in any way, but it appears these things were said in "altered" states, for which he may be wise to seek treatment, assistance, perhaps even some form of spiritual guidance, of a traditional or alternative form. Art is often created by conflicted, complex and unpredictable people. I am with you in your continued support for his art. May he himself find a more peaceful path.

Wishing you a most happy weekend as well, Dearest Anya!


Angie Muresan said...

I'm torn on this one, sweet friend. It's easy to pass judgement, isn't it? While there is no excuse for what he said, I also know that we say things we don't mean when we are provoked. And if there is something in our lives that has caused us pain, lashing out to others is just a form of release. I hope he gets help.

Wishing you a gorgeous weekend! I can't wait to get the hat! But please don't work on account of me. Spend some time with your lovely family. Love and hugs across the miles.

Rachel {Inspiration in Italy} said...


Thank you so much for the lovely hello this morning and the invitation to read this powerful post! I'm so honored that you value my opinion and you know I SO very much value every word you have to say!

Regarding this, my father has taught me a phrase that has stuck with me throughout my life and I always remember these words, "Give credit where credit is due." Regardless of personal lives, mistakes, or even the possibility of malicious intentions or thoughts.... one must always remember to pay tribute to a man or woman whose mind is so far beyond even the largest scope of an average person. A genius is someone whose mind is at a level that very few can understand, and yet his or her work is respected and marvelled at beyond our scope. I think that Freddie Mercury of Queen was a man like this - the world was not ready for his creative mind. Mozart is another...quite the odd character in normal life but a genius deserving of marvel at his glorious works of art!

I must tell you Anya, that I will give any deserving artist his or her due credit always and forever. John Galliano was my favourite designer! Such incredible talent. However I must also say that I am a lady who believes a great deal in morals, and I have a great deal of compassion and respect for those in this world who have gone through massive amounts of pain that I will never understand. What slavery has done to so many in the States especially, and what the Jewish people have gone through is something that I cannot even begin to imagine. Regardless of alcohol content one has consumed, there are certain things that are so painful that you just cannot say. Only John was responsible for what happened, only he can face what he is going through. Unfortunately only he is to blame. But I do not think that he should be stripped from his art forever. I do not think his incredible works of art should be discounted. I do not think that he should become an outcast in this world and forgotten. I think that he deserves mercy and forgiveness. However Dior only did what they had to do at this time. They may have been trying to save their business but that is just the way the world works...the business world.
I hope for Mr. Galliano that he can get through this time, that he can learn from his mistake, and that this experience in his life can be turned to a blessing for him. I hope that he can use this stumble and move forward...and that the entire world has yet to see his potential because he will be back and inspiring us again.

I hope this made sense, because my mind is sometimes a constant wheel just turning and turning! :) Thank you for helping me to think Anya and for presenting some wonderful points here. I hope you are having a beautiful weekend.
Much love always,


janettaylor said...

Hi darling,

Oh, I am with you he is genius as it showed his creations and yes I guess he is not a racist person. His ethnic inspired creation - of course; the proof! I love him and I do not care...

Jean-Pierre MATTEI ( qui adorerait que tu lui laisses un commentaire, quel qu'il soit ) ( contre deux boîtes d'haricots rouges, et une souris morte ) ^^ ... said...


Magnificent words,
Magnificent pixs !

God bless You,
God bless Him,
God bless Us All !

Jean-Pierre MATTEI

Fay said...

wow Anya Ive just found you HOW FANTASTIC i love hats
have become a follower and subscribed and lookin forward to seeing more of you wonderful images fay x

Slavica at The French Trove said...

he's a true artist...with lovers and haters of his work.
well written and love the photos!!! -Slavica

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

We've all made comments in the past about something and regretted it later, so you're right, my dear. Better to not judge. xoxo

Lee Duncan is HatStruck said...

Anya, I really like you and I don't even know you, except through our blogs. You are an old wise sold, considering that you are so young. I've lived long enough (almost twice as long as you) to know that the most horrible and evil people are those that appear to be the kindest. Thank you for not following group-think, for being your own person. Thanks for stepping out on a limb without looking back to see who was watching.

For such a talented person that dedicated himself to his employer for years, it is sad that this man was kicked out on the streets, especially if he is indeed ill. He would have been better off if he had had a terminal illness.

Is Galliano a racist? I don't know. I know racists; the good, really hardcore ones don't do their evil out in the open. They are manipulators, caracter assasins, and bottom feeders. You'll find them with their followers, but their followers don't even know that they are follower, carrying out the racist's ill deeds.

It is possible to say disgusting things without hate or malice in the heart and vice versa. You are blessed that you have not lived a perfect life, an easy life. Things are not black and white to you. You are not quick to judge. This is a good thing. This is a life well lived.

Haute World said...

Dear Anya, what a wonderful post and I must say you took the words out of my mouth. I agree with everything you said and I'm glad that there are people out there who don't completely condemn the man. I don't beleive he's racist or bigoted, and I refuse to judge someone I don't know initmately, based on a mere 40 second video clip. I'm surprised so many do though. Maybe I'm biased because as you know I've seen the man in person and during that 30 minutes, I observed a quite, fragile man who was obviously in love with his art. People approached him, commented on his outfit, even asked him if his hair was real, and even though he was there on a private visit and anyone else might have been bothered by these questions, he always remained graceful, courteous and very polite. It was also obvious he was enamored with the Japanese culture that was exhibited. Based on that and his work over the last decade or more, I see a man who loves and appreciates cultures from around the world.

I will also add that his outburst wasn't just sparked by alcohol but also drugs. There's no excuse for saying those specific words, but most people who condemn him don't truly know the effects this combination can have (I myself have witnessed this on others). I really do hope he gets the help he needs and returns to the fashion world. Considering even his 'victims' agree he isn't a racist - that itself says a lot.

John Frantsen said...

Hi Anya,

Very nice post. I can only agree with you. Beautiful and inspiring selection of pictures...

Dash said...

Anya I applaud you for this post, I wrote a post during the incident published then pulled, which in retrospect was extremely cowardly.

I am Jewish yet despite his drunken ramblings, I do not think he is anti Semitic or fascist for one minute. The international press failed to report that a lot of his collections have been based on Jewish muses, hell only a few weeks before his fall his was channelling Modigliani an Italian Jewish painter, hardly the actions of someone that is anti Semitic.

I watched that dreadful VT over and over again, note it was sold I am sure for a large sum to The Sun, A dreadful British gutter press tabloid, they could have never sold it to the French press as there are strict privacy laws (quite right too).

I am not sure what point I am trying to make, I was shocked from the vilification from the fashion press, fickle or what, build em up and knock em down mentality. I think Galliano does have addiction issues and I truly hope he sorts himself out but I do not believe he deserved the pillorying from the worlds press. In fact the most intelligent remark from the whole proceedings was a comment in one of the British newspapers: "If I had a pound for every dumb comment uttered from a drunk in a bar, I could afford a Galliano outfit"

Sorry to bang on but I loved your honesty in this post.