Friday, April 29, 2011

Catherine And William.

All the happiness in the world to the newly married future King of England William Arthur Philip Louis  and his beautiful Bride Catherine Elizabeth Middleton !

Tuesday, April 26, 2011 + My Atelier = Flight Of Fancy. Hats Off To Kate And Will !!!:-)

 The Royal Wedding is just few very short days away. Are you excited about it? I am beyond excited and can not wait to see everything that is kept under wraps so carefully including, of course, hats. On April 22nd went live with the editorial "Hats Off To Will And Kate!" (click to see entire editorial) with the selection of 20 fabulous hats from the best couture Milliners and designers.
 I can not describe to you how it feels to see my hats next to greatest names in business: Alexander McQueen, Philip Treacy, Alexis Bittar and, of course, my beloved Stephen Jones. :-) It gives me butterflyes, just like the ones you see on the screen shot with Alexaner Mcqueen's hat. :-)
 The editors came up with funny, interesting comments which you can read on next to each hat. I believe that I have introduced you to all of my hats in this editorial but, somehow, to me, my hats look much more different when they become a part of the story.
 From what I can see, my "Louboutin Lover" hat became a center of attention as it was reblogged and "liked" over 40 times. Well, I love this hat too! :-)
 Thank you to the editors of for including 5 of my hats in this editorial. I am wishing all of you wonerful week. Mine is going to be filled with more hats as the work on my new Collection is in progress and, of course, expectation of a Royal Wedding. :-)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter To You! :-)

 I would like to wish all of you beautiful Happy Easter! I am sitting in my living room with a cup of coffee and see that the sunshine is everywhere. It makes me smile and makes me want to dance.:-) I will spend this weekend all by myself because my family is away in Boston for the weekend.Well, maybe Easter bunny will decide to stop by and keep me company. :-) I know I have been a terrible Blog friend lately and plan to spend my weekend catching up with everything.:-)
 You know, I used to love New York Easter Day Parade, but noticed that for the past several years it gets me very upset more than anything else. The tradition of proper Easter hats are almost lost or so it seems. It is very rare that you see beautiful hat which is always surrounded by the sea of ugly costumie creatures decorated with feathers and eggs and even chickens. So I choose to revisit my favorite Easter bonnets and hats in old stocks of Vogue where the tradition still lives and brings so much joy!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Knitting Confidential.

 Do you know the feeling of putting a great cozy sweater on a gray chilly day? This is exactly how I feel today. Sitting in my Atelier wearing my favorite sweater with a huge cup of coffee and wearing this hat you see on the picture below. :-)
 I rarely have days when I absolutely do not want to work and today is one of them. Where is the Spring!!??? I have been waiting for it since January, I am exhausted! ...and the Spring is nowhere to be found...Maybe I accidently landed in Iceland or, perhaps, somehow flew to Siberia and forgot all about it? How else can I explain the fact that there is absolutely no sun? :-)
 This little hat was actually inspired by the feeling that "cozy sweater" gives you once you put it on.Happy colors and lot's of doubt that anybody else will actually wear it one day. :-))) To make matters worse I received a call from my doctor with the results of my blood test which showed severe vitamine D deficiency. Normal person has to have it somewhere near 50, I have it at the level of 8.
 I hope some of you have sunny weather because I think I am sarting to really miss the sun. I love wearing cozy sweaters, but just for once ready to give them up in a heart bit for a beatiful Spring day full of sunshine. :-). Wishing all of you beautiful week ahead. :-))) And sorry for complayning!:-)

Friday, April 15, 2011


 Today I will wear this hat an this shoes. I think they are... lovers.
 This pair of nude Nina Ricci pumps with delicate Chantilly bows was a gift from Ray for our 10th wedding anniversary which we celebrated last week. Such a sweet gift, he knows me all too well!
 The pearl encrusted cloche I have created as a part of my third Collection. She travelled with me to Paris and after France she travelled to many other countries to all those girls who ordered it for this Spring season. :-)))
 You, probably, know by now how much I adore beautiful shoes. What you don't know is that every pair of shoes I own has a hat that is as in love with them as I am. 
 Yesterday I received a letter form one of my clients in Rio. She said that the day she wore the hat I created for her, she met her fiancee. He proposed to her over the last weekend and now she is ordering her wedding hat.  I smiled at the thought of my hats being small ambassadors of  Love.
 Wish me luck today.  I have another high top to climb and I am feeling a little bit queasy, lightheaded and a tiny bit scared . This industry has no mercy on people like me. :-) (Note to self: do not throw up!) Let's hope that this shoes and this hat is what I would later call "my lucky hat" and "my lucky shoes". Wonderful weekend to everybody!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

And Coco In The Box Goes To....

...the wonderful Jan of Race of Style Blog!!! Congratulations Jan. :-) Please, contat me with your shipping address at . Thank you all for taking part in my Give Away an don't forget that another one is just around the corner!I will keep it very short today due to the million things going on around me. I feel like an Alice falling into the  rabbit hole with hats, dogs, sick kitten, Atelier equipment, phone calls, schedule swirling around me while I hit every bump on the way down.Wish me safe landing!:-) I am starting to think that the rabbit hole is endless!
P.S. The image for this post is courtesy of beautiful Dustjacket Attic.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bow Addiction + Coco In The Hat Box Give Away!

 Three Collections later I keep introducing you to designs I created for my Atelier. Thank you for being so wonderful and supportive when it comes to my hats. :-) I have recently discovered that, YES! I do have a bow addiction. How did I discover it? Simply by looking through the images of my previous editorials. :-))) And it doesn't matter if it is a "Lady Gaga" hat  with a huge pink bow or my red "La Parisienne" or one of my hat boxes, I am crazy about the bows!
 It is time to admit that I am bow obsessed! Thankfully, this is the type of obsession you don't really have to treat and one of the most delightful forms of addiction.:-)  To celebrate this curious fact I have decided to run another fabulous Give Away.
 The Winner will receive this beautiful Chanel Hat Box filled with Coco's favorite scents.:-) In order to enter Give Away you need to tell me a) Which bow is your favorite? b) If you are following my blog on Bloglovin simply press "Like on Bloglovin" button at the end of this post  to like this post .If you are not following me on Bloglovin yet, press this button to follow and like this post :-).The lucky winner will be announced next Tuesday!
 I am wishing you wonderful week ahead! I hope you enjoy bows I have created for my hats in the pictures below. :-)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Iris Apfel, Editors Beret and Print Charming.

 First time I heard about Iris Apfel is when I stumbled upon the exhibition of her wardrobe in the Metropolitan Museum of Art several years ago. I could not believe that this outrageous, very forward, colorful wardrobe belongs to an 88 year old lady  that since then has taken the world of style by storm. As time was passing by, I have noticed Iris everywhere - in Vogue, In New York Times and even blown up beyond life-size in the window of Barneys department store. :-)))
 I fell in love with Iris and her signature eyeglasses and decided to express it the only way I knew how - by designing a Beret that I decided to name "Editors Beret". :-)))Here it is, one of my newest, favorite creations.
 When you look at Iris's wardrobe it becomes abundantly clear that life is far more fabulous if you live it outside the box. And to do so you definitely have to have no, not courage, you have to have very clear vision of who you are.Not only that, but also freedom of expression. And this is exactly what is so fascinating about Iris. While great number of women will be obsessing over trying to figure out if their conventional small little black dress is small enough and black enough and what size of pearls would suit it best, Iris, most likely, will have no problem wearing a necklace made of plastic finds – a toy calculator, figurines, a chewing gum packet (as she once did) combining it with her vintage YSL boots in brightest shade of blue or yellow or red .:-)
 As for my "Editors Beret" it attracted a lot of attention and I am happy to say in a good way. To create it I used an amazing fabric of Cecil Beaton Fabric Collection exported from Britain. The fabric with the most beautiful print I have every seen by the name of "Garbo's Eye"...
 As for Iris, I can honestly say, that I want to be just like her when I grow up. The only thing - I will, probably wear more hats that Iris does.:-)
 I am wishing all of you fantastic weekend. We are having snow today and I am still recovering from my terrible flue. Looking forward to a quite weekend at home - I am planning to spend it lounging on my sofa Iris style, responding to all comments and visiting my favorite Blogs.:-))) Always such a wonderful pleasure!