Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sweet LIttle Things On My Head.

 As I am preparing to sign off for the Summer, I have to say I am very disappointed in Blogger at the moment. I have so many things to say to you, but lately it is almost impossible considering how many things on Blogger are non functioning: not only I am not able to post when I want, but I am also having difficulties leaving comments among other things. I hope that all this problems will be resolved by Blogger fast.
 Today I have decided to post a small selection of little hats designed in my Atelier. Those of you who follow me on Facebook, probably, saw them, but I think to run this selection on Blogger is a good idea since I love keeping things in one place. :-) I hope you will enjoy them.
 This weekend Anastasia turns 16 !!! I still have very difficult time with this figure. Instead of the huge "Sweet 16" party, Anastasia asked for shopping spree + pink hair. Well, pink hair happened yesterday and Anastasia seems to think that as of now she is the coolest sausage on the block. :-))) I remember how at the age of 16 I also painted my bangs pink and thought that I am making a ground braking statement when,in fact, I looked like a little idiot.:-)
 Pink seems to follow me everywhere this May. I created several hats in pink, my daughter's hair is now pink and my peonies in the garden decided to be pink instead of white.
 And so, I am wishing you all wonderful weekend. Let's hope I will survive it with Anastasia's teenage friends staying at our house for almost three days.:-)))


Beach House Living said...

Happy Birthday Anastasia. May your year be magical.

Have a wonderful summer Anya...recalling your worst day ever story I have no doubt you will do just fine this weekend.

Fay said...

hi Anya I empathise with you re blogger its a Pain the neck !!!
love you lavender rose creation tres chic
enjoy oyur summer fay xx

Jan said...

Many Happy Returns Anastasia!

Anya, I thought the recent Blogger problems were now resolved - it would appear not.
It's really not that bad for a free service though.

Anyway, enjoy your weekend (frenetic though it may be!)
and your summer.

Jan ♥

San said...

Happy Birthday to Anastasia.

Lovely collection I really like the first and the red hat. They are absolutely lovely.

janettaylor said...

Oooh, Happy Bday to Anastasia! :)

Amazing hats as always, darling Anya!

Little Rus said...

I am really going to miss you in the blogland, darling, but on the other hand, I am glad that you've decided to take time off and give yourself some time to relax.
Happy birthday to Nastya!!! I am sure it's going to be a fabulous one and I wish I was her having fun shopping. :) So is the love for pink means that the red lipstick is going to be replaced with fuchsia? ;) Btw, if she does like pink hues of make up, Chanel summer collection is one to look out for, the shades are super pretty!

Wishing you a wonderful summer, Anya! But I do hope to stay in touch via FB or my lil' blog, whenevr you have time. :)


Lauren said...

I love your hats, as always!
Here's how to fix the commenting problem, at least for me anyways:
If you are running Internet Explorer, click on "Tools" then "Internet Options." From there, click the "privacy" tab, and then "sites." Type in and click "allow" and then do the same with This allows cookies on these sites.
I hope this helps, because I know I was quite said when I could not comment!

My Passport to Style said...

Hi Stylish lady, I have had problems with commenting too as well as a website stealing about 10 of my blog posts!Happy sweet 16th to your sausage your hat's look beyond delicous, congratulations! Have a great summer! Sharon xx

Stilettostetico said...

Ooh I think that trough its wide palette of possibilities pink shall never cease to express a certain girly soul, AND about Blogger's whims, actually I recently exchanged "IE" for "Google Chrome" AND now it works very well I must say ("imperfect geek's wink") . . .
ps: Happy "sweet sixteen-iciousesque" Birthday to Anastasia !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

BonjourRomance said...

Bonjour Anya,
Love all your hats, so gorgeous. Your daughter's pink hair must be quite something to see. Try no to get too frustrated with Blogger.
We'll miss you this summer, but I wish you a wonderful time off.
Bon week-end,

Jonna said...

Happy birthday!

Amazing hats! :)

Jonna xx

lorenabr said...

Love the selection of hats posted! Very lovely!
And Happy B'day to Anastasia!

The Gossamer Tearoom said...

Dearest Anya,
I have been so distracted by some real-life things here that blogging has become hard for me too. I will miss you so much this summer, but I do understand taking time off.

Wishing Dear Anastasia a most happy birthday!! I'm sure she is adorable with her pink hair!!

Hugs to you, Dear Anya. We will see you at the end of the summer.



David Toms said...

Anya, I am not really prepared for you summer hiatis! Story of Anastasia and her hair reminds me of when I was 21 and I dyed my hair shocking pink!

Rachel {Da Paura ♥} said...

Oh Anya, happy birthday to Anastasia! I am giggling quite a lot at your witty comments about pink hair & having her friends stay the weekend... the things we must do as girls, right?! ;) I adore the first hat here.. it is beyond stunning and so unique. However each and every hat here is stunning as well, and I'm quite smitten with the gorgeous white hat at the end... how absolutely stunning - I'm at a loss of words!

I love pink, and your pink peonies sound so lovely. I am sad to hear that you are signing off for the summer, but I do understand completely. Time is so precious, and you are a mastermind at a demanding craft! I too have had a lot of trouble lately with blogger. :( Hopefully when you return, all of the problems will be sorted out.

Much love to you Anya, and I hope you are enjoying the weekend... and surviving! ;)

Ashley Borysewich said...

the pink bow hat is gorgeous!

following you now :)

xo Ashley

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Моя дорогая,милая Аня!

Бог мой,как я хорошо Вас понимаю,что касаетса ´´розових´´волос и прочего ´´розового´´:-)))*
От всей дыши и всего сердца,поздравляю Вас с Днем Рождения Анастасии!!!

Как можно болше света,любви и близких взаимоотношений Вам с доченкой желаю!!!
Какие безумно великолепние дизайни шляп,Аня,дорогая!
Как же елегантна и талантливо исполнение,просто СУПЕР великолепно!!!
Абожаю белую шляпку!!!

С болшой любовю к вам и уважением,

Lee Duncan is HatStruck said...

If you don't have a chance to post again until after summer, have a wonderful vacation. As always, love your hats; happy birthday to your daughter.

rk hall said...

Beautiful! Beautiful! Just stunning.

xx rk


Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

So sorry you're having trouble with Blogger, darling. How frustrating. Love the pink flowers on the first hat, Anya ... how delightful is that topped off with the glamorous netting. Love! Hope you had a restful weekend ... will miss you so over the summer!

The French Mouse said...

Happy Birthday wishes to your little darling! Pink hair and shopping sounds like such a fun birthday celebration...have a wonderful time together. And such a lovely assortment of hats...I love the white flowered one so much!

I hope you'll have a wonderful productive summer full of time with family and creative joy!

Rachel {Da Paura ♥} said...

PS. I can't thank you enough for your inspiring email. I cherish every word!

Tons of Love.