Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Atelier For Vogue Mexico & Latin America June 2011. Tequila Soul Editorial.

 Today I am signing of for the Summer until September. And what is better way to do it than to share with you the joy of seeing another one of my hats in Vogue Mexico and Latin America, June 2011 Issue !
 The June 2011 cover of Vogue Mexico features beautiful model Kim Noorda and the name of the Editorial is "Tequila Soul", photographed in Mexico by Michael Filonow.
 Here is the hat! Editors decided to pair it with this magnificent Chanel dress: chic and million times over chic. The details on the sleeves of the dress is absolutely out of this world, I wish you could see it up close!
 The hat itself was a distressed, faded out and slightly deconstructed version of the hat you see below. The difference is obvious, of course, since the original has a very structured shape and bright colors. Nevertheless, it was an amazing experience to work on the second version of the hat for "Tequila Soul". :-) Thank You, Vogue Mexico for this experience!
 With this post, I am saying "Good By" to you and "until September" ! I have a very busy Summer ahead of me with Advanced Millinery Courses beginning just in a few short weeks. I have students coming form Australia, Russia, Germany - very excited about it. I will also be working on my new Collection and getting ready to bring it To Paris Fashion Week in late September. As always, I am looking forward to sharing with you every step of my journey when I come back blogging in September.
 I wish all of you fantastic Summer, full of color, sun, excitement and new beginnings. Enjoy the rest of "Tequila Soul". Sending millions of kind wishes to all of you from New York. :-)