Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Off To Paris + Fantastic Double Give Away: The Fluro Cambridge Satchel And One Ticket For Privet Viewing Of Daphne Guinness Exhibition At FIT!

 Yes, my favorite part of the entire Fall is here! :-))) Tomorrow I will be in one of the most beloved city of the world - Paris!:-)))I have been  looking forward to seeing Paris again ever since my last visit.
 So many exciting events, meetings, seeing wonderful friends, Paris Fashion Week  - trip to Paris is always so very special  to me. I will, of course, share every little bit with you as soon as I get back. :-)
 Today I will be packing my new Collection of hats and my shoes, of course, - we all go a little crazy in the City Of Lights, don't you think? :-)
 Oh, and one of my absolutely favorite things to do in Paris is visit  Chanel. I always end up buying a new bottle of Chanel perfume, it is one of the must do things for me.:-)  I  also have a very extraordinary event coming up during my visit, a secret for now but I will share it with you a bit later.:-) Wish me great luck!
 As I am preparing to go, I thought it would be such a great idea to have another fantastic Give Away to celebrate the most fashionable month of September! And what is a better way of doing it other than with a Give Away of the one of the most coveted bags of this fashion season - Yes! The Fluro Cambridge Satchel!
 It seemed to dominated fashion crowds globally, an absolutely must have and the "It" bag of the moment.:-)
 The lucky winner will have a choice of four colors, just as you see them displayed in the picture above. All you have to do is to leave a comment under this post and, yes, this Give Away is only for the followers of this Blog in appreciation of your support and friendship I cherish so deeply!
 The lucky winner will receive the beautiful Fluro Cambridge Satchel in size 11'' and, as I mentioned above, in choices of four beautiful colors.:-) The winner will be announced Tuesday, October 4th.
 Another wonderful item I am so happy to share with you is a ticket to the private tour of Daphne Guinness exhibition at the Fashion Institute of Technology on Thursday, October 6th, 2011 at 7 PM In New York. I have been looking forward to this event so much, but, unfortunately, will still be in Paris. If you are entering the Give Away for this ticket, please, make sure to note so in your comment under this post. The winner for this Give Away will also be announced Tuesday October 4th.
 This exclusive tour will take place at an hour (7 PM) when the museum is closed to the general public. Throughout the exhibition, guests will be guided by Dr. Valerie Steele, director and chief curator of The Museum at FIT, and a co-curator of Daphne Guinness exhibition. A private tour of Daphne Guinness will be followed by a cocktail reception (at 8 PM) at a neighboring chic gallery. What a fantastic evening spent in the presence of what is considered one of the most beautiful privet Collections of Haute Couture clothing and  fantastic creative crowd! Good luck to  all of you!                           
Photo Credits: Photodiarist, Vogue.com, Dustjacket Attic

Friday, September 23, 2011

"Jardine Des Tuileries" Hat Of My New "Les Enfants Terribles" Collection.

 It has become a wonderful tradition for me, starting each September to be able to introduce you to the hats of my latest Collection. So, this September, I would like to start with a Diva of hat I have named "Jardine Des Tuileries". One of the most beautiful hats of my latest Collection Les Enfantes Terribles.
 The inspiration for this hat cam from one of the most beautiful places in Paris, I visit every time I travel to France - Jardine Des Tuileries. It has become an inspiration to so many wonderful artists and writers, a home to so many documented and untold love stories through out so many centuries - every time I visit it I wonder about those who walked in the Jardine Des Tuileries two hundred years before me...
 The beauty of everything that is connected to this place for me became a hat. I thought of   Jardine Des Tuileries covered in snow when I worked on this hat. The idea of a sparkling beauty in combination with jewel toned silk and gemstone beading  became irresistible to me. I could see her walking  through the snow covered paths of the Garden, a little bit lost, lonely...
 I have a secret. Every time I walk through the golden gates of Jardine Des Tuieries I make wish - it always comes true a short while later. This Fall I am looking forward to doing the same. :-)
 I am wishing all of you wonderful Weekend and would like to invite you to stop by next Tuesday as I will be launching spectacular Give Away from my wonderful followers-readers. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Very Honest Post On How I Handle Rejection.

 For the past several years I have been living with an advanced thyroid disease courtesy of Chernobyl.All this time I had to live AND work with violent side effects of the disease. It took time, but I have learned how to not let it stop me. I feel the same way about the subject of rejection: it makes you sick but you have to push pass the setback.
 Last week, while attending one of the fashion parties, I have found myself in a funny, somewhat uncomfortable, situation: while one colleague of mine, whom I have met before, in a very obvious manner pretended not to notice me, the other colleague of mine, whom I never met before, but who, I am certain, knew my name, snapped my picture with her phone. She was standing only couple of steps away but thought I would not notice. She did not bother to introduce herself or ask for permission to take a picture. The entire display I thought was rather amusing.Really!? Aren't we a little bit too old for that? Apparently, High School never ends for some.
 This, of course, is not what I call rejection, this is more of other people insecurities. Rejection to me is always a life changing occurrence.I mean the rejection in professional life. The one that lives you absolutely gutted, destroyed and broken in pieces. The one that is delivered like a blow to the very core of your professional ego. With in the past year I have managed to have several of them.
 The truth is I always take it very personally unable to pretend that it doesn't matter or recover fast enough. Rejection takes you over, much like an illness and there are many dangers that come with it. One of the most obvious is  a danger of loosing hope and giving up on your dream and your vision. Nothing is worse.
 If you happen to go through something like this at this very moment, I have few words of advice for you: breathe! Keep your eyes and mind  on the original reason as to why you decided to choose this particular line of work. To me it is love for the subject of Millinery Art. Complete, consuming passion for the very DNA of my craft. I believe that passion like this sees the invisible, feels the intangible and achieves the impossible. + a great glass of wine and a cigar always help too. :-)
 In a moment of desperation I have turned to the comfort of great minds. Here is my top favorite quote on the subject by Theodore Roosevelt: - "Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure... than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat. "
 "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts" - Winston Churchill.
 Also one of my top favorites: "Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. " - Winston Churchill.
 Going through any defeat is a very personal journey, but if you would like to share how you are dealing with it I will be very grateful.
 Special Thank You to the wonderful Fluff Chance of The Emperor's Old Clothes for holding me together and not letting me fall apart completely.
Credits: Editorial Vogue US, Chanel Beauty, Editorial fr Hats by S.Jones and P.Atkinson.

Friday, September 16, 2011

BGC Scholarship Fund Gala In Honor of Stephen Jones. "Hats: An Anthology" Exhibition Is Finaly In New York!

 First, watch the video of the event!:-)    http://videos.nymag.com/video/Fashion-Week-Detail-Cam-Hats
This past Tuesday night became one of the most memorable nights for me and, definately, one of the highlights of NYFW this September. Bard Graduate Center held  a Scholarship Fund Gala in honor of Stephen Jones, an event followed by the opening of the glorious hat exhibition "Hats: An Anthology" by Stephen Jones. Yes, it is , finally here!
Wonderful evening full of beautiful, unique hats, eclectic personalities, champagne, milliners and celebrities.
Back in October of 2009 when I was preparing to leave Stephen's Atelier I saw bits and pieces of the selected hats that would later become a part of the exhibition in V&A Museum in London. I remeber wishing back than to be able to stay longer to see it with my own eyes. I can not tell you how happy I was to learn that  Stephen Jones is bringing it to New York!
Unblelievable feeling to see some of the iconic hats on display up close and personal: hats created for Dior Haute Couture, original shoe hat by Elsa Schiaparelli, hats by Balenciaga, Givenchy and many other beautiful designs made out of every possible material imaginable: from newspaper to chrystal chandelier pieces. I though the entrie Exhibit was so well thought through and so well designed: over three floors of fantastic displays creating a feeling of continuous magic. Bravo to the BGC!

One of the most interesting parts of the evening, becides hats, of course, was meeting  many creative, talented, extraordinary people who went all out following Invitation's suggestion to "dress up your head" :-)
It was wonderful to see Stephen in person again and talk to him, he is always such a perfect gentlman!
I have also met and became friends with the talented Aliona Kononova, who became a winner of the major hat competition announced by Vogue UK and Stephen Jones.
Here you see an extraordinary hat created by Aliona for this competition. Aliona has told me that the hat was created in just one day and photographed in the back yard of her home in a rush to get it entered in the competition. Aliona, I know you will be reading this: my hat is off to you! Fantastic job!I will be looking forward to seeing you in New York with in the next day or two. I still can not figure out the mechanics of this hat. :-)
It felt great to see again Stephen's fantastic team with whom I have worked in London. As I was leaving in October of 2009, beautiful Adele was just preparing to assume the position of the Head Milliner in Stephen's Atelier. Always with such an impeccable style, she is such a great pleasure to see. Adele, I have missed you and I hope to see you in Paris or London!:-) I promise I will try the duck dish just as you have adviced!
If you happen to be in New York I urge all of you to go and see "Hats: An Anthology:. Exhibitions like this does not come around often and when it comes to this particular one - this is one in a life time display of brilliant hats and in a nut shell entire reason why I have chosen to be a Milliner.Wishing all of you wonderful September weekend!:-)