Friday, September 9, 2011

" Masquerading Day After Day As A Normal Person Is Exhausting "! What Is On Your Inspiration Board?

 Every year, in September, we shoot editorial for my new Collection and every year I ask my phenomenal photographer Ed Hafizov to take several pictures of my inspiration board .This year, of course, was no different!:-)
 I always have small bits and pieces of things that inspire me: small art effects, notes from dear friends and fashion publications, images that captivate my attention with color combinations or simply a mood they create.
 I also love to have up on the board swatches of fabrics I used or thought of using . This years Collection, introduction to which I will make very soon, was based on fabrics rich in pallet and texture and although the Collection is done, I still love to look at the preliminary swatch selection to remind myself of the very beginning of the process.
 Few treasures here: Invitation to the opening night for "Anthology of Hats" and Gala in honor of Stephen Jones, letter from Mrs. Bailey Editor in Chief of Harper's Bazaar: "Dear Anya, Thank you for my glorious hat....", a beautiful post card from my wonderful student Elaine which reads:"Masquerading as a normal person day after day is exhausting!" :-))) So true!
 This year I seem to be particularly drawn to dark rich colors, combinations of delicate lace and heavy pearl and jewel beading. Images of glorious gown by Lacroix and jewels of the House of Dior seem to always accompany me.
 I can certainly feel the presence of the New York fashion Week! Too many events packed in a very short stretch of time :-) As I am trying out in front of my mirror my new towering wedges by YSL and Prada and trying to figure out how to survive this Fashion Week while wearing them, I wanted to ask you what do you have up on your Inspiration Board this  Fall? Please, share. :-)
Wishing everyone wonderful weekend and you if you want to see this pictures in larger resolution simply click on each to magnify. Sending much love from rainy New York!!!


David Toms said...

I have to say I do not have an inspiration board! Now I will have to get one! Yours is a work of art within itself! I am so glad you liked my post on Lilly Dache! I am not sure that I did the lady justice! And of course I was thinking of you when I wrote it!

The Gossamer Tearoom said...

Dearest Anya,
I used to have an inspiration board when we lived in Washington, but here, for now, it's a slowly-becoming-organized collection of things that inspire me in the room we are using as a studio. Currently, I am inspired by some of the items on one of the decopaged dressers that serve as a workspace: a photograph of the Eiffel Tower by my friend in Sweden, a photo I bought on Etsy of the window of Ladurée, some vintage crystal doorknobs in a dish and (can you believe it?), a card that says "Masquerading as a normal person day after day is exhausting."!!!!

Thank you so much for your visit, Dear Anya! I hope your fall is going well too! We are winding down on our weekly garage sales and I am looking forward to getting back to more creative work soon!

Hugs to you!

HailesHeartsFashion said...

My walls are my inspiration board; filled with Magazine cuttings, posters, photos, memories and notes. My room is like my little sanctuary for pulling myself together and the place where all my plans come together. I'm a photographer and a writer so everywhere I visit adds to my inspiration. Your photos are brilliant and love the theme of this post. Your blog is really brilliant and looks proffesional, something my blog is still lacking!

Hailes <3

Lee Duncan is HatStruck said...

Thanks for the visit Anya. I don't have physical inspiration board, but my mental board is crammed with ideas and thoughts of good will. That's why I'm up so early this morning. Thanks to an Opra rerun, I finally know in what direction I'm going, as it pertains to millinery.

Jan said...

No board for me either.
Totally agree with Elaine.
Have a good week.
& please don't fall over!

Rachel {Da Paura ♥} said...

Hello sweet Anya!!! I did not realize you were back, and I'm so so happy to see you posting again! I hope you had an impossibly wonderful summer, full of rest but of course plenty of excitement too! These shots of your inspirations are so beautiful. I too am inspired my fabric swatches! I also collect them and just group them together to gaze at them! Your new wedges sound so gorgeous too.

Much love & excited for many many more exciting posts!

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

I have a split room which is art and non-related business (the one that provides an income). However, the art-side pretty much comsumes the space as I have drawers and cabinets with ribbons, hand-made paper, glass beads, art glass, miniature welded chairs, art, books, mobiles, 500 or so Pez, candlesticks, pottery, art supplies, Crayolas and paint, photographs, glass rods, hats,... Anyway, you get the idea. Certainly a "board" would be a more organized approach, hehehe


Diego R. Wyatt said...

I am loving this inspiration board and the deep rich hues. This is such a great way to organize ideas and what a great wealth to create from!

Hope your weekend was spectacular!


VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Милая,дорогая Аня,здравствуйте!

Абожаю читать Ваши посты:-)*
И самое приятное всегда то ,что Вы непредсказуемы и неожиданны....
Ваше творческое пространство,если так можно выразитьса абсолютно всегда наполнено красотой,елегантностью,каким-то невыразимым,неподразаемым чуством стиля,фантазией!!!

Знаете милая Анечка,(прошу прощения за некоторую фамильярность в обращении к Вам...но не могу просто удержатьса:-!)
Заходя к Вам "на огонек"-в блог Ваш,я получаю такое естетическое и творческое и моральное наслаждение,что хочетса постоянно творить,чт-нибудь придумывать новое...даже не важно в какой области! Просто Ваше творческое и личное обаяние привносит в сердце радость,волнение и безумную гордость за Россию:-)))*
Быть может звучит ето как-то пафосно о России...

Вы для меня постоянно горящий,дающий тепло огонь!!!( Да простят меня Ваши читатели за етот пафос в выражениях:-!)
Но ето правда,причем совершенно искренне сказанные слова!

Мое творческое пространство наполнено ескизами из различных модных источников,причем рисовать для непосредственных заказчиков мне доставляет безграничное удовольствие!
А так же,абожаю ткани-текстиль и посещаю для етого всевозможные выставки в Италии,иногда во Франции.

Я от всей души желаю Вам прекрасной творческой,рабочей недели,

С огромным уважением,любовью к Вам,
Ваша Виолетта.