Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What Happened When My Dolls Became Fabulous Fashion Sketches!Dolls Revisited.:-)

 Those of you who have been reading my Blog for some time now know how much I love beautiful Fashion Sketches. To me it is an Art with in its own right. I have a small collection of Fashion Sketches by Lacroix, Lanvin and YSL - my little treasures, always so inspiring. So imagine my shier joy when I received five fabulous sketches of some of my hats from "The Secret Lives Of Dolls" Collection done by brilliant Leonid Gurevich.
 I am posting all five of this Sketches next to the original hats. I love them so much that it makes me want to have my new Collection drawn by Leonid rather than having editorial photo shoot! Aren't they amazing.?:-)))
 Leonid Gurevich also has a Blog which I recommend all of you to visit - Leon's Escapades , one of my favorites and always a must read . Leon's escapades are always so eventful, interesting, often mind blowing: they bring you from Leonid's experience's dressing Super Stars like Sasha Gradiva to his young friendship with  Daphne Guinness.
Leonid is  not only a freelance Fashion Illustrator but also  Stylist and an extraordinary Clothing Designer. Originally from Moscow, I am now happy to call Leonid my friend. How lucky am I to have him in my life!:-))) Thank you, Leonid, for this amazing experience and I am looking forward to many more creative Collaborations in the future.
 I am wishing you wonderful week ahead and leaving you in the company of my Dolls hoping that they will bring smile to your face and make your Tuesday just a tiny bit more beautiful. :-)


Little Rus said...

They are gorgeous! I saw them on your website some time ago and loved every image. Wishing you a great day, darling! xxx

David Toms said...

Anya, how wonderful to see your hats represented this way! I do love fashion sketches and Leon's are wonderful. Such attention to detail! I am so glad that youre back. I am going to have to check out Leon's blog!

janettaylor said...

Ahhh, those are gorgeous!


VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Oh,my Godness!!!
Dearest Anya,

These sketches are beyond fantastic,relly,really great work of Leon!!!
This black one is absolutely YOU,Anya:-)*SOoooooooooooooo fantastic work,oh....I have no more to say about his sketches!!!
And this red turban stole my heart,exellent maked sketch and his ideas with a little smile behind...Truly,LIKE all of them:-)))*
Just very happy for you,my dear friend:-)*

Much Love,

Jan said...

Totally amazing & a huge compliment.
Well deserved I might add.
Now I'm off to see his website.

carla fox said...

These are fabulous!


Anya, dear

I am beyond honored and beyond excited. Thank you for such beautiful words, and more importantly, thank you for the magic and inspiration.

Eternally in awe of your breathtaking talent,


Beach House Living said...

What a treat in both reality and on paper! I miss the days when the newspapers used to have sketches as advertisements for clothing.

Lana said...

Восхитительно, великолепно и очень красиво ♥♥♥

Рада знакомству, не устаю удивляться таланту LEONID GUREVICH и Вашему, Anya. Желаю творческого вдохновения!

С наилучшими пожеланиями ♥Lana♥

Уношу в свои сны и в свой блог)

classiq said...

These are so beautiful, Anya!xoxo
PS: I've just read your interview on Fashioned by Love. It's so inspiring learning more about you and your amazing work. :)

Angie Muresan said...

Love those sketches! What a talented artist. It is a pleasure to see your enchanted hats rendered on paper.