Friday, October 28, 2011

See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil. The "Locked Away. Reborn." Hat

 With this hat I am locking away all bad memories, painful losses, devastating tragedies of my past. I have struggled with it for many years now. Today I have more strength to live my life with clarity and light without being held back by the memories and fears. This is "Locked Away. Reborn." - the hat I created to rescue myself.
See NO Evil. Hear NO Evil, Speak NO Evil. If you are in the darkest place of your life this very minute always remember that none but you can rescue yourself and move forward. It is you who chooses to live in the dark or in the light and nobody else is responsible for which side you will choose. It is nobody else's responsibility to make you feel better or convince you that you deserve it all .  It is yours!
 With this I am wishing all of you Happy Halloween.:-)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Girls In Hats. Hats Of The Global Fashion Weeks, September 2011.

 I am very excited to post another fantastic selection of "Girls In Hats" (and some boys ) photographed by the best photographers in street chic style during this past round of Global Fashion Weeks in September-October 2011. Tell me which hat is your favorite: is it  Iman's turban hat or a white hat with tiny Alexander McQueen's Armadillo shoes on top? Seeing so many fantastic head dressing approaches always make me smile. Beautiful mixture of creative innovations and vintage shapes - seriously, have you ever seen more delicious hat salade !?
 I am wishing you all great Tuesday and hope you will enjoy looking through the pictures of "Girls In Hats." as much as I did. The photography credits are as follows: Tommy Ton for Style. com,, The Sartorialist, The Photodiarist. I am having a very exciting day waiting ahead and promise to tell you all about it very soon!:-)

Friday, October 21, 2011

"C'est Libertine. Égoïst !"

 She is never alone and she is always alone.She is elusive. A freethinker who chooses to live her life with ultimate disregard of any authority. She will never conform to any rules. She spends her live in pursuit of sensual pleasures and interests. She is self-indulgent reckless and demanding. She always gets what she wants. Her chief interests in life are luxury and search for an ultimate gratification of her sensual appetites. She is a huntress and a lover. She is "C'est Libertine.Égoïste" !

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"Triumvirat Of Seduction" At The Museum Of Russian Art. My Atelier For Leonid Gurevich.

The only regret I have about going to Paris this Fall is that because of my trip I had to miss much talked about presentation of beautiful Collection by Leonid Gurevich "Triumvirate Of Seduction". On October 1st of 2011 Russian Museum Of Art celebrated  Fashion with "Triumvirate Of Seduction" - Watch a video below to see Leonid's brief interview and the show itself (don't forget to turn your sound on):
The very first time I met Leonid in person, in September of 2011, in my Atelier, I knew immediately - there is something very unique and extraordinary about that designer. I felt very strong connection to the creative mind sitting in front of me.I felt I could talk to him for hours as if I knew him for ages.It was not only his artistic vision, but his approach to his work that made me believe I have found not only a friend, but a new source of Inspiration. How lucky am I!
I was thrilled and very honored when Leonid have requested several hats from my Atelier to be presented with his new Collection "Triumvirate Of Seduction in The Museum Of Russian Art. The rest is history now and I am looking forward to few more collaborations with Leonid in the very nearest future.
I know you will recognise all of the hats in the images - they all are pieces of my previous Collections.:-) Unbelievable feeling to watch them grace a special even like Triumvirate of Seduction in the very special place like The Museum Of Russian Art.
Wishing all of you wonderful week.:-) Hoping That Blogger will, finally, resolve all its issues with comment postings and I will be able to leave comments and also receive comments as it was before.
All images from the event are by Jake Nabutovsky.The video of the event is courtesy of Nathalie Gbedji.