Friday, October 14, 2011

"Les Petite Mains". My Tribute To Every Seamstress of Haute Couture.

"Les Petite Mains" hat of my new Collection " Les Enfantes Terribles" (In translation literally "Little Hands"), I am introducing to you today, is my ultimate tribute and the expression of endless admiration for the true masters behind every Haute Couture Collection ever created. Inspired by small little army of seamstresses, tailors, milliners, embroiderers and specialist in handling unique fabrics, standing behind every great Couturier of France. Without them there would be no Haute Couture. Every time I am working late hours in my Atelier and my fingers are aching and bleeding, I watch this video and it is enough for me to keep going forever (make sure to turn on the sound).
This video, no matter how often I watch it, always leaves me breathless - those of you who know me personally, know that this approach to work with  attention to every detail, using hands only is what I live for. Each one of my hats is carefully crafted with very precise techniques, much like you see in some of the frames of the video.
I usually never outsource my work. I do everything myself including sequined embroidery, gem stone beading, pearl beading, painting, acrylic work, pattern making, flower making and many other things. Another words: I do not trust the production process to anyone else. The only exception I have ever made is for Atelier Legeron, which also became one of the inspirations behind the creation of "Les Petite Mains" hat. The second exception was made for the creation of little hands itself - the ones that you see on top of the hat. This little hands I commissioned from my friend and very talented artist Tamara Pivnyuk. I have told Tamara what I need and she was able to create for me exactly what I had in mind.
The body of "Les Petite Mains" is created out of precious Giorgio Armani silk and embellished with delicate gold and ivory handmaid French lace. One of my most favorite hats to date. The little hands on top of the hat are holding a needle threaded with a gold thread - you can let your imagination decide what they will create next...perhaps it will be a gown of your dreams? :-)
In pre-War France there were 70 Couture Houses, not counting small privet Atelier where seamstresses worked by hand only. Paris along had over 350 flower making Ateliers. Each of the houses employed several hundreds of seamstresses who had to be highly qualified in particular art of sewing to the standard of Couture. Did you know that one item of Haute Couture Collection takes minimum 500 hundred hours to create? Several decades later we have only 11 names registered as a members of Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture. Some of the names like, for example, Schiaparelli or Lacroix, now live only on the pages of Fashion books and in museum exhibitions. ...
In recent years the profession of being "little hands" experienced tremendous decrease: only since the year of 2007 it went down 70% entering a stage of being close to almost non-existent. In a desperate attempt to safe the remains of the glorious cast Karl Lagerfeld, the head designer for the House of Chanel went as far as purchasing with the company's money several small Ateliers specialising in techniques that Couture House is so depends on.
For now, I feel very privileged to be a whiteness to every Haute Couture Collection created by Les Petite Mains - precious Little Hands.
I am wishing all of you wonderful weekend! I will spend mine catching up on every single Collection I have missed during this past round of Global Fashion Weeks. I hope that your October is as beautiful as mine and as full of inspiration as only Fall could possibly bring. :-)


Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

What creativity, Anya darling!! You're such a genius of design ... I love the idea you had for the little hands on top and the commission of their creation turned out perfectly! It's always such fun to see your couture pieces and I LOVED the video ... thank you for sharing it with us! It was such a nice surprise to see a note from you this morning ... left you a little note in return ... here's the link:

Kisses and wishes for a lovely Sunday ...
Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou

things - collection said...

how funny!

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Dear,dear Anya!

I like this post SO very much,it speaks me beyond much:-)*
Your ''Les Patita Mains'' is exeptional Hot Couture work,my dearest friend!!!

All deatils are so precious,so gorgeous and fantastic,Anya:-)))*
And these little hands...OMG,absolutelly stunning!

I studied at one of the biggest fashion house Sibirie in Novosibirsk............Realy strong and very strikt training with attention to details.
My heart beat very fast when I look to this video!

Handiwork is ALWAYS immeasurable patience, attention to each deatil and million hours to make something nice.................
And,what is mostly important here:
LOVE and passion for your proffession,hoe remains forever by!

Thank you so very much for your visit by me and for your wonderful woords,dearest Anya!
It means absolutely a WORLD to me:-)*

Much Love,

Pratishtha Durga said...

Anya, love the tribute to the hard working people behind every beautiful creation of Haute Couture. It's such a wonderful process of sweat, passion, skill, and dedication. So many people have to put in so many long hours of work to create the masterpieces that have made their timeless mark on the world of fashion.
And so lovely of you to remember their contribution, and pay it such a gorgeous homage.

Have a great, creatively fruitful week ahead.


Love Accents Couture Millinery said...

Dearest Anya, I love this land mark post on couture and every one making a living with their LOVE and PASSION of working their hands...including us and many others that are seeking compassion, patience, pratice, pratice and more pratice of an never ending trade and knowning that the final destination of our product is... our client! Thank you for sharing your passion,
PS. I love your hat!

Diego R. Wyatt said...

Love this tribute. This is a great way to honor their staggeringly influential work and pat homage to people who often go unnoticed in the industry.


Jan said...

It's so easy to forget all the hard work and artistry behind the scenes.
Thanks for the reminder Anya.

Kaatja said...

Hi Anya, I like the idea of tribute to the army of all those "invisible" people behind fashion business. We often forget it, while looking at haute couture creations.
I of course appreciate, that there is a few people like you, who are following the rules of traditional millinery.
You are inspiring. And thank you for visiting me.

Angie Muresan said...

Haute couture is a world so far removed from my everyday life. But, oh, how enchanted I am after perusing these exquisite creations.