Tuesday, November 29, 2011

More Press. First Editions.

 Today sharing with you more recent press. First Issue of newly launched "Business & Style" Moscow Magazine published an extensive interview with me in Russian, of course. :-) .I thought that the issue is extremely well done and I know how much work editors must have put into this magazine!
 The issue features also a wonderful interview with my colleague, talented milliner Violetta Medvedeva and plenty of interesting material on fashion in Russia and creative force behind moving it forward. For those of you who speak and read Russian the full issue can be downloaded right Here.
 I know my Mom is very proud right now . :-)
 For the second year on a row, one of my hats have been featured in LI Newsday Royal Holiday Ultimate Gift Guide. I will post a picture of the selected hat  a bit later. :-) Amazing power of press: 7 orders of the hat featured in the Gift Guide placed before the end of the day on the day of the release of the issue and several more after Thanksgiving making it to 12 orders. :-)
Finally, was such a privilege to be a part of the first edition of "The List" magazine. I have been approached by the Editor in Chief of the Issue to write an article on the subject of search for a personal style and since I have absolutely no experience in writing articles, it took me a while. I have been told that my debut as a writer  was very successful. :-) I am wishing great luck to the first editions of "The List" and "Business & Style" Magazines... On entirely different note, I am still not able to leave comments and continue to hope for a miracle at this point as far as Blogger help goes. If the issue will not be fixed with in the next week, I, unfortunately, will have no choice but to suspend the option of comments in my Blog. Hoping it will not come to that. Wishing everyone great Tuesday! :-)

Friday, November 25, 2011

Good Night, Amy...

 "Amy" - a very special hat I created for one of the pop art events in New York City. Emotional tribute to one of the most phenomenal, larger than life, gifted , talented, tortured, amazing artists -  Amy Winehouse. I will always remember her beautiful, her songs will always be a part of me. Good night, Amy...

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Favorite Things This Fall.

I thought I would share with you things I enjoy the most this Fall many of which has to do with hats, of course!:-) I loved this wonderful editorial I discovered via Fashion156. com dedicated to avant garde hat designs by emerging designers from the London colleges Royal College Art and Central Saint Martins. This includes some extraordinary pieces . It is always so interesting to see new work that brings hats out of traditional zone and into the conceptual art. You can see an entire editorial right Here , I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.
I now firmly believe that Fashion Industry has some sort of CIA division :-) otherwise I have no idea how to explain a very personal message left by one of the team members of Premiere Classe on my home answering machine. I never ever give out my home number and it came as a great surprise. I am now registered to bring my new Collection to Premiere Classe Paris this January and present it right next to the world's greatest names in business. I have also been requested to bring some of my older designs I created for my Atelier earlier: "Editor's Beret", "Louboutin Lover" and few others that became every one's favorites. Very exciting and I am looking forward to working on some new designs in Decmber to add to "Les Enfants Terribles" collection. Enjoy the video of Premiere Classe above. :-))
I absolutely loved working with my students this November. What an amazing group of very talented people. Half of my class were students who came back to study more. Meet Elaine - my Florida diva. :-) She is a clothing designer and a very talented milliner in making. :-)
While some of the students were very camera shy, others did not mind being photographed. :-) November Session is wrapping up today and I can not believe that three weeks are over...I keep thinking how really lucky and privileged I am to have an opportunity to meet so many extraordinary people.
Here you see Lynda  who travelled all the way from Canada. Amazing, very patient and hard woring girl with five beautiful , difficult hats she has managed to design in only three weeks.
20-s flapper hat, full of beautiful details and embroidery designed by another Elaine also from Florida for a very special occasion. :-)
I, of course, will post more pictures of November Session a bit later, not all of the hats have been photographed yet. :-)
This over the top topper was designed by Elaine for one of the parties in NYC.:-) She rocked the entire event. :-)
I have also been spoiled by my friends from Moscow who sent me this fabulous dress by Ulyana Sergeenko. Her first Collection is available exclusively in Moscow. Personally, I would not mind getting every single piece of this Collection. It is not only esthetically beautiful, but also very well made. I now I will end up using this dress for one of my photo shoots. :-)
Yes, that's right! Meow! So happy I, finally, managed to get this fabulous pair of kitty platforms by Charlotte Olimpia in my size. Just in time for upcoming Christmas Parties season.
My newest and most favorite discovery of this Fall is book-clutches by Parisian Olympia Le-Tan. My friend Clair was kind to send me two clutches: mini clutch "Lolita" and a  slightly larger clutch "Madame Bovary". Two of my favorite books and now two of my most favorite bags.
Thank you, Clair!They are so chic and so extraordinary in detailing and craftsmanship that I have decided to visit Olympia's show room in Paris this January.
Finally, here are two new books on my book shelf and I have a feeling I will be enjoying them for a very long time. :-) I am wishing everyone very Happy Thanksgiving. Let it be rich with friends and family and many blessings to count.  :-)

Friday, November 18, 2011

My Atelier For Vogue International November Issue. "Passion In The City. Dama Blanca." Editorial.

Always such a great feeling to receive a new editorial with my hat in it. Vogue International November 2011 features beautiful editorial titled "Passion In The City. Dama Blanca."  The best part - the cover girl Maryna Linchuk is a girl from my home country of Belarus.
This time the request from the team of the stylist was very specific - recreate iconic hats of the 50-s , Audrey Hepburn style. You see my final choice on the picture above - white velour hat with oversized bow covered in white petals with delicate pleating on the back of the hat. At first I, of course, thought of legendary images of Audrey wearing Cecil Beaton's hats, large brimmed hats and tall pillboxes. Those serve as constant inspiration for so many milliners. I remember  being in Stephen Jones Atelier in London while the work on his new Spring Summer 2010 Collection was in progress. One of my very favorite pieces in it was replica of Audrey's large brim hat with long scarf attached to it.
I have decided to draw my inspiration from this very chic image of vintage Givenchy hat photographed  by Frank Horvat in 1957, adding several new details and modifying proportions to make it more relevant to the modern day and make it less dramatic although you all know how much I really love dramatic hats. I will photograph this hat from all angels so that you could see every detail of the back - several new techniques which I never worked with before.
And, of course, here is the rest of the editorial, I thought it came out very delicate and chic. I am wishing all wonderful weekend. With my Fall Session almost at the end, I am looking forward to putting up Christmas windows in my Atelier and preparing for a very busy month of December with too many parties , many wonderful friends visiting and a lot of fun in the City shopping!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bravo, Polina !!!

A while ago I wrote a post about my very talented sister Polina and today I am so proud to tell you that not only Polina was hired by the Theater of Opera and Ballet as a head seamstress in beading, but in a  few short months was able to recreate dramatic and unique costumes for two ballets "Scheherazade" and "Tamar" - two legendary shows created by Sergei Diaghilev for Ballet Russes almost 100 years ago.
The premiere of both Ballets took place on November 9th to a roaring standing ovation and I only wish I could be there to witness the premier itself and the costumes Polina has worked on so very hard. Ballet was produced and precisely recreated from Diaghilev's version by one of the most talented names in Ballet -  Andris Liepa. "Scheherezade" and "Tamar" (the ballet that was almost lost and had to be reconstructed piece and piece from the fragments of the recorded descriptions and old photographs ) are a part of the new programme for the World Tour Liepa plans in a very near future.The tour will also include two legendary Ballets "Fire Bird" and "Swan Lake".
When I asked Polina what was the toughest part for her, she said: "recreating the costume of the Golden Slave" the drawings for which were lost entirely and the only way to get an idea of how it looked was  from one very rare photograph which you can see at the end of the post.  The costume of the Golden Slave ended up being one of the most beautiful  pieces in the wardrobe of "Scheherazade" because Polina simply refused sleep for weeks dedicating all her time making sure that the costumes look flawless. 
Here are few very first photographs of the Big Premier and I can not help but tear up looking at the work of my little sister. Bravo Polina!
I promise to post more close ups as soon as they will become available, but to me and many other people it is a very special feeling seeing Diaghilev's costumes once again gracing the stage. Can not wait to see them in New York!
Here is the picture of Golden Slave I was talking about earlier. I would be completely lost as to how even to beging to recreate the costume.
Polina says that they have already started to work on the costumes for "Fire Bird" and "Swan Lake". I simply can not get enough of it and keep asking gazillion questions. :-))) Polina says that tutus for the "Swan lake" will be the biggest challenge yet: there is over 100 of them that need to be beaded in such a way that it would not add an extra weight to the costume and at the same time create all the sparkles for the magic that we call Ballet!
I remember going to the Theater of Opera and Ballet (the picture below) when I was a little girl, watching breathless performances by the greatest Ballet Divas. Never in a million years would I imagine that my little sister, Polina, will become a creative force behind  creating the beauty for so many legendary performances!

Friday, November 11, 2011

My Favorite Hats Of Spring Summer 2012, Ready To Wear.

Today I am posting the selection of my favorite hats from Spring Summer 2012 Ready To Wear Collections, something I do every year especially after the round of September Fashion Weeks.This time the range of the designs is so diverse and so different  - it makes me wonder how on Earth editors will manage their favorite game of choosing a trend in hats for Spring Summer 2012. I fell in love with a drama of hats by Alexander McQueen and with simplicity of head gear suggested by both Hermes and Rochas who showed  "babushka" or how we call them in Russia "kosinochka" as a way to look chic.
Ultimately, I adore every hat in this post, otherwise I would not select it. :-) I thought that hats by Nina Ricci are divine, so elegant, sweet and unique - not every day shape. I thought that hats by Vivienne Westwood are very wearable rebel toppers. :-) Hats by Comme Des Garcons are pure art as well as dramatic Swan hats by Giles Deacon (created by Stephen Jones).
I thought that hats by Dolce&Gabbana, Christian Dior, Burberry and John Galliano are perfect examples of every day chic hats, functional and beautiful at the same time.
Alexander Mcqueen, SS2012 Ready To Wear
Comme Des Garcons, SS2012 Ready To Wear
D&G, SS2012 Ready To Wear
Dolce&Gabbana, SS2012 Ready To Wear
Kenzo, SS2012 Ready To Wear
John Galliano, SS2012 Ready To Wear
Burberry, SS2012 Ready To Wear
Christian Dior, SS2012 RTW
Rochas, SS2012 RTW
Jil Sander, SS2012 RTW
Hermes, SS2012 RTW
Marc Jacobs, SS2012 RTW
Viktor & Rolf , SS2012 RTW
Yohji Yamamoto, SS2012 RTW
Nina Ricci, SS2012 RTW
Vivienne Westwood, SS2012 RTW
Giles Deacon, SS2012 RTW
All pictures are courtesy of Style.com and Vogue.com