Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Inspiration Point:Legs. The ''Naughty Charlotte'' Hat.

 I often think that legs (yes, legs!) are the most expressive part of woman's body. The way she walks, the way she moves, sits, dresses her legs with beautiful shoes, the way she steps ever so lightly says so much about the girl. It was hard not to get inspired by it. :-)
 Those of you who follow me on Facebook have been introduced to my ''Naughty Charlotte" hat I have created as a part of my latest Collection "Les Enfants Terribles" and to the story behind it. I thought it would be a good idea to document the inspiration point here, in my Blog.
Naughty Charlotte" was inspired by a very particular event in Anastasia's life. It was created after a beautiful memory of the morning of Anastasia's 16Th Birthday when she was sitting outside, waiting ever so patiently for her guests to arrive, in her beautiful dress and jeweled red flats. There was something so Innocent in the way Anastasia moved her feet so that the sun would catch a sparkle in her jeweled flats... Not a little girl any more and not yet a woman. I wanted to freeze that moment in time.
The legs for this very unique hat were made out of ceramic and created for me by an extraordinary dollmaker and my wonderful friend Tamara Pivnuk. :-) Oh, and did I mention that I used nail polish by Yves Saint Laurent to paint red flats. :-)
Wishing you beautiful week ahead. The weather is spoiling us here, in New York and it makes it possible to wear beautiful shoes for a little bit longer. :-)


Virginia said...

Sadly I think my legs are most unattractive so I don't show them off. I do however, appreciate lovely legs on other women ( and some men! :) . This hat is just a delight and I LOVE the red shoes, which I would wear in a red hot minute.

Jan said...

Beautiful way to preserve a memory.

p.s.I've always wanted longer legs Anya, but then they wouldn't be in proportion with the rest of me!

JBeaudetStudios said...

These are beautiful. I love your inspiration. Your hats are absolutely exquisite!

bridechic said...

Your hats are beyond belief! Just stunning . . .

Millinerista, Couture Milliner said...

Such a lovely post. How I love the shoes you have shown. Somehow shoes with high heels look much more glamourous than the flats I always seem to be wearing. Maybe I should invest in one pair just to cause a stir.

Angie Muresan said...

I do believe you're quite right, dear Anya. Legs are so expressive and tell so much about a person. That hat is so fun!

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...


You are absolutely right,dearest Anya!
Legs making woman one of the mostly dangerous beings in the world...and mostly seductive part of the body!
Sometimes you must only to try making good choice for: style of your shoes to suit your personal style:-)*

Just LOVE your story behind of this unique creation,dear,dear Anya!!!

Much love and XXX,

Ілона Щаслива said...

Nice to see you beautiful hat with legs,that Tamara create. She is one of the most popular doll-artist in Kiev. And hat "Les petite mains" - i like so much;-) It is alive!