Tuesday, November 29, 2011

More Press. First Editions.

 Today sharing with you more recent press. First Issue of newly launched "Business & Style" Moscow Magazine published an extensive interview with me in Russian, of course. :-) .I thought that the issue is extremely well done and I know how much work editors must have put into this magazine!
 The issue features also a wonderful interview with my colleague, talented milliner Violetta Medvedeva and plenty of interesting material on fashion in Russia and creative force behind moving it forward. For those of you who speak and read Russian the full issue can be downloaded right Here.
 I know my Mom is very proud right now . :-)
 For the second year on a row, one of my hats have been featured in LI Newsday Royal Holiday Ultimate Gift Guide. I will post a picture of the selected hat  a bit later. :-) Amazing power of press: 7 orders of the hat featured in the Gift Guide placed before the end of the day on the day of the release of the issue and several more after Thanksgiving making it to 12 orders. :-)
Finally, was such a privilege to be a part of the first edition of "The List" magazine. I have been approached by the Editor in Chief of the Issue to write an article on the subject of search for a personal style and since I have absolutely no experience in writing articles, it took me a while. I have been told that my debut as a writer  was very successful. :-) I am wishing great luck to the first editions of "The List" and "Business & Style" Magazines... On entirely different note, I am still not able to leave comments and continue to hope for a miracle at this point as far as Blogger help goes. If the issue will not be fixed with in the next week, I, unfortunately, will have no choice but to suspend the option of comments in my Blog. Hoping it will not come to that. Wishing everyone great Tuesday! :-)


David Toms said...

The press is wonderful. I had the same problem as you in leaving comments and I think it has something to do with your browser. I have trouble when using Explorer, where I have to leave my blogs URL in the field to comment, and no trouble when I use Safari on the Mac.

David Toms said...

I can email you instructions. What browser are you using?

Lauren said...

I hope you get the comment situation figured out! Congratulations on all the wonderful press you have been getting!

Ілона Щаслива said...

Anya, it's amazing!I congratulate you with articles!

Couture Millinery Atelier. said...

David, I am using Explorer and lately not able to leave any comments at all!!! It would be great if you could e-mail me instructions to info@anyacaliendo.com .Thank you for being such a wonderful friend!:-)))

saya said...

Anya, perhaps you could install disqus? I hope you won't disable this interaction section :) Anyway, congrats on you press exposure!

Jan said...

Hi Anya
Congrats on your published article.
I so admire you, as English is not your first language.
I couldn't write anything in Russian!
David is right about Internet Explorer - it's notoriously quirky - the worst!
Try Google chrome or any of the others.

Angie Muresan said...

How amazing is this? Congratulations dearest Anya!

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Как великолепно,миля,дорогая Аня!!!

Ето же такое счастье не только творить и достигать успеха,но и быть признанной....
Прочитала интевью с Вами (от Виолетты Медведевой...надо же такое совпадение имен!) с огромным интересом и удовольствием!
О Вашем совершенно необыкновенном "ОТ КУТЮР" ателье в NY и о Вашей жизни....

Поздравляю Вас с дебютом,Аня!
Когда я читаю Ваши посты в блоге я прекрасно представляю себе Вашу манеру и стиль изложения мыслей.
Будто я читаю интересную книгу и не могу прерваться!

Вы просто чудо,Аня и прекрасный талант!!!
Представляю себе гордость Вашей мамы:-)))*

С любовью и уважением,

Karena said...

Dear Anya how wonderful for you and also Violetta to be featured.

I am excited to see the selected hat for the Royal Ultimate Gift Guide!

Art by Karena

fashionsensitive said...

You are a very talented artist! I just love your hats and the press also knows that! Congratulation! I love that blue/black hat in the third image so much! Wonderful works!