Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Favorite Things This Fall.

I thought I would share with you things I enjoy the most this Fall many of which has to do with hats, of course!:-) I loved this wonderful editorial I discovered via Fashion156. com dedicated to avant garde hat designs by emerging designers from the London colleges Royal College Art and Central Saint Martins. This includes some extraordinary pieces . It is always so interesting to see new work that brings hats out of traditional zone and into the conceptual art. You can see an entire editorial right Here , I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.
I now firmly believe that Fashion Industry has some sort of CIA division :-) otherwise I have no idea how to explain a very personal message left by one of the team members of Premiere Classe on my home answering machine. I never ever give out my home number and it came as a great surprise. I am now registered to bring my new Collection to Premiere Classe Paris this January and present it right next to the world's greatest names in business. I have also been requested to bring some of my older designs I created for my Atelier earlier: "Editor's Beret", "Louboutin Lover" and few others that became every one's favorites. Very exciting and I am looking forward to working on some new designs in Decmber to add to "Les Enfants Terribles" collection. Enjoy the video of Premiere Classe above. :-))
I absolutely loved working with my students this November. What an amazing group of very talented people. Half of my class were students who came back to study more. Meet Elaine - my Florida diva. :-) She is a clothing designer and a very talented milliner in making. :-)
While some of the students were very camera shy, others did not mind being photographed. :-) November Session is wrapping up today and I can not believe that three weeks are over...I keep thinking how really lucky and privileged I am to have an opportunity to meet so many extraordinary people.
Here you see Lynda  who travelled all the way from Canada. Amazing, very patient and hard woring girl with five beautiful , difficult hats she has managed to design in only three weeks.
20-s flapper hat, full of beautiful details and embroidery designed by another Elaine also from Florida for a very special occasion. :-)
I, of course, will post more pictures of November Session a bit later, not all of the hats have been photographed yet. :-)
This over the top topper was designed by Elaine for one of the parties in NYC.:-) She rocked the entire event. :-)
I have also been spoiled by my friends from Moscow who sent me this fabulous dress by Ulyana Sergeenko. Her first Collection is available exclusively in Moscow. Personally, I would not mind getting every single piece of this Collection. It is not only esthetically beautiful, but also very well made. I now I will end up using this dress for one of my photo shoots. :-)
Yes, that's right! Meow! So happy I, finally, managed to get this fabulous pair of kitty platforms by Charlotte Olimpia in my size. Just in time for upcoming Christmas Parties season.
My newest and most favorite discovery of this Fall is book-clutches by Parisian Olympia Le-Tan. My friend Clair was kind to send me two clutches: mini clutch "Lolita" and a  slightly larger clutch "Madame Bovary". Two of my favorite books and now two of my most favorite bags.
Thank you, Clair!They are so chic and so extraordinary in detailing and craftsmanship that I have decided to visit Olympia's show room in Paris this January.
Finally, here are two new books on my book shelf and I have a feeling I will be enjoying them for a very long time. :-) I am wishing everyone very Happy Thanksgiving. Let it be rich with friends and family and many blessings to count.  :-)


janettaylor said...

I am crazy for those CO kitty wedges!

Jan said...

Hello my favourite milliner!
Congrats on ... well, everything
in this post.
I still don't know how you manage
to walk in those type of shoes though.

David Toms said...

Anya, what a fabulously interesting insight into your autumn! I feel now that I have to come and train with you as a milliner! Who knows? I love the dress as it is so reminiscent of the great couture of the 1950s. Finally a big congratulations! The gods are smiling on you!

carla fox said...

What fun it looks like they're having. Maybe someday I can take your class......maybe someday you'll come to the west coast:)

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Woooow.........dear Anya!!!

That´s really busy days for you:-)*

And SO special amazing to be able participate in januray ''Premiere Classe'' in Paris,great news!!!
I'am so glad for you!

Your new students are also talented peoples and it's so fanatstic creating together somthing new and beautiful.....!!!

Oh....what an gorgeous red dress from Uliana Sergeenko,exactly fire RED for you,wonderful creation and very nice gift:-)))*
These extraordinary nice shoes is one big pearl by this red dress,so cute!!!

Wish to you,dearest Anya fabulously productive and exellent inspirational days:-)))*

Much Love,

Lauren said...

Those book clutches are amazing, as it that beautiful red dress!

fashionsensitive said...

I just love that burgundy embroidery hat! It is burgundy or black? ;) Congratulation on that CIA telephone :)))! Such great news! Love all the Ulyana collection and those wedges, so cute! Great friends you have! ;)

Caz said...

So much going on in this post :-)

1) I love the editorial at Fashion156 amazing designs

2) I'm soooo envious seeing the girls working in the atelier and from the bottom of my heart I wish I was that I was close enough that I could easily attend any class that you run as it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life and definitely no 1 in millinery adventures ♥♥ and there is a hole left in my heart when I think about it - but I try to fill it by creating something I'd hope you think is technically well done and creative.

3) Premiere Class looks amazing wow wow wow

4) The dress by Ulyana is divine

5) The kitty platforms are so gorgeous and I can so see you tottering around in them at the Christmas parties;-) I love a wedge but I just don't need the platform part ;-)

6) The book clutches Clair sent you are adorable

7) I have now added the Baazar and Vogue books to my Christmas list ♥

Phew I think that's it but I felt I needed to comment on everything in this wonderful post

Thank you Anya xoxoxox

Millinerista, Couture Milliner said...

How extraordinary are those hats those graduates designed! I'm sure you will do very well at Premier Classe Anya and hope that we will see your hats sold in the UK very soon. Your classes looked such fun, I'm sure you will miss your so talented pupils. And finally... how do you walk in those shoes without having a major topple? Have a happy thanksgiving :)

harps said...

Adore the 20's hat, anything with a tassel on gets my approval! And there are no words for those kitty wedges, I remember the first time I saw them, love at first sight...