Friday, November 4, 2011

The Opening Night Of "Cecil Beaton.The New York Years" In The Museum Of The City of New York.

On the last Tuesday of October I had a privilege to be invited to a very special opening night reception of "Cecil Beaton. The New York Years." exhibition at The Museum Of The City Of New York. Many of you know what a great source of inspiration the legendary Beaton has been for me for so many years now and to see rare collection of letters, images made by Beaton, rare photographs which were never released before and even have an opportunity to stand just a breath away from some of Beaton's spectacular costumes was, definitely, one of the most memorable experiences of this year for me.
I have been invited to the opening night by two remarkable gentlemen who travelled all the way from Britain for this occasion. Roger and Andrew - creative, brilliant minds behind one of the most beautiful, chic and exquisite line of textiles and wall paper with various  Cecil Beaton's sketch books drawings. I have been working with this fabrics on several occasions creating hats for some of my Collections  and it is always such a great feeling of satisfaction to work with something so beautiful! Here you see a picture of Roger I snapped  while he was enjoying the privet tour of the Exhibition. :-))) I thought he looked absolutely impeccable! :-)
It is one of my dreams to travel to Wiltshire to visit Roger's and Andrew's Beaudesert showroom .I hope one day I will be able do it, but for now I often visit their beautiful website  - to me it is a window to magic world of beautiful prints and ideas. One of the most  unique decorations of the Cecil Beaton Exhibition, I thought, were walls done in wallpaper with Beaton prints produced by Roger and Andrew. You can see it on some of the images here - aren't they just breathtaking?
I enjoyed every bit of the evening so very much! Thank you Roger and Andrew for giving me this experience. :-) I have discovered so many new things about Beaton I never I knew - one of the most interesting discoveries was Beaton's almost obsessive love with Greta Garbo...I ended up sketching a hat on the napkin of the cocktail bar inspired by photographs Beaton made of Greta during their romantic relationship. Ultimately, I think this Exhibition is one of those rare jewels you don't get to see so often. If you are in New York, make it a must visit place, I know you will not regret it.:-)
I am wishing everyone wonderful weekend. It is deep Fall in New York and I love its cool, gold brilliance. I am enjoying the company of my students - so lucky to have talented, creative, spirited people around me. :-) This weekend I will be enjoying very rare quite time at home with some friends over for barbecue and wine.Sending many beautiful wishes to all of you and I hope you will enjoy the rest of the images from the Exhibition.


janettaylor said...

Just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing it, darling Anya!

saya said...

oh wow! this is exhibit is just amazing...thanks for sharing the lovely pictures anya :)

Dandy said...

Absolutely exquisite! Looks like so much fun. I love Beaton, too...and there is fabric!! Thank for sharing >)

lorenabr said...

What a wonderful opportunity! :)

Jan said...

The costumes look amazing.
A rare treat indeed.
Thank you Anya.

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Goodmorning wonderful Anya!

My Satarday started with your exquisitely post....

I remainded behind my pc with a little cup coffee and with beyond great pleasure:-)*

I dive into the website wich you give there...and that is indeed absolutely big pleasure to look at all those creations of Cecil Beaton!!!
I find these words about Cecil Beaton by the website.Those words expressed the intetion and the exeptional big talent of Cecil Beaton!

''Cecil Beaton’s contribution to 20th century art and design is unequalled. He dressed the stars of stage and screen with style and originality, photographed them artfully in his creations and wrote about them candidly in his memoirs. ''

Dearest Anya,

And your little barrets,Cecil Beaton fabric from your collection are one of my faivs.little beautifuls darlings:-)*

Thank you SO,SO very much for this post and for fantastic Satarday morning:-)))*

Much Love and XXX,

I can imagine HOW much beautiful feelings you got by this exebition.