Friday, December 9, 2011

The Most Beautiful Christmas Windows of 2011. Getting In The Mood For Christmas!

 Every year I look forward to seeing fantastic Christmas Displays all around New York and, if I am lucky, in Paris or London. One of my all time favorite Christmas Displays are always at Bergdorf Goodman's - they never ever disappoint. :-) Notice how many hats in the displays add magic to each window. We always make an event out of seeing Christmas Displays. There is nothing better than Christmas shopping in NYC with my great friends, some of them come from overseas for the Holiday Season and so December, traditionally, is a very busy month with so many great parties in the company of people I love.
 I have been busy wrapping up my November Session with several students choosing to stay overtime. I  have also been busy with decorating Atelier and my house, preparing for Paris, and running too (literally!)! The last part makes me so very happy . I have not been able to exercise due to my health problems for a very long time. Now, with my recent weight loss of 70 lb. ( the  weight I've gained as unfortunate side effect of my medical condition) I am back running.  Feeling very blessed and thinking of making a separate post about my very ugly at times journey to my true self. I know that beautiful Natalie of Fashioned by Love is, probably, sitting with her jaw on the floor just trying to absorb the number. :-)))
 I hope you will enjoy this wonderful selection of Christmas Displays, so full of magic and beauty. :-) There is no better time in the year to celebrate those we love and spoil them a little. :-) Dont' you think so? Wishing everyone perfect pre-holiday week!
 Christmas Displays at Bergdorf Goodman
 Christmas Display at Macy's
 Christmas Displays at Saks Fifth Ave.
 Christmas Displays at Galleries Lafayette in Paris.
 Christmas Displays at Harrods, London
 Christmas Displays at Harvey Nichols, London


David Toms said...

Dear Anya,

I do hope that you can still leve comments on blogs now. The solution I gave you is not idreal howver it does work.

I had no idea that you had a medical condition and now you have lost all that weight! The anount is astronomical and it is sgood news that you are able to get back rumming, howver running in the cold must be rather a trial.

I too love Christmas windows and they have been a little disappointing here in Toronto this year. The Bergdorf window are wonderfully creative and a feast for the eyes.

Wishing you a wonderful week.

Little Rus said...

Anya, oh, Anya... You made me smile.. You know me too well... ;) Is there anything left of you???!!! Congratulations on losing the weight, but I just can't imagine where it all was... You've always looked amazing. And the second question is what are you going to do with all the fabulous clothes? I am very very so very happy for you, darling. I know exactly how it feels to reach your goal and feel more like your happy beautiful self. Sending you a big hug! xxxx

lorenabr said...

They are all divine!

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Oh my,Oh my.............HOW absolutely gorgeous is your post,dearest Anya!!!

All these windows indeed like as a Fairytale,dreamy,fanytastic,magical nice!!!

And I can understand you very wel how great is your feeling about the running...I´am really glad for you,dear Anya:-)*

Yes,it's true,the Christmas time is mostly fantastic time in the year,full of warm,beautiful,exeptional magic feelings!!!

Wish you too,my dearest friend productive,inspirational,creative week ahead:-)))*

Much Love from Amsterdam,

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Милая,дорогая Анечка!

Спасибо болшое большое провидению за этот магический шанс-познакомиться с Вами и Вашим бесконечно прекрасным творчеством:-)))*
Мир полон сказочных,волшебных, приятных новостей и сюрпризов....

Желаю Безмятежности, Теплоты и Света в это сказочное время!

Искренне Ваша

Kaatja said...

Dear Anya,
thank you for pics of the christmas displays. They are so beautiful. I feel a little sorry for you, I´m glad that you are healthy and feel well now. I must agree with you, I like running too. even in this time, when the outside temperature is little below zero celsius. I hope we could meet each other once, becouse you are very nice person. I´d like to thank you for your blog. Greetings from Prague Katerina.