Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Nothing But Drama. My Top Favorite Hats Of 2011.

2011 was extraordinary year in terms of hats: hats broke all records in appearing in high fashion editorials, on global runways and made unforgettable appearances during so many social events. Here are my top 13 favorite hats of 2011:
#1 spot in my heart holds Natalia Vodianova who wore jeweled tiara draped with red tulle and red gown all designed by Valentino for her White Fairy Tale Love Ball. So sweet, she really looked like a Princess.
#2 favorite hat is held by Daphne Guinness. Nobody wears spectacular hats with high degree of drama like Mrs. Guinness. I thought that the hat she wore for the issue of "Muse" Magazine (I assume designed by Philip Treacy) proves my point enough.
#3 favorite hat is also worn by Ms. Guinness for White Fairy Tale Love Ball. She actually wore two hats for the same event. The second hat, fabulous top hat Ms. Guinness wore, you will see under #5
#4 A great example of creating volumes of pure Drama by twisting yards of French Veiling around your actual hairdo. Absolutely love it!
#5 Hat is worn by Ms. Guinness for the White Fairy Tale Love Ball
#6 Hat is designed by Tolentino.Fantastic work, pure millinery art in its greatest shape and form.
This # 7 hat-geometrical confection designed by Mr. Jones for Dior and here worn by Katy Perry.Simple shapes can create as much Drama as more complex designs.
#8 favorite hats was designed by legendary Cecil Beaton many many decades ago, but I thought I would include it in my post as a beautiful visit from the past into our present.
#9  - divine hat worn by Miriam Gonzalez Durandez for the Royal Wedding. One of the best hats of the Royal Wedding in my opinion.
#10 Favorite hats was created by Atelier Versace for Lady Gaga for the cover of Vanity Fair Magazine January 2012. Yes, I know, but technically, since we can enjoy this issue now, the hat belongs to top favorite list of 2012.
#11. "Armadillo Shoes" hat. This sweet tribute to late Alexander McQueen worn by the brave soul for September 2011 Fashion Wee in New York.
#12 Nothing creates more Drama ad mystery than delicate lace draped over the face - the point strongly proven by Olsen Twins photographed for Vogue's best dressed issue.
Finally, # 13, extraordinary "Swan" hats created by Mr. Jones for Giles Deacon.
So, here you have it: my choices for the best hats of 2011.Do you have your favorite hat of 2011? :-))) Please, share and let's hope that 2012 will give us more amazing hats, more beautiful designs and more new fantastic names in Millinery.
All photos are courtesy of Vogue.com, OXXO Magazine and Style.com.


Vertiginoso said...

Chère Anya I would vote for Miriam Gonzalez Durandez's One, this (so subtle § freshy) alchemy between unclutteredness § majestousness . . .
ps: Warmly hope you're Well, § I wish you an Excellent day Dear ("Kind aesthete's smile") !

à Bientôt, Antoine

Jan said...

#6 is amazing.
And #8(of course).
Hope all is well
with you Anya.

janettaylor said...

I am huge fan of Daphne Guinness. :)

Kate said...

Beautiful hats, I love Katy Perrys one!

Beach House Living said...

Amazing creations!
Happy holiday to you and yours.

saya said...

really love the drama of #2! It is so decadent!.. hmm 2011 cannot forget princess beatrix hat during the royal wedding!

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Hello,wonderful Anya!

What a beautiful,spectaculare post again........
SO much drama,exeleent,inspirational creations:-)))*
Oh,I so impressed about your choise,really...they are all so fantastic!
my fav.are #4,super cute and one treasure from Versace atelier for Lady Gaga!!!

I have NO doubts,dearest Anya that your gorgeous fantasy and your beautiful ideas should brings to the world mostly great creations of hats!

Much Love and warmest virual hugs to you,


David Toms said...

Love how you have chosen a top 13! It seems that Mrs Guinness has worn many of the best hats of 2011.

Millinerista, Couture Milliner said...

hello anya, soo glad to hear you are running again any my I can't believe anyone can lose that much weight (you must share your secret diet). As for my favourite hats, well... my favourite hat for 2011 has to be the nina ricci hat which you didn't pick :(, but from your selection I love the alium ms guinness is wearing at the fairy tale love ball.

AngeliqueDama said...

Really amazing ones! I adore hats! And Natalia Vodianova's red dress is simply fabulous!
Hugs and kisses