Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sweet LIttle Things On My Head.

 As I am preparing to sign off for the Summer, I have to say I am very disappointed in Blogger at the moment. I have so many things to say to you, but lately it is almost impossible considering how many things on Blogger are non functioning: not only I am not able to post when I want, but I am also having difficulties leaving comments among other things. I hope that all this problems will be resolved by Blogger fast.
 Today I have decided to post a small selection of little hats designed in my Atelier. Those of you who follow me on Facebook, probably, saw them, but I think to run this selection on Blogger is a good idea since I love keeping things in one place. :-) I hope you will enjoy them.
 This weekend Anastasia turns 16 !!! I still have very difficult time with this figure. Instead of the huge "Sweet 16" party, Anastasia asked for shopping spree + pink hair. Well, pink hair happened yesterday and Anastasia seems to think that as of now she is the coolest sausage on the block. :-))) I remember how at the age of 16 I also painted my bangs pink and thought that I am making a ground braking statement when,in fact, I looked like a little idiot.:-)
 Pink seems to follow me everywhere this May. I created several hats in pink, my daughter's hair is now pink and my peonies in the garden decided to be pink instead of white.
 And so, I am wishing you all wonderful weekend. Let's hope I will survive it with Anastasia's teenage friends staying at our house for almost three days.:-)))

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

And The Beautiful Prada Bag Goes To...

 Due to some technical difficulties I have not been able to announce the winner of the last Give Away yesterday. Thank you, guys, for your patience. :-) It is my pleasure to, finally, being able to do it today but first I would like to thank all of you for leaving kind comments for my sister Polina. It cheered her up so much she said - nothing makes you feel better than words of admiration and encouragement from all the way across the Atlantic!:-) Well, the winner of the Give Away is a lucky girl under the nickname CocoFrid ! Congratulations, darling . Make sure to e-mail me with your postal address to . I am wishing all of you beautiful May week. I have been enjoying beautiful weather and can not get enough of the sun!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Country Dreams.

 With so many rainy days this Spring here in New York, I am looking forward to a little bit of Summer in the country side where we just purchased little Summer House. Looking through my favorite country Vogue editorials it is hard not get inspired by the pallet of golden browns, wine reds, greens and cream whites.
 I have created this little straw boater with small roses and French veil to catch the colors of the pallet that whisper "country" to me.
 By the way, plain little straw hats were always my favorites in the summer. What can be a better hat to wear for a great picnic in the country with your friends and a bottle of great Bordeaux?
 My beautiful flowers in my garden will soon be blooming: my rose bushes, peonies, irises - constant reminder to me that there is no greater master and artist than Nature itself.
 Last Tuesday I spent the entire day in the fabric store looking for a very specific shade of iris-blue - no luck. :-)
 The hat you see below was created specifically for Vogue Mexico. They requested country inspired hats in Fall pallet and one of the hats I have made for them was this. :-)
 Always a great pleasure to work with long gone shapes.:-) Makes you feel a bit like a time traveller.
 I hope you will have fantastic weekend. I am planning to spend it in my garden, around the house and away from my hats. :-) Don't forget that you still have a chance to enter "Prada Bag Give Away". All you need to do is to read last Tuesday's post.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Meet My Very Talented Sister + Another Spectacular Give Away! Did Somebody Say "Prada"? :-)

 Here she is and her name is Polina. Former ballet dancer she now is one of the very few people in the world who possesses a very rare knowledge. She is a true Master in creating garments that are entirely hand beaded with seed beads, gem, glass, pearls and sequins .
 It takes certain talent to lay out the design of the fabric and than create this fabric with your own hands relying on your memory only. Keep in mind that we are not talking about fabric print. We are talking about making fabric out of tiny little beads and doing so by hand and needle only.
 Every time I see Polina's work, it takes my breath away because I know how many hours of very precise work it takes to create one single design. I am also so very proud that Polina's designs are always the most beautiful center pieces of national exhibits in Russia.
 From costumes for belly-dancers to extraordinary designs recognised by the professionals in this field as the most unique in craftsmanship and  artistic value, Polina is now working on creating very special Collection of accessories which she hopes to bring to the US.
 Since my immigration to the US in 1999 I had a chance to see my sister only once, in 2004. Since then, we have made numerous attempts to file for her visa but every time we filed Polina was denied entry to the US. She lives in the country named Belarus ( one of the former Soviet Republics) and the only country in Europe under the dictatorship since early 90-s.
 There is no choice of materials, no market for this kind of work and there is no future for her back in Belarus. My desperate attempts to bring her here will never stop. I have a dream of creating a very special Collection of hats with my sister Polina. It will be called Faberge Collection. It is all on paper waiting for us to reunite here, in the US.
 I hope that one day we will be working together in my Atelier.
 Polina has no formal education in beading techniques. She just knows how to do it.
 I often tell her that God must be talking to her while she creates her beautiful belts, costumes and bags.
 Polina, I know you will be reading this and I want you to tell you: do not loose hope. Never loose hope! I think you are one of the most beautiful, talented, creative people I have a privilege to have in my life and I love you so very much!
 And I am also sort of hoping to get my hands on this belt you have made recently. :-)))
 The name of this design is "French Rose" and it is absolutely spectacular!
 The time goes by so fast, I just realized how long it has been since my last Give Away! Well, this time, the lucky winner will receive this brand new, velvet and leather Prada bag!
 It is absolutely new and so very chic! I love the fact that you can wear it with absolutely everything! All you have to do is to leave a comment under this post and press the button "like" this post on Bloglovin. The button is located at the bottom of this post. :-) The lucky winner will be announced next Tuesday!:-)
 I am wishing everybody wonderful week ahead!:-)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Inspiration Destination: RED!

 Do I really need o say more? I have been in love with this color for ages, but this Spring it seems to dominate my closet and my inspiration board in my Atelier.
 I have created this little darling velvet and silk hat and named it "Penelope". Do no ask me why. I think the hat whispered its name to me.:-)
 Working with red silk and red vintage French veil felt like waking up in Paris. Mind you I actually had o create this hat with 5 pairs of eyes watching my every move. I had many guests in my Atelier recently and some of them came all the way from Germany and Russia to meet me and see me work.:-)
 The weekend is here, but I thought I would wish you fantastic Sunday. I promise you Tuesday to launch another fantastic Give Away and let's hope this time Blogger will stay up and running. I never realised how addicted I am to reading my favorite Blogs until this week when Blogger became unavailable for a short period of time.
 Enjoy this beautiful images and I hope they will inspire you the same way they inspire me.:-)