Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Chrsitmas To All! С Рождеством Христовым! :-)

 With this post (and with this hat!) I would like to wish all of you Merry Christmas! To all my friends in all corners of the world celebrating Christmas I wish love, prosperity and happiness. Let it be the most beautiful day with your family and loved once, reminding all of us that this is the day that holds all of us together.:-)
 I always feel powerful presence in my life but especially so around Christmas time. I feel it all around me with so many signs of love I am blessed to receive from the people in my life. They come in so many different shapes and forms: Christmas Cards from all around the globe, calls from people whose voices I almost forgot, unexpected wonderful guests in my Atelier, holiday dinners, lunches and even breakfasts with my wonderful friends and very special time with my family. :-)
 The name of this hat is "December Kiss", a perfect little hat to celebrate Christmas. :-))) And so, Merry Christmas to all of you, my wonderful, beautiful friends. I think Maria Fontaine said it the best: “Let's take a lesson from God in gift giving: His gift didn’t show us how powerful He was, how rich He was, or what good taste He had. His gift simply showed us that He loved us more than anything else in the world, and that He was willing to do whatever it took to make our lives wonderful.”

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

"Louboutin Lover". Parisian Version.

 Preparing for Premiere Classe Pret-a-Porte in January is by far not an easy task. In addition to my new Collection I have been specifically requested to bring several hats I have designed before and which had tremendous success in selling. One of the hats requested on demand is  "Louboutin Lover" the Parisian version of which you see on the picture above. Can you blame French for loving it? :-)))
 I am still in love with the old version of it ( you see it on this picture), but have to say, that the version I have designed for Premiere Classe is a little bit better in terms of both color combination and fabric composition.
 This hats is all about shape, color and detail. I had to use 9 different types of fabrics for this version of "Louboutin Lover" and I think the result is amazing! :-))) Can not wait to bring it to Paris.
 I hope all of you are enjoying your Holiday Season. :-) I know I do, although I am still far from being done shopping for Christmas  gifts. The problem with me not being able to leave comments is still very persistent and, at this point, I have decided that the new computer is must! Hopefully, with new settings I will, finally, be able to comment again.
With that, I am wishing you the most beautiful pre-Christmas week. :-))) Hoping that you are spending it with those you love, doing things you enjoy the most!

Friday, December 16, 2011

The "Lolita" Hat.

 Today I have decided to introduce you to another hat which was designed as a part of my "Les Enfants Terribles" Collection. Her name is "Lolita".  The hat was inspired my one of my most favorite books "Lolita" by Nabokov. It is encrusted with genuine pearls and colorful Swarovski crystals, delicate  and romantic, "Lolita" already stole hearts of many of my customers. "Lolita" will be travelling with me to Paris this January.
 There are several versions of the movie "Lolita" in existence but for me #1 version will always belong to Stanley Kubrick. Kubrick's "Lolita" had the most powerful attachment to the classic novel, despite the fact the Kubrick chose to change the order of events as it was written by Nabokov. The result was brilliant and I recommend Kubrick's "Lolita to all of you.
 Wishing everyone wonderful Holiday weekend , I can hardly believe that Christmas is almost here. I keep hoping for the first snow and white Christmas.:-)...

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Nothing But Drama. My Top Favorite Hats Of 2011.

2011 was extraordinary year in terms of hats: hats broke all records in appearing in high fashion editorials, on global runways and made unforgettable appearances during so many social events. Here are my top 13 favorite hats of 2011:
#1 spot in my heart holds Natalia Vodianova who wore jeweled tiara draped with red tulle and red gown all designed by Valentino for her White Fairy Tale Love Ball. So sweet, she really looked like a Princess.
#2 favorite hat is held by Daphne Guinness. Nobody wears spectacular hats with high degree of drama like Mrs. Guinness. I thought that the hat she wore for the issue of "Muse" Magazine (I assume designed by Philip Treacy) proves my point enough.
#3 favorite hat is also worn by Ms. Guinness for White Fairy Tale Love Ball. She actually wore two hats for the same event. The second hat, fabulous top hat Ms. Guinness wore, you will see under #5
#4 A great example of creating volumes of pure Drama by twisting yards of French Veiling around your actual hairdo. Absolutely love it!
#5 Hat is worn by Ms. Guinness for the White Fairy Tale Love Ball
#6 Hat is designed by Tolentino.Fantastic work, pure millinery art in its greatest shape and form.
This # 7 hat-geometrical confection designed by Mr. Jones for Dior and here worn by Katy Perry.Simple shapes can create as much Drama as more complex designs.
#8 favorite hats was designed by legendary Cecil Beaton many many decades ago, but I thought I would include it in my post as a beautiful visit from the past into our present.
#9  - divine hat worn by Miriam Gonzalez Durandez for the Royal Wedding. One of the best hats of the Royal Wedding in my opinion.
#10 Favorite hats was created by Atelier Versace for Lady Gaga for the cover of Vanity Fair Magazine January 2012. Yes, I know, but technically, since we can enjoy this issue now, the hat belongs to top favorite list of 2012.
#11. "Armadillo Shoes" hat. This sweet tribute to late Alexander McQueen worn by the brave soul for September 2011 Fashion Wee in New York.
#12 Nothing creates more Drama ad mystery than delicate lace draped over the face - the point strongly proven by Olsen Twins photographed for Vogue's best dressed issue.
Finally, # 13, extraordinary "Swan" hats created by Mr. Jones for Giles Deacon.
So, here you have it: my choices for the best hats of 2011.Do you have your favorite hat of 2011? :-))) Please, share and let's hope that 2012 will give us more amazing hats, more beautiful designs and more new fantastic names in Millinery.
All photos are courtesy of, OXXO Magazine and

Friday, December 9, 2011

The Most Beautiful Christmas Windows of 2011. Getting In The Mood For Christmas!

 Every year I look forward to seeing fantastic Christmas Displays all around New York and, if I am lucky, in Paris or London. One of my all time favorite Christmas Displays are always at Bergdorf Goodman's - they never ever disappoint. :-) Notice how many hats in the displays add magic to each window. We always make an event out of seeing Christmas Displays. There is nothing better than Christmas shopping in NYC with my great friends, some of them come from overseas for the Holiday Season and so December, traditionally, is a very busy month with so many great parties in the company of people I love.
 I have been busy wrapping up my November Session with several students choosing to stay overtime. I  have also been busy with decorating Atelier and my house, preparing for Paris, and running too (literally!)! The last part makes me so very happy . I have not been able to exercise due to my health problems for a very long time. Now, with my recent weight loss of 70 lb. ( the  weight I've gained as unfortunate side effect of my medical condition) I am back running.  Feeling very blessed and thinking of making a separate post about my very ugly at times journey to my true self. I know that beautiful Natalie of Fashioned by Love is, probably, sitting with her jaw on the floor just trying to absorb the number. :-)))
 I hope you will enjoy this wonderful selection of Christmas Displays, so full of magic and beauty. :-) There is no better time in the year to celebrate those we love and spoil them a little. :-) Dont' you think so? Wishing everyone perfect pre-holiday week!
 Christmas Displays at Bergdorf Goodman
 Christmas Display at Macy's
 Christmas Displays at Saks Fifth Ave.
 Christmas Displays at Galleries Lafayette in Paris.
 Christmas Displays at Harrods, London
 Christmas Displays at Harvey Nichols, London

Friday, December 2, 2011

Feeding An Ultimate Shoe Addiction.

 Every so often I confess my endless love for shoes and although hats will always hold # 1 spot in my heart, I have to admit that I am also a shoe addict. December is generally an excruciatingly torturous month for any self respected shoe addict. Trying to survive December while every luxury brand puts its newest  shoes on sale with 50% discount is almost like walking in the minefield full of shoe seductive offers while trying not to blow out your entire budget for the year. In my case - shoes always win.
 This December I have decided to choose only three pairs of my favorites against the list of 10 must-haves-in-order-not-to-die beauties: Prada Velvet Fuchsia Bombshell Pumps you see on the picture above, Burberry Prorsum Platform leather half booties and Prada Canvas Mary Janes in blue you see on the picture in the bottom of the post.
 I know many of you asked how does it feel to walk on high platforms without eventually tipping over. Believe me: it is an art ! I have tipped over far many times to count, making a complete idiot out of myself in the most unexpected places and in front of crowds of people before I have mastered the right walk depending on the city I am in. Paris appears the hardest for platform shoes because of the sidewalks made out of stone: that is where your need all your balancing skills. :-) But, oh well, every addiction demands a sacrifice.
                                :Prada shoes
I can't wait for a chance to wear all of them. :-))) I am wishing all wonderful weekend. I, for once, after such a long time of not being able to comment will , finally have a chance to do so. My wonderful Blog friend David Toms of Savoir Fair e-mailed me with a solution that worked!!! Thank you, David! I am looking forward to visiting every Blog that I love and commenting my weekend away. :-)))