Friday, December 21, 2012

"Inverno" Hat, "Sanctum" Collection. Wishing Everyone Merry Christmas!

 As I am closing the doors of my Atelier, for the first time in the last 3 years, to take 10 day long Christmas vocation, I can not help but be more and more aware of time. It seems that with each passing year it picks up the speed. In just a few short days we will be celebrating Christmas. One quote comes to mind : And when we give each other Christmas gifts in His name, let us remember that He has given us the sun and the moon and the stars, and the earth with its forests and mountains and oceans--and all that lives and move upon them. He has given us all green things and everything that blossoms and bears fruit and all that we quarrel about and all that we have misused--and to save us from our foolishness, from all our sins, He came down to earth and gave us Himself.”-Sigrid Undest.
And so, today, I would like to wish all of you Merry Christmas and to those of you who do not celebrate Christmas - Happy Holidays. I hope that the New Year will bring peace, prosperity, light and love in your life.
 "Inverno" is a new hat of my 'Sanctum" Collection. I thought would be so appropriate for this post. Created in a shape of Kokoshnik, encrusted with pearls, beads, silk berries and Swarovski crystals, it was inspired by childhood Fairy Tales and Winter Wonder Land, sparkling snow flakes and frost . :-))) I will see you back here soon, after the Holidays. Enjoy every minute of it. Be blessed and loved.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Most Memorable Hats And Headdresses Of 2012.

 With 2012 coming to an end (finally!) it is time to look back at the most memorable hats and headdresses of the year. Today I am sharing with you the selection of hats that, in my opinion, deliver ultimate drama, visual pleasure and make your mind wonder far far away from every day life. In no particular order,  here is one of my most favorite hats of 2012  -  a "Swan" hat created by Stephen Jones for one of  2012 Collections by Giles. 
 I thought the "Swan" hat was so stunning and dramatic! My favorite version of it came in white color. :-)
 Another headdress I thought was completely out of the world was Madonna's Super Bowl Headdress designed by Philip Treacy.
 So strong and defiant, it made such a visual impact adding all the character to the stage outfit. Great Hat, so-so performance.
 Now, this one is a little bit crazy, but I love, love, LOVE crazy! Showstopping headdresses created for Prada by the one and only phenomenal hairdressers/milliners/wonder headpiece maker Julien D'YS. Every time I see his creations I want to confess my love for him.:-) I love you Julien.
 This year Great Britain celebrated Diamond Jubilee of Elizabeth II, marking her 60 years as a Queen Of England. Crown is such a powerful symbol and an object of desire of so many whether you are a 4  year old dreaming of Prince Charming or a 25 year old hiding a very special tiara in your secret draw. :-)  I think Queen Elizabeth wears it with such grace. I love her smile. :-)
 Another one of my favorites is this very special headdress designed by Stephen Jones for one of the Models participating in the Olympic Games closing ceremony. How  amazing is this!? Still trying to figure out this gold dipped effect.
 Lady Gaga keeps making all sorts of lists with steady determination, but I noticed she dialed it down a notch  with her choices of headdresses and hats. Despite this fact, I just couldn't skip this fabulous pink number photographed for Vogue US and designed by Mr. Jones. Delicious!
 This single boater designed by Meadham Kirchhoff for his SS 2013 Collection was an embodiment of chic and perfection. 
 Another two phenomenal headdresses came, once again, from Julien D'YS. They were custom created for April Issue of Vogue, for a very special Ritz Paris editorial.
 To tell you the truth, I can look at this images forever: they bring me tot he Fashion Fairy Tale land, so unique, so beautiful, so unlike anything I have ever seen before!
 Ulyana Sergeenko wore another one of my most favorite hats for 2012. She looks so chic in this unexpected ensemble, but again, unexpected is something Ulyana does so well. Only she could make this lace-overlay tall toy-soldier hat make look so chic. Absolutely love it!
 I thought full face masks covering mannequin heads in Prada vs. Schiaparelli Exhibition deserved a spot of their own. They added so much drama and mystery, I could not help but come back for more. :-)
 One of the hats I simply can not leave out of this post is the notorious "Darth Vader" hat created by Balenciaga. It quickly took over the fashion scene with different versions of it invading Fashion crowd, drawing attention of photographers. It was priced at 3,250$.
 It was called everything and anything from "bizarre" and "heavenly" to "ugly" and "purposely in your eyes". Well, I suppose you just would have to make your own mind on where you stand with regards to this hat. I happen to love it!
I hope you enjoyed this selection :something very positive and light about this full of difficulties and losses year. I can not wait for it to be over and have no doubt in my mind that the New 2013 will be full of even more beautiful hats! :-)

Friday, December 14, 2012

Tour De Force: Idda van Munster (Aida Đapo) .

Fashion is fantasy, but if you look closely enough you will see that Fashion has very little to do with Beauty. Strip away latest brands, "must haves", shoe of the day, the "it bag", Vogue prescribed high lights and you are left with everything God given. Well, we will leave the hat on! Some women struggle to understand and master their own Beauty for the entire life. I am one of them. But there are also women who are born with the essential understanding of what Beauty is and, more importantly, knowledge of how TO BE beautiful. To me it is a special kind of talent. Aida is a perfect example of a girl who knows how to be truly beautiful and today I can not help but share with you the collection of images of my friend, mega talented vintage model, make up artists from Bosnia. Thank you, Aida for sending me this spectacular image of you wearing  mini top hat created by me in my Atelier. You look stunning!
Aida's undeniable knowledge of Beauty and her expertise in hair and make up are , apparently, something she enjoys to do in her spear time. Talented people are talented in anything they choose as their path, it's a given. And so Aida is currently studding Pharmacy, she told me she always wanted to be in the profession based on her two favorite school subjects: Biology and Chemistry . I, personally, see it as a perfect fit: whether Aida will choose to use her degree to create magic potions or to discover an ultimate cure, I know she will do it because her dream is to bring "the power  to heal" to people. Beautiful face, beautiful heart and a fabulous collection of vintage hats to match. :-) Aida and I share many things in common: both of us enjoy books, travelling, having tea or coffee time, but above all, we enjoy every second of this life. Aida can also be found having picnics, making cakes, sewing , vintage shopping and starring in many beauty editorials. Beloved by so many in Europe she is truly Tour De Force. I love you, Aida!
You can find Aida right HERE. So here is from Bosnia with love beautiful Idda! I hope you will enjoy the selection of images courtesy of Idda van Munster . I am wishing all of you wonderful, beautiful weekend!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Magic And Imagination Come Together at "Interview with Caronte" Fashion Show by The Remarkable Team Of Tolentino Haute Hats.

 When Tolentino first announced that they will be presenting a Collection of Haute Hats in Seville, Spain, I prepared myself for a beautiful, extraordinarily visual journey, a story in hats that is so rarely told in modern Millinery world, the story that only Tolentino team  is capable of telling like nobody else. Felipe and Manolo of Tolentino are not just my friends, they are the single team of professional Milliners I admire the most. Immediately after the show I e-mailed Felipe and Manolo asking them to provide images and, of course, the story behind the Collection and so today I am sharing with you the magic of Tolentino. I love you right back guys!
 "Interview With Caronte" is a technically challenging, visually sublime Collection that is so powerful ,one is left to wonder for days afterwards, replaying images of it and thinking of  the difficult process that went into the creation of "Inteview With Caronte". This is what I call no BS Millinery: complex, vivid, dramatic, highly artistic, true Couture. The inspiration for this Collection came to Felipe and Manolo from the attempt to understand the passage from life to death. Using the character of Caronte as the opening theme, the Show traveled into the unknown world where dreams, magic and imagination  lead to a spiritual voyage into light. The fact that the entire Collection is done in monochromatic tones of white and bone china with occasional red, gives it luminous, mysterious effect. We see Icons of different religions and mythological concepts are used to correlated the point, since both religion and spirituality are the line conductors to the eternal life. Final bow was taken at the end of the Show in honor of the great Anna Piaggi for her enormous contribution to the Fashion World.
 "Intervew With Caronte" left me lightheaded - that's how great it was. All components of it: from the complex theme to the brilliant execution of each design is pushing boundaries of  modern understanding of hats and hat design. It is like a breath of fresh air: liberating, magnificent, enormously talented, extravagant - it is sublime! 
 I am leaving you with amazing images of the Collection courtesy of Tolentino Haute Hats and wishing you beautiful week ahead.