Tuesday, January 10, 2012

And So It Is Premiere Classe Pret-A-Porte In Paris and YOU Are Invited!

 As many of you might know PREMIERE CLASSE in Paris is the essential event in the creative world of Paris and in the world of accessories, it is a key event in the industry. For almost two decades now Premiere Classe consistently  presents a selection on of cutting-edge, top of the range creators, who influence the purchasing of an exclusive international distribution. This year I am very honored to be invited to be a part of it and if you are in Paris between the dates of  January 21st - through January 24th 2012, I would like to invite you to see me and meet my new Collection in Paris. To receive a very special registered invitation, please, e-mail me at info@anyacaliendo.com with the request and I will be happy to send you one. The number of Invitations left are limited!The event will be closed to the general public and only people of the industry will be allowed to visit the trade show.
 Yesterday, I have received more wonderful news, this time from my family back in Belarus - my sister Polina, after decade of numerous attempts was granted Visa and will join me in Paris to assist me with Collection.I have not seen her for almost 7 years and it is hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that I will finally see my darling Polina. Makes my heart sing. Will let you on a little secret: not only she will be coming  for a visit. The work on my new, very technical and visual Collection under the working title "Moskovita" is in progress and it is planned that Polina will collaborate with me on creating magnificent beaded veils for several hats of this new Collection.
With this beautiful fashion drawingsby Gruau, Jessica and unknown artist for Dior, I am wishing you wonderful week ahead!:-)


saya said...

Oh wow this is a good news! Ah i wish i am in paris... Cant wait to see your collaboration with Polina! I'm sure its going to be spectacular ^^

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Oh my God..............Dearest Anya!!!
These is absolutely great,great,great NEWS!!!

HOW extremely wonderful is for you,that your talented sister Polina should be coming to Paris............It´s really wonderful news!!!
HOW happy I´am for you,dear Anechka:-)*
I can imagine all your feelings about it....Fantastic,beautiful,unforgatteble!!!
And ofcause,working together it's very special and beyond all beautiful dreams:-)))*

I would LOVE to visit this event so very much,my heart is beating in my keel.......!!!
This is SO excited news,dearest Anya!

To meet you personally and meet your gorgeous creations too:-)))*

Much Love,


The last one drawing makes me smile,SO awesome work:-)))*

carla fox said...

So exciting! Can't wait to see what wonderful creations you and your sister come up with.

Maggi said...

How wonderful that you'll be seeing your sister! It sounds like it's going to be a blast!

lorenabr said...

Enjoy your time with your sister! I know how you feel I live in New Zealand, my family lives in Germany...
Good luck with the collection.

Caz said...

How truly magical - being in Paris with your collection at such an amazing event and having your sister there to share in it all -you will be floating on air it will be precious times.

I cannot wait to see the new collection in collaboration with Polina it will be stunning :-)))

Enjoy Paris ♥
Love Caz xxx

David Toms said...

Anya, what great news that you will be seeing your sister after so long! Even more amazing that you will be able to work together. I remember seeing some of your sister's work on a previous post, so I cannot wait to see the results.
Oh to be in Paris to see your work! Alas no!

The Gossamer Tearoom said...

Dearest Anya,
I'm so excited about your upcoming Paris trip, but how very wonderful that you will get to see your sister after such a long time!! I am so very excited for you and for your upcoming collaboration as well!!

Very biggest hugs to you, Dear (and one for your sister from me as well!),


Kaatja said...

I wish you good luck and lots of success with your collection!! It, would be great and useful occasion to see you and your work. and useful as well. but I´m afraid I couldn´t manage to come.
Greetings from Prague, Katerina

chief princess said...

Bonne Merde. Wishing you and your sister a fabulous (and productive time)

BonjourRomance said...

Bonjour Anya,
So happy to hear about your new collection, and the marvelous news that you will be seeing your sister again. Enjoy every moment together.
I would love to meet you at this event. I will email you!
Bon week-end,