Friday, January 13, 2012

Eastern Promisses, Part 1. "The Seductress" Hat.

 Drawing inspiration from the magnificent culture, traditions and customs of Far East, I could not help but think that "Beauty" as we know it completely looses all its meaning once you travel to the exotic countries of that part of the world. Instead, a powerful discovery evokes itself along with a deep understanding that "Beauty" has more layers and dimensions than one could possible imagine.
 In celebration of it, here is "The Seductress" hat, also travelling with me to Paris this year. Created out of powder pink heavy silk (the fabric was designed by Giorgio Armani) and embellished with silk rose petals and roses. I have struggled to achieve affect of roses suspended in the air and absolutely love the mystery of the final result.
 Wishing you all fantastic weekend. :-) For me it will all be about things I don't really like all that much: customs forms, packing, final preparations...Nothing to complain about, right? Such a small price to pay for my trip to Paris.:-)


Lauren said...

One of my favorite of your creations!

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Dear Anya,

Beauty of ´´The Seductress´´takes my breath away,realy!!!

HOW incredible wonderful she is..........powder pink color silk and ´´Valentino red´´color of the roses just makes simply stunning effect!

And Anya,dear,I reapeat maybe but is´s alomst impossible to create this:-)))*
I mean,HOW do you made it:roses in the air,it's just miracle!!!

Like this creation extremely much,especially with your fanatstic idea behind of it,gorgeous!

I wish you success for the last preparations for Paris,it would be beautiful time there:-)*

Much Love,

lorenabr said...

This hat is gorgeous! Love how you placed the roses. The makeup is great and the combination is wonderful.

Elaine Scantlen McNulty said...

Do you need someone to help you carry all those precious hat boxes. I can upload Paris maps for all the vintage flea markets....... oh the chach-kas, I will dream of them tonight.

Much love

The Gossamer Tearoom said...

Oh Dearest Anya,
Such a beautiful creation! When I look at the roses, I feel as if they are so light, they are rising into the air!

Wishing a Bon Voyage, Dear Friend! We will be there with you in Paris in our hearts. We can't wait for you to come back and share with us all you experienced there (although I know that so much that is seen, felt and experienced there is too wonderful even for words and those things you keep as the secret gift to yourself...)

Big hugs,


Maggi said...

It's gorgeous!!! I hope you have a great trip!