Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Contemporaries: Renata Litvinova .

 There are women of a much different breed. Poets, designers, artists universally has agreed to give them one single name - The Muse. The Muse is always a true force of nature, whose powerful presence you notice immediately. They are capable of creating not only "inspirational current" but the personal style so unique and definitive that it becomes what we call a "Signature Style".
 It is always a treat, a delight, a pleasure to be able to see in retrospect the evolution of  any Signature Style of the past. Gala, Marlene Dietrich, Coco Gabrielle Chanel, Valentina - women that created a legend. But even more thrilling to me to see the evolution of style unraveling right before my eyes in contemporaries.One of the great examples of such style evolution is Rusian actress, film producer, director and designer Renata Litvinova.
 I never get tired of looking at her images old and new. She is one of the very few people in modern Russia who interests me immensely. I always look forward to her every new project: movie or collection and she never dissapoints. And, so, today, I am starting a new series of posts, dedicated to our contemporaries with Signature Style. I hope you will fall in love with Renata and her personal style inpsired by so many time periods and so many themes.:-)
 I am wishing you wonderful week. All this time I hoped for a little snow but it never arrived: it is already almost the end of the Winter and I, once again, find myself  caught of guard by this fact. :-)


Vertiginoso said...

Dear Anya, actually I've discovered Renata Litvinova thanks to your blog § she (obviously) exudes prestance § charisma indeed, achieving to prove us that this "Muse" idea shall never cease to be a daring reality, even in our post-modern era !

à Bientôt, Antoine

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Spectaculare and very talented person she is!!!

What a beautiful woman!

She looks always beyond great,dosn't matter where she is and what for style clothes she ware or what for charcter must she to play!!!

Dearest Anya,
I´am so glad you began this new sesries posts:-)*

Here in Netherland after the periode to much snow...today is everywhere are snowdrops and crocuses! Spring is almost coming here:-)*

Wish you a very creative and inspirational week ahead,my dearest friend,