Friday, February 24, 2012

"Dreams On The Poppy Field" . The Final Hat Of "Les Enfants Terriblles" Collection.

Today I am sharing with you the last hat created by me for my latest Collection "Les Enfants Terribles". I have named it "Dreams On The Poppy Field" - inspiration for which came from one of my favorite Fairy Tales "Alice In Wonderland". It took me a while to select materials for this one, but the minute I saw this thin, very light Italian silk with poppies printed all over it, I immediately new how the final result will look like.This hat was a showstopper in Paris with so many people wanting to try it on. :-)

It is cold and rainy today in New York, very gray day, perfect for production "in solitary confident" as my assistant Beatricce loves to call my endless moment in production all by myself. I cherish this moments of uninterrupted creative current. So, here it is. I am just about to get myself a great cup of coffee and leave for my Atelier. I am wishing you as much piece and joy as I am feeling right his moment. :-)

As I am writing this, I keep thinking about one single thing: the importance of remaining a child at heart, never loosing that essential innocence and overwhelming joy of being open to the world, pealing away the cynicism and sarcasm that only adults are capable of hiding under the wide umbrella of "life experience". I am still dreaming on the poppy field. How about you? :-)


The Gossamer Tearoom said...

My Dearest Anya,
What a gorgeous, spectacular hat this is! So creative and just beautiful!!! I completely understand the concept of "solitary confinement" for the hours I spend on my art, which my Dear Mr. V is so sweet to fully respect! It is very important to just get into a zone where nothing exists but creativity! Red poppies were a special favorite of my mother's and she was very much a proponent of remaining your most creative child-like self. I'm thinking of her today and thanking her for her influence in my life.

Wishing you pure creativity and productivity today!
With hugs,


VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...


Эта безумно фантастическая фантазия,( прошу прощения за эту игру слов...!:-) Ваша новая работа "Dreams On The Poppy Field" заставила меня по-настоящему вернуться в страну чудес!!!

Какие супер сказочные краски и детали в этой прекрасной креации!!!
Как же это хорошо,что в Вашей душе и сердце, по-прежнему светится живой огонек детства,Аня:-)*

Я мечатаю погулять по улицам города моего детства-Киев,с мороженым "Пломбир" в вафельном стаканчике,насладиться воздухом зветущих лип,как когда-то в далеком детстве...!

СпасибоВам,милая Анечка за такой прекрасный пост с напоминанием о прекрасном,нескончемом детстве в душе:-)))*

Искренне,с любовью,
Ваша Виолетта.


Очень интересно узнать побольше о том,как проходили Ваши дни в Париже вместе с Полиной...!!!