Thursday, February 9, 2012

Eastern Promisses: Part 2. Lollipop Kisses.

 Continuing to release some of the editorial images shot for my new Collection "Les Enfants Terribles". A while ago I have posted "Estern Promisses: Part 1. "The Seductress" Hat. You can see it, once again, right HERE. You know how much I love turbans and, of course, could not resist creating several versions of them for my new Collection as well. I have named them "Lollipop Kisses".
 The colors are amazing, so vibrant and fresh. I have used silk designed by Giorgio Armani for this hats and this is not the only two colors I have selected for this turbans. For my presentation in Paris I have also created turbans in olive, blue, cobalt, black and raspberry red. They are so chic - stole hearts of many fashionistas in Paris.:-)
 The full selection will become available in my Atelier very soon, for now, I am leaving you with more editorial images of my "Lollipop Kisses" and warm wishes for a beautiful weekend. We had first snow of the season here and I, finally, got to make a wish. :-)


The Gossamer Tearoom said...

Your lovely hats and the gorgeous makeup are in such yummy colors!!! Beautiful, rich and fun!



Moda said...

Just found you, amazing hats. Followed.

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Oh....Please,please ALL of them,I mean,all colors I would love to see it:-)))*

Dear Anya,
It's almost unpossible what do you doing,my dear talented friend!!!
You made beyond fantastic creations for Paris and for all of us!!!
I enjoy this one turban in yellow color with a pinc much gorgeous details there is,
AND.,..this hand made,it's absolutely DREAM work,dear Anya:-)*

I have a dream...........whenever to be able to wear your exellent creation,it would be amazing!!!

My wonderful warm weshis to you,

Maggi said...

Gorgeous hats, I would absolutely wear it every day! And the makeup on the models is amazing!

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...


Желаю Вам магически прекрасного дня Святого Валентина!!!

Тепла,Любви,миллион алых роз!!!

Искренне Ваша

janettaylor said...

Happy Valentine's day, sweetie! ♥