Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Hats In Fashion Drawings. Dream-Works.

 As soon as I finished my work on "Les Enfants Terribles" and just before my departure to Paris to Premiere Classe, I have asked my dear friend and a very talented fashion designer Leonid Gurevich to create five amazing fashion sketches of the Couture hats of my latest Collection. This time Leonid suggested what I call "dream-works" approach to illustrating selected hats. Instead of drawing it on unfamiliar faces he asked me to envision my hats on women in Fashion I admire the most. And so I did. :-) Today I am showing you a set of 3 fashion drawings.
 I envisioned Dita Von Tees wearing my "Louboutin Lover" mini top hat. Nobody and I really mean it, can wear the highest heels Louboutins and a fabulous hat like Dita!
 A long while ago, just in the beginning of my Blogging existence I have wrote "Class Is Forever: Thinking of Carmen..." an article about legendary Carmen Dell'Orefice. Several years later she remains one of the most inspiring women in Fashion for me. I could easily see her wear my "Jardine Des Tuileries" hat for on of the editorials.One of my dreams is one day to create a hat for Carmen.
 The most amazing thing - once this fashion sketches were done and the Collection has been packed to travel to France, I have received a request from Grazia Magazine for the hats to be photographed on...Carmen here in New York. :-)
 Being a great fan of Marchesa and powerful creative force behind the brand Georgina Chapman, I envisioned her wearing my "Les Petite Mains" hat.:-)
I am absolutely in love with Leonid's talent, he is truly an amazing human being and one of the most talented people on the verge of Global brake through I know. Leonid is now in preparation of his new Fall/Winter 2012-13 fashion collection which he is invited to present at the Aurora Fashion Week in St. Petersburg, Russia in April 2012. I truly believe that we always need to help pure talent. It is talent that always needs support and encouragement. Mediocracy will always accommodate itself...Follow this LINK to see if you can help support Leonid's dream. Thank you and I am wishing all of you wonderful week ahead. :-)


Vertiginoso said...

Dear Anya, even if I really like Georgina Chapman's designs § beauty I shall vote FOR the Carmen Dell'Orefice's drawing, the way her poetical hat flirts with the Heights § the whole honors its insolently serene Radiantness !

à Bientôt, Antoine

janettaylor said...

WOW! Nice work!

Armando y Montez said...


VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...


Просто с замиранием сердца читала этот Ваш новый пост..............!;-)*

Безумно шикарные,талантливейшие работы Леона снова заставили меня восторгаться!!!
Какое тонкое чуство стиля,цвета,вообще,фантастика!!!

И о Боже,буд-то Ваши мысли и желания были услышаны:-)))*
Вы получаете предложение от модного журнала о фотосъёмке Ваших дизайнов...и не кто иной как Кармен будет моделью,какое чудо!!!

Кроме миллиона восклицательных знаков и бурных эммоций по этому поводу,очень хочу пожелать Вам успешной недели:-)*

Искренне,с любовью и уажением,

Ваша Виолетта.

Insomnia said...

Absolutely stunning! I'm in love with Dita!

Love Hats said...

How wonderful!


Love it all!
X David,NYC

Fanciful Designs said...

Hi Anya~~

Been thinking of you tons! I hope that you are well. It looks like you're been busy!

I don't remember if I ever sent the note in regards to the hat you did with my shoe - I absolutely loved it and thank you again for thinking of me for your unbelievable work.

I hope that you and your daughter are happy~ Come by to enter my Valentine Giveaway if you have a moment.

Lots of love xoxo

Kaatja said...

Dear Anya,
your impressions from Paris are lovely and fun (ehm, I smoke very very rarely too. after all, I´m European :)). I wonder how you find such inspiring persons! Leonid´s drawings are gorgeous. And guys from Tolentino.. they make fabulous hats.

Actually i would like to kindly ask..I found some courage and presented some of hats I had created. I´m just beginner. If you wouldn´t mind and would visit my blog just to look at them, i would be very pleased.
Thank you
Greetings from Prague

The Gossamer Tearoom said...

What a fun fantasy project for you and Leonid to do!!! Of course I love your hats and his sketches are always so creative too!

And I'm so glad you posted the link to his project! It was a pleasure to leave a pledge for him!!



Melissah said...

These hats are amazing & I love the illustrations!
Just stumbled across your lovely blog & have signed up as your latest follower! I look forward to popping back for some more gorgeous inspiration.
Melissah from Scrapbook