Friday, March 30, 2012

Up In The Air...

 I have to apologise for my sudden disappearance but I simply lost  track of time. I am up in the air with so many exciting events happening in my Atelier: first of all, I am developing a new line of everyday chic hats which is scheduled to be released this Fall. Secondly, the work on my new Collection is in full progress and the results, so far, are beyond what I have planned and envisioned. The usual grueling process of the design, which took almost 2 months, is over and I can not wait to finish every single piece. It will take some time because "Moskovita" is full of very fine details and jeweled embroidery. Yesterday, my phenomenal photographer Ed and I spent countless hours in my Atelier taping and photographing the entire process of "Designing the Collection". With two more sessions to go on this subject we decided to create a 5 minute mini documentary on what goes into creative process of the Atelier. It was so much fun, seriously, sometimes I catch myself thinking that I am the luckiest girl ever to be able to make my living with so many positive, creative, funny people in my life!Feeling very blessed. The mini documentary is also on schedule to be released this Fall. In addition, this coming Monday marks the beginning of April Session with 6 students coming to take the Course. Atelier is being transformed in to the full blown workroom space and I am super excited to meet my new Class. So, between all of this, I simply did not realise that I have skipped almost a week of Blogging. :-) I am wishing everyone beautiful Spring weekend. Today I am celebrating 11 year Anniversary of my marriage to Ray. 11 years later, he still is the best guy in the entire Universe. :-))))

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

10 Things I Am In Love With Today: The Shoes, The Vogue, The Documentary And One Very Special Interview.

 1.I just realized that it has been gazillion years since I have posted my "top-in-love" list. Actually, yesterday, while preparing for the upcoming taping of the new Collection and going through my inspiration board I have noticed  that I still strongly gravitate to all shades of reds. And so, when I saw this hot fuchsia shoes by Alexander McQueen on the runway - I forgot how to breath. :-)
 2. Floating deep red chiffon has me dreaming chiffon dreams!:-)
 3. Nothing says "Drama" like this fabulous necklace by Lanvin. I am hopelessly in love with both ruby and with emerald version of it.

 4. No matter what, you can always count on Prada for delivering THE most desirable shoe of the season. Aren't they just...well fabulous!? I hate to use this word more than once but here you go: fabulous, fabulous, fabulous!!!!

 5. I am in love with the new version of YSL velvet cuffs. I still think that the version done by Tom Ford for YSL is more beautiful. I still have both a velvet cuff and a ring from that Collection, but I would love to get the new version  in emerald green too. :-)

 6. Nobody does red lipstick like Nina Ricci! Not even Chanel! Absolutely in love with the color. :-)

 7. I am in love with everything Atelier and nothing says Atelier like the gown just before coming to life for the very first time on the runway!
 8. I enjoyed watching this fantastic documentary "The Tents" on the history behind the Fashion Week in New York. I would recommend it to all of you!:-)
 9. What a thrill it was to open April Issue of Vogue US! Ritz Paris editorial took my breath away.

 10. Very thrilled to see my Interview for Pinks Magazine with the fashion drawing done for me by Leonid Gurevich on the Cover. You can see the entire version HERE and although I do not speak the language, I just love how it looks. :-)))

Friday, March 16, 2012

My Atelier For DEP Magazine. The Forbidden Love Editorial, March 2012

Always such a happy feeling to see one of my hats getting to be a part of the beautiful story. This time it is the DEP Magazine, March 2012 The Forbidden Love Editorial. It was photographed here, in New York.
This video was shot during the photo shoot, to give you an insight into what really goes into creating a beautiful story like The Forbidden Love, how much effort and how many people work as a single team to realise one single vision.
The name of the hat is "Nostalgia", the design was created by me in 2010 and since then is frequently requested by many of my customers and stylists alike. I hope you enjoy watching the video and the story of The Forbidden Love.
The star model of the editorial is Huyen Trang. I am wishing you wonderful weekend, mine is going to be spent with friends in the City. My darling friends Sophie and Clair are arriving from Paris later today. Always such a thrill to be in their company.:-)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Visit To Ecole Lesage. Broderie D'Art.

 I remember the very first time I ever heard of Ecole Lesage : I have been purchasing new fabrics in my favorite B&J, here in New York. It is always such a  torturous process since the place is housing the best collection of the most exquisite fabrics from all over the world. I remember being almost done with my selection, when I came across  a small cut of fabric covered in gold thread embroidery and beads. The origin was marked as "Lesage. Paris."  and the price was over 600$ per yard.
 The second time I ever heard of Lesage was during my visit to Paris in September 2011. That time I went to see Mr.H, the head of Maison Michel - hat makers to Chanel, Nina Ricci, Givenchy and ect. It was an interesting visit and conversation with Mr. H went from my Atelier in US to the books by Dostoevsky, throw a box of Laduree macaroons in the middle and you will, pretty much, have an idea of what was going on. Sometime in the process I have learned that in 2002 Karl Lagerfeld, in his desperate attempt to save the rare jewels of Couture, bought several unique Ateliers in Paris . Maison Michel being one of them. Lesage - was another one. From that point on I knew: I need to see it, feel it and touch it. And so I did.
 This past January of 2012, right after the end of my presentation at Premiere Classe, Polina and I made our way to the France's oldest embroidery house. The History of Lesage is going all the way to Napoleon the Third and continues to live in the exquisite work of art for Chanel, YSL and just about any Couture House in Paris. I think I have mentioned once to you that it never seize to amaze me how hidden this treasured Ateliers are in Paris. They live their beutiful lifes under unassuming signs, in the labirints of small Parisian streets.
 Lesage, actually, has two locations: the first one, the Atelier itself is located upstairs in one of the large apartments and very carefully guarded against anyone who does not work their or who is not the client. You are greeted at the door by this very fun mannequin with small swatches of embroidery placed ll over it. Lesage also has a school(opened in 1992) where future professional in Couture are trained to be "Les petite mains".
 Unfortunately, the legendary owner of the Lesage, Fran├žois Lesage, the man I have hoped to meet in person, has died just few short weeks prior to our arrival in Paris...
 It is impossible to not to get infected by the magic of Lesage. Once you see it in person, it is really beyond anything you could ever imagine. Polina and I, breathless, were led through the door of the School into the heart of it - the work room where a small class of 4 were creating an artwork of a museum quality. We were told that some of the work is being done for LV and, of course, Chanel. We were not allowed to photograph the actual work since it is, understandable, protected for the interest of the client.
 At the end of all of it I have made up my mind to come back to Lesage later this year to study Couture techniques in embroidery and beading and receive a very special Couture Certificate from Lesage. I am in the process of making necessary accommodations and planning the time frame, after all, it takes several hundred hours to be trained. It looks like I will be leaving in Paris for a while. :-) I will call it my Parisian experience. Wishing all of you wonderful week ahead!

Friday, March 9, 2012

The Hats Of The Runway - RTW Fall-Winter 2012 London, Milan, Paris.

 Today I am posting the final round up of runway hats presented during Fashion Weeks in London, Milan and Paris for RTW Fall Winter 2012. I feel like I have been spoiled by the splendor of millinery with all kinds of hats from simple beanies (Dior), jeweled head bands (Dolce&Gabbana), crazy hats by Meadham Kirchoff, extravagant hats by LV and Galliano to demure chic hoods by YSL and even "face off" head wraps by Comme Des Garcons in bright  "a la Russe" prints that reminded me immediately of traditional Russian  Pavlovo-Posad shawls.
 I loved the entire range of hats so carefully crafted with detail and so rich in color.Among my favorites this time are playful cloches by Cacharel, sharp asymmetrical fedoras by Armani, absolutely out of this world head gear by Gilles and hats created for Galliano. As much as I loved LV hats, I felt like I have seen it before done for Dior and Galliano Collections of previous seasons. If taking a walk on the wilder side, I felt very strange attraction to wiggy-hats with uneven cut by Comme Des Garcons in bright yellow and red. :-)
 I hope you will enjoy this round up of hats from European runways for Fall Winter 2012 and get to decide on what will be your choice of  hats for the next cold season. The good thing is you can go as subtle or as eclectic as you wish.:-) Wishing all of you fantastic weekend, I know it will be very busy weekend for me. The new Collection is in full production with many fantastic new things along the way. Can not wait to share with you next week. :-). Au Revoire!

Louis Vuitton RT Fall-Winter 2012
 Cacharel RTW Fall-Winter 2012

 Christian Dior RTW Fall-Winter 2012

 Comme Des Garcons RTW Fall-Winter 2012

 Dolce&Gabbana RTW Fall-Winter 2012

 Emporio Armani RTW Fall-Winter 2012

 Gilles RTW Fall-Winter 2012

 Giorgio Armani RTW Fall-Winter 2012

 Galliano RTW Fall-Winter 2012

 Lanvin RTW Fall-Winter 2012
 MaxMara RTW Fall-Winter 2012

 Meadham Kirchoff RTW Fall-Winter 2012

 Moncler Gamme Rouge RTW Fall-Winter 2012

 Moschino RTW Fall-Winter 2012

 Peter Jensen RTW Fall-Winter 2012

 Rick Owens RTW Fall-Winter 2012

 Uniqueness RTW Fall-Winter 2012

 Vivienne Westwood RTW Fall-Winter 2012

 YSL RTW Fall Winter 2012
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