Tuesday, March 20, 2012

10 Things I Am In Love With Today: The Shoes, The Vogue, The Documentary And One Very Special Interview.

 1.I just realized that it has been gazillion years since I have posted my "top-in-love" list. Actually, yesterday, while preparing for the upcoming taping of the new Collection and going through my inspiration board I have noticed  that I still strongly gravitate to all shades of reds. And so, when I saw this hot fuchsia shoes by Alexander McQueen on the runway - I forgot how to breath. :-)
 2. Floating deep red chiffon has me dreaming chiffon dreams!:-)
 3. Nothing says "Drama" like this fabulous necklace by Lanvin. I am hopelessly in love with both ruby and with emerald version of it.

 4. No matter what, you can always count on Prada for delivering THE most desirable shoe of the season. Aren't they just...well fabulous!? I hate to use this word more than once but here you go: fabulous, fabulous, fabulous!!!!

 5. I am in love with the new version of YSL velvet cuffs. I still think that the version done by Tom Ford for YSL is more beautiful. I still have both a velvet cuff and a ring from that Collection, but I would love to get the new version  in emerald green too. :-)

 6. Nobody does red lipstick like Nina Ricci! Not even Chanel! Absolutely in love with the color. :-)

 7. I am in love with everything Atelier and nothing says Atelier like the gown just before coming to life for the very first time on the runway!
 8. I enjoyed watching this fantastic documentary "The Tents" on the history behind the Fashion Week in New York. I would recommend it to all of you!:-)
 9. What a thrill it was to open April Issue of Vogue US! Ritz Paris editorial took my breath away.

 10. Very thrilled to see my Interview for Pinks Magazine with the fashion drawing done for me by Leonid Gurevich on the Cover. You can see the entire version HERE and although I do not speak the language, I just love how it looks. :-)))


VM Creation Atelier said...


Какой восхитительный пост................Мне не хватит всех слов чтобы описать мой восторг,правда!!!

Ети божественные туфельки от Prada i Alexandr Mc.Queen.....................дух просто захватывает:-)*

Новая editorial в Vogue ошеломляет своей красотой и просто завораживает!

Да еще интервью в журнале с прекрасными рисунками Леонида Гуревича,боже.....ето должно быть безумно интересно рассказать о себе в журнале,о себе,о своем стиле жизни,творчества! И в то же время очень волнительно!

Искренне,с любовью,
Ваша Виолетта.

lorenabr said...

Very cool congrats :) Lovely illustrations and the post is wonderful :)

Beach House Living said...

It really is about the shoes and accessories isn't it?

Mandi said...

I love all of the beautiful tidbits and hats you post! And I love the delicious hats you make in your atelier!

I was wondering though...is the only way to wear a hat with one's hair in an updo? I have wavy medium length hair and like how I look in the hat but just hate the way I look when I take it off!


Ілона Щаслива said...

Аня,спасибо огромное! Я обожаю читать Ваш блог! Все, как всегда, шикарно - туфли, шляпки, браслеты!
Фото в статье очень красивые. Люди всех стран мира понимают язык прекрасного, того что идет свыше! Аня, вы прекрасный Божественный канал!

VM Creation Atelier said...

Sovershenno soglasna s Ilonoj!!!

Anya,milaya,dorogaya,kak ze ja rada chto nakonez y Vas est vozmoznost ostavliat kommentarii!

Eto tak vosxititelno,tak prijatno polychat ot Vas vestochky,SPASIBO Vam dorogoj dryg:-)*


Ja k sozaleniju ne smogla pered svoim otpyskom opyblikovat moj novij post o moem novom zakaze-dizajn i ispolnenie svadebnogo nariada..................
I teper eto pozalyj polychitsa yze tolko v konze aprelia.Mi yexali na otdix v Hermanus,mesto nepodaleky ot Caiptown,na bereg Atlanticheskogo okeana!

Iskrenne,s liuboviu,Vasha Violetta:-)*

VM Creation Atelier said...


Please,if do you have more time,look my last post here:


Thank you so much,

Ioana-Carmen said...

OMG! those Prada shoes are so chic :x. Check my blog and follow me if you want, I`ll follow back :X