Friday, March 2, 2012

My Favorite Hats-Movie Stars. Part 2.

                                                     "The Tudors"
One of the greatest joys and loves of my life is cinema. Movies have always been for me not only the source of inspiration in my work, but also a great escape route to the most beautiful places in all corners of the world, to the different historical eras - it never stops to amaze me what a true magic cinema is. For a few hours you get a chance to live a different life, be a witness to the most beautiful love story, heartbreaking drama, powerful victories and terrible defeats. Your, probably, know by now that for me, always, details are what makes the entire difference and not only in the  movies but in every day life as well.
Movie sets, the work of actors, the script, the light - all are part of the final result, but to me it has always been about the costumes, the work of the costume designers in certain movies whose work can only be described as sublime. I think it is the most wonderful job in the world - to design the character in such a way that every single detail, no matter how small or big, no matter if it is a necklace, a hat or a pair of gloves, becomes an immediate extension of persona on screen. 
I have bin a great fan of several fantastic costume designers for years now and every time I hear that one of them has been commissioned for yet another movie, I can hardly wait to for the movie to come out:Deborah L.Scott, Marc Bridges, Arianne Phillips, Joan Bergin, Susannah Buxton, Sandy Powel just to name a few. Today I have decide to share with you the second part of my favorite hats-movie stars. From soft knitted, unassuming beret in "Hugo" and phenomenal aristocratic hats in the "Admiral" to the jeweled headpieces in "The Tudors" and brilliant costume work in "Downton Abbey" - I hope you will enjoy this splendor of beautiful hats-movie stars. :-) Have a wonderful Spring weekend!

"Gentlemen Prefer Blonds" 


"The Artist"

"The King's Speech"


"Downton Abbey"


xoNostalgia said...

Oh bless this post! love it, xo

lorenabr said...

I have not seen the artist but all the others it was a pleasure to see again and again! You are right the hats were amazing!

Love Accents Millinery said...

Dearest Anya, I just love this post and your research. A presto!

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Hello,dear,dear Anya!

HOW agree I´am with you about history movies and costumes there from...

This is almost not to describing how amazing and how important are hats and costumes for the movie:-)*

That's a very big and very special side in arts,to make costumes and bring all deatils together,wich making a WONDER and a relly ART in movies!!!

Dearest Anya,your choisec are gorgeous:-)*
The movie ''The King Speech'' touched me so much and all costumes there from are fantastic!

Wish you,my dear friend relax,lovely weekend:-)*

Much love,

Angie Muresan said...

All these movies have so much to drool over. The hats are extraordinary!

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